Adriana Compagnoni | 2 Nov 23:44 2009

Fwd: Sad news: Amir Pnueli dies

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Sad news.

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Subject: Sad news: Amir Pnueli dies
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This is indeed sad. -- Mike

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Very sad news.   ---Ed

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Sukyoung Ryu | 5 Nov 22:02 2009

Announcing a Fortress blog

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The Fortress team has started a blog, to post a series of  
announcements and news items about Fortress.  Our goal is to let  
people know about ongoing technical discussions and decisions, as well  
as the current status of the implementation.  We will also post  
interesting examples of Fortress code.  We hope to put up new posts at  
least weekly.

So far we have four posts.  The first and fourth posts discuss the new  
wiki markup for tables and images for use in Fortress comments; the  
second post discusses some changes to the typing rules for conditional  
expressions that will help them to interact better with coercion; the  
third post reports on an implementation of the "treap" data structure  
in Fortress.  We also plan to report soon on the status of our efforts  
to construct a Fortress compiler.  Please visit

or click on the "Blog" item at the right-hand end of the menu bar on  
the main Wiki page.

Sukyoung Ryu
Programming Language Research Group,
Sun Microsystems Laboratories