Jeremy Siek | 1 Oct 05:58 2010

[TYPES/announce] FOOL 2010 Call for Participation

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                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                    2010 International Workshop on
               Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
                              (FOOL '10)

                       Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

                      Sunday, 17 October 2010
                        Reno, Nevada, USA
                          Preceding SPLASH and OOPSLA'10


The search for sound principles for object-oriented languages has led
to a better understanding of the key concepts of object-oriented
languages and to important developments in type theory, semantics,
program verification, and program development. The FOOL workshops
bring together researchers to share new ideas and results in these

The next workshop, FOOL '10 will be held in Reno, Nevada, USA on
Sunday, 17 October 2010, preceding SPLASH and OOPSLA.  The program
includes two invited speakers and six contributed talks.

To register for the workshop, use the standard SPLASH registration form,
available through:

FOOL is an informal workshop, so there will not be printed
proceedings. All papers will be available online before the workshop,
so you may print any papers you wish to have on hand.



Daan Leijen
    Concurrent Revisions: a novel approach to concurrency with deterministic semantics

Robby Findler
    Semantics Engineering: more than just Theorem Proving


DeepFJig - Modular composition of nested classes
    Andrea Corradi, Marco Servetto, and Elena Zucca

A Calculus of Layer Decomposition
    Tetsuo Kamina and Tetsuo Tamai

Mojojojo --- More Ownership for Multiple Owners
    Paley Li, Nicholas Cameron and James Noble

Interoperability in a Scripted World: Putting Inheritance & Prototypes Together
    Kathryn E. Gray

Type Inference for Scripting languages with Implicit Extension
    Tian Zhao

Adding Pattern Matching to Existing Object-Oriented Languages
    Sukyoung Ryu, Changhee Park and Guy L. Steele Jr.


Program Chair

Jeremy Siek (University of Colorado at Boulder)
    e-mail: jeremy.s... <at>

Program Committee

  * Davide Ancona (Universita' di Genova, Italy)
  * Juan Chen (Microsoft Research, USA)
  * Derek Dreyer (MPI-SWS, Germany)
  * Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
  * Donna Malayeri (EPFL, Switzerland)
  * Nate Nystrom (University of Texas Arlington, USA)
  * Frank Piessens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
  * Chieri Saito (Kyoto University, Japan)
  * Sam Tobin-Hochstadt (Northeastern, USA)
  * Elena Zucca (Universita' di Genova, Italy)


Steering Committee

  * Viviana Bono (Universita` di Torino)
  * Kathleen Fisher (AT&T Labs)
  * Atsushi Igarashi (Kyoto University)
  * Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania)
  * John Reppy (University of Chicago)
  * Christopher Stone (Harvey Mudd College) [Chair]
  * Philip Wadler (University of Edinburgh)


Jeremy Siek <jeremy.siek <at>>
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder

Koeppl Heinz | 1 Oct 09:12 2010

[TYPES/announce] PhD position in Computational Systems Biology, ETH Zurich

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The group of Heinz Koeppl at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Zurich (ETHZ) has two vacant PhD positions.

We are looking for candidates with a strong mathematical background -
graduates from applied math, computer science, physics and engineering.
Topics are new algorithms for model reduction and parameter estimation of
biochemical reaction networks (Markov chain aggregation, probabilistic
bisimulation, stochastic hybrid systems, moment closures, Bayesian
estimation and model selection). People having additional wetlab experience
are particularly encouraged to apply. This is a 100% position for 3.5 years.

The theoretical work of the two theses will be complemented with
collaboration with biochemists from the University of Lausanne and from ETH
Zurich -- with the particular case studies of Notch/p53 signaling in
keratinocytes and HOG/mating MAPK cascades crosstalk in budding yeast,

Contact: Prof. Heinz Koeppl, Email koeppl@...

Joost-Pieter Katoen | 3 Oct 20:42 2010

[TYPES/announce] ETAPS 2011 Call for Papers

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[We apologize for multiple copies.]


                   CALL FOR PAPERS: ETAPS 2011

  European Joint Conferences on Theory And Practice of Software

                    March 26 - April 3, 2011

                     Saarbruecken, Germany




The European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software
(ETAPS) is the primary European forum for academic and industrial
researchers working on topics relating to Software Science. ETAPS,
established in 1998, is a confederation of five main annual confe-
rences, accompanied by satellite workshops and other events. ETAPS
2011 is already the fourteenth event in the series.


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Stephanie Weirich | 4 Oct 15:26 2010

[TYPES/announce] TLDI 2011: Final CALL FOR PAPERS

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                           TLDI 2011                      

                        FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

	        The Sixth ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
           Types in Language Design and Implementation

	               Austin, Texas, USA
                    Tuesday, January 25, 2011
                   (Co-located with POPL 2011)

              Submission Deadline: October 11, 2010

The role of types and proofs in all aspects of language design,
compiler construction, and software development has expanded greatly
in recent years.  Type systems, type-based analyses and type-theoretic
deductive systems have been central to advances in compilation
techniques for modern programming languages, verification of safety
and security properties of programs, program transformation and
optimization, and many other areas.  The ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Types
in Language Design and Implementation brings researchers together to
share new ideas and results concerning all aspects of types and
programming, and is now an annual event.  TLDI 2011 is the sixth
workshop in the series and will be co-located with POPL in Austin,
Texas in January 2011.
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Vladimir Voevodsky | 5 Oct 19:12 2010

[TYPES/announce] Type theory at IAS

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Dear all,

starting next academic year (2011/2012) I plan to have the School of Mathematics of the Institute for
Advanced Study to host a small number of people working in type theory and related areas. I am especially
but not exclusively interested in the development of type-theoretic foundations of mathematics,
connections to homotopy theory, various generalizations of inductive types and classification of type
theories by proof-theoretic strength.

