Stephen Gilmore | 1 May 13:21 2003

EEF Global Computing Summer School, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2003

Call for participation

EEF Global Computing Summer School

Edinburgh, Scotland, 7th to 11th July 2003


   The  aim  of  the  EEF  Global  Computing  Summer School is to provide
   researchers  with  insights  into  the  problems  of  the  design  and
   construction  of  global  computing  systems. Global computation is an
   active  field  of  research  which  includes  distributed  and  mobile
   computation  and  addresses the foundational problems in the area such
   as security, access control, resource control, discovery, architecture
   and  decentralised organisation. The fundamental tools used to analyse
   and  build  such systems are type systems, process algebras, modelling
   languages and state-of-the-art programming languages and environments.


   Speakers and topics

        Ian Clarke (provisional)
                The Free Network Project: Peer-to-peer file sharing

        Andrew Gordon
                Secure global computing with XML Web Services: Theory and
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Jan-Georg Smaus | 8 May 10:27 2003

ICLP 03: Final call for papers. Deadline May 19

The deadline has been postponed by one week!

  (in conjunction with FSTTCS'03 and ASIAN'03)
  Final Call for Contributions
  Mumbai (Bombay), INDIA, 9 - 13 Dec, 2003
* Conference scope. Contributions (papers and posters)
  are sought in all areas of logic programming including:

  Theory (semantic foundations, formalisms, non-monotonic reasoning,
    knowledge representation, inductive logic programming)
  Language issues (constraints, concurrency, objects, coordination,
    higher order, types, modes, programming techniques)
  Implementation (compilation, memory management, virtual machines,
  Environments (program analysis, program transformation, validation
    and verification, debugging)
  Applications (deductive databases, software engineering, natural
    language, web tools, internet agents, artificial intelligence,
    molecular biology)

* Papers must describe original, previously unpublished research, and
  not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. They must
  be written in English and not exceed 15 pages in Springer LNCS format.
  Posters provide an excellent forum for presenting late-breaking or
  speculative work in an interactive and informal setting. Poster
  submissions are explicitly solicited.
  Submission details for papers and posters can be found on the
  conference webpage.
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Roel de Vrijer | 9 May 13:10 2003

book announcement: Terese

                         Book announcement

Term Rewriting Systems

by Terese

Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science 55
Cambridge University Press 2003, ISBN 0521391156, Hardback, 90.00

906 pages, 273 line diagrams, 500 bibliographical references,
2500 index entries, 334 exercises

solutions to selected exercises will appear on the book website

Term rewriting systems (TRSs) developed out of mathematical logic and
are an important part of theoretical computer science. They describe
sequences of discrete transformation steps where one term is replaced
with another. TRSs have applications in many areas, from functional
programming to automatic theorem proving and computer algebra. This book
starts at an elementary level with the earlier chapters providing a
foundation for the rest of the work. The later chapters contain more
advanced material, appearing here for the first time in book form.
Subjects treated include confluence, termination, orthogonality,
completion, lambda calculus, higher-order rewriting, infinitary
rewriting and term graph rewriting. Many exercises are included with
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Atsushi Ohori | 9 May 17:52 2003

APLAS'03 : Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems

                      Call for Papers

                 The First Asian Symposium on
          Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS'03)

                  November 27-29, 2003
Beijing, China. (or Kanazawa, Japan or Nanjing, China. See below.)

While we plan to hold APLAS'03 in Beijing, there is a possibility of
relocation due to SARS. If Beijing will be among the WHO's list of
local transmission areas of SARS as of September 1, then the symposium
will be moved to a city that is free of SARS risk and has airline
connections from major cities that do not go through SARS affected
cities. Our current candidate alternative cities are: Kanazawa, JAPAN
and Nanjing, China. Safety is our priority in choosing the

To accommodate the above situation, the symposium will be postponed
by one month. The new important dates are:
  Submission deadline: June 20, 2003
  Notification of acceptance:  August 13, 2003
  Final paper due: September 13, 2003
  Symposium: November 27-29, 2003

APLAS aims at stimulating programming language research by providing a
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Alessio Guglielmi | 12 May 19:53 2003

Proof Theory, Computation and Complexity Summer School and Workshop

                      Summer School and Workshop on
                 Proof Theory, Computation and Complexity
                     Technische Universitaet Dresden
                           June 23-July 4, 2003


Call for Participation

We plan the following courses and workshop for graduate students and
researchers.  Like for last year's events on `Proof Theory and
Computation' (Dresden) and `Proof, Computation, Complexity' (Tuebingen),
we aim at a meeting where people have plenty of time to exchange ideas.
The summer school consists of eight advanced courses; the workshop is
integral part of the school and takes place in the last two days.

We ask for a participation fee of 100 EUR. A limited number of grants
covering all expenses is available.  Registration is requested before
May 25, 2003; please send an email to PTEvent@...,
making sure you include a very brief bio (5-10 lines) stating your
experience, interests, home page, etc.  We will select applicants in
case of excessive demand.  We will provide assistance in finding an
accommodation in Dresden.

Week 1, June 23-27: courses on

    Denotational Semantics of Lambda Calculi
    Achim Jung (Birmingham, UK)
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Amy Felty | 14 May 05:37 2003

LICS 2003 - Call for Participation


                  Eighteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on
                      LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE
                            (LICS 2003)

                June  22 - 25, 2003, Ottawa, Canada


                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

The LICS Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and
practical topics in computer science that relate to logic in a broad
sense. The conference is intended to emphasize the relevance of logic
to computer science.

The program of LICS 2003 features 4 invited talks, 2 invited tutorials,
34 contributed papers, and 14 short presentations.

Invited Talks:

  - Erich Graedel (RWTH Aachen):
    "Will deflation lead to depletion? On non-monotone fixed point inductions"

  - John Harrison (Intel Corp.): "Formal verification at Intel"

  - Marta Kwiatