Santiago Escobar | 8 Feb 23:18 2009

[TYPES/announce] Cfp: WFLP09-18th Int'l Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming

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         Preliminary Call For Papers

                 WFLP 2009

   18th International Workshop on Functional
      and (Constraint) Logic Programming

       Brasilia, Brazil, June, 28, 2009

     part of the Federated Conference on
    Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming



Abstract Submission      April 20, 2009
Full Paper Submission    April 26, 2009
Acceptance Notification  May 25, 2009
Preliminary Proceedings  June 8, 2009
Workshop                 June 28, 2009

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Simon Peyton-Jones | 12 Feb 10:51 2009

[TYPES/announce] Take a break: write an essay for Onward! essays

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Writing papers is fun, but we mostly only get to write one *kind* of paper.  Here is an opportunity to write
something in a totally different style:

        Submit an essay to Onward! Essays
        Deadline: 20 April 2009

An Onward! essay is a thoughtful reflection upon software-related technology. Its goal is to help the
reader to share a new insight, engage with an argument, or wrestle with a dilemma.

A successful essay is a clear and compelling piece of writing that explores a topic important to the
software community. The subject area should be interpreted broadly, including the relationship of
software to human endeavours, or its philosophical, sociological, psychological, historical, or
anthropological underpinnings. An essay can be an exploration of its topic, its impact, or the
circumstances of its creation; it can present a personal view of what is, explore a terrain, or lead the
reader in an act of discovery; it can be a philosophical digression or a deep analysis. It can describe a
personal journey, perhaps that by which the author reached an understanding of such a topic.

I'm the program chair, and I'd love to get submissions from the types community.  Reflections on
programming languages, types, testing, verification, software engineering, compilers, society, ...
you name it.  Anything to do with software.  NB: Onward! is co-located with OOPSLA, but they are otherwise
unrelated.  OO is fine, but not required.

Don't forget: 20th April.

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