In the academic year 2012/2013 the institute will host a special programs on type-theoretic foundations
of mathematics and quite a few positions in the related fields will be available. 

In the coming, 2011/2012 academic year no special activities related to type theory are planned and
applications in the related areas will be considered   as a part of the general application process. 

For the  basic info see and in particular .  A description of the 2012/2013 program
will be on the web site in a few weeks.

When applying, please state "type theory"  as the general area of interests to make it easier for me to
identify all the relevant applications. 
With any questions e-mail me at vladimir@... . 


Kai Brünnler | 7 Oct 12:23 2010

[TYPES/announce] Tableaux 2011 First Call for Papers

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                 First Call for Papers,
                Call for Tutorials, and
              Call for Workshop Proposals
                     TABLEAUX 2011

               International Conference

                    TABLEAUX 2011
                Automated Reasoning with
          Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods

                  Bern, Switzerland
                 4 July - 8 July 2011


Workshop & Tutorial submission:      Monday, 10 Jan 2011
Workshop & Tutorial notification:    Monday, 24 Jan 2011

Abstract and Title submission:       Monday, 24 Jan 2011
Paper Submission:                    Monday, 31 Jan 2011
Notification:                        Monday, 28 Mar 2011
Final Versions:                      Monday, 25 Apr 2011

Workshops:         Monday, 4 July 2011
Conference:        Tuesday, 5 July - Friday, 8 July 2011
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Conor McBride | 7 Oct 16:42 2010

[TYPES/announce] CFP MSCS Issue: Dependently Typed Programming

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(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)- 
 >(p:P s)*


			for a Special Issue of


		   in association with the workshop


editors:       Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham), Conor McBride  
2011 timeline: submission Jan 31; notification May 31; final version  
June 30

(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)->(p:P s)*(s:S)- 
 >(p:P s)*

Thorsten Altenkirch and Conor McBride are delighted to invite
contributions to a Special Issue of the journal Mathematical
Structures in Computer Science (Cambridge University Press), in
association with the Workshop on Dependently Typed Programming, which
we organised on 9 and 10 July 2010 in Edinburgh, as part of FLoC,
associated with LiCS. The workshop had a packed programme of exciting
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Thorsten Altenkirch | 7 Oct 21:48 2010

[TYPES/announce] PhD place at the FP lab, Nottingham

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PhD place available

A PhD position in the Functional Programming Laboratory (FP Lab) at
the University of Nottingham starting January 2011 is available. The
studentship is for 3 years, it covers the university fees for EU
nationals and a contains a standard mainatainance grant. The starting
date is not negotiable.

Work at the FP lab ( covers functional
programming, its applications and theory including dependently typed
programming, constructive type theory and applications of category
theory. The FP lab currently comprises 4 academic staff, 2 research
assistants, and 9 PhD students and provides a thriving research
environment through regular meetings, seminars and visitors.

Due to a cancellation there is one PhD studentship available at the
Functional Programming Laboratory ( on short
notice, that is the candidate would be required to start by January
2011. The studentship covers all fees and a standard maintainance
grant for 3 years.

The project is on foundations of Intuitionistic Type Theory, in
particular addressig the question wether equality of types can be
isomorphism or a related notion. Such a "Higher Dimensional Type
Thoery" would make it easy to reason about matehmatical concepts upto
isomorphism. This is inspired by a proposal by Vladimir Voedowsky [1]
and which is also related to recent results by Garner & van den Berg
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carlos.martin | 10 Oct 14:53 2010

[TYPES/announce] SSFLA 2011

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(SSFLA 2011)

(formerly International PhD School in Formal Languages and Applications) 

Tarragona, Spain, April 18-22, 2011

Organized by:
Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics
Rovira i Virgili University



Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Most appropriate degrees include: Computer
Science and Mathematics. Other students (for instance, from Linguistics, Electrical Engineering,
Molecular Biology or Logic) are welcome too provided they have a good background in discrete mathematics.

All courses will be made compatible in terms of schedule.


Franz Baader (Dresden), Automata and Logic [advanced, 4 hours]
Thomas Bäck (Leiden), Natural Computing [introductory, 10 hours]
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Marzia Buscemi | 11 Oct 11:18 2010

[TYPES/announce] 17 openings at IMT Lucca (Italy)

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[Applications from researchers and students interested in topics related to logics, type-theory, and
semantics are encouraged]

(Apologies for multiple posting)  
The institute for advanced studies IMT Lucca (Italy) announces new openings in computer science and
12 PhD positions, deadline December 17 5  assistant professor positions, deadline November 15 
IMT ( is a research institute located in Lucca (Italy). It aims at pushing the
frontiers of knowledge and at contributing to the formation of international professional elites for
business and institutions. Ph.D. programs are taught exclusively in English. The PhD Program in
Computer Science and Engineering (coordinated by Ugo Montanari) aims at preparing researchers and
professionals with broad training in the foundations of informatics as well as in applications to a
variety of cutting-edge systems and disciplines. 
  Within IMT there is a research area on Computer Science and Applications that currently includes senior
visiting professors (Rocco De Nicola, Luciano Lenzini, Ugo Montanari) and a number of young assistant
professors. Many scientists from Italy and abroad visit for advanced
seminars and research collaborations. The research area is closely connected with the doctoral program. 
Below additional information is provided, full details can be obtained from 

We hope that you may consider applying for and/or signaling these  opportunities to colleagues and
collaborators. Also, if you are interested in short visit please inform on of us.
5 Assistant Professor Positions 
Research topics: 
        * Global Computing
        * Networking Systems Engineering
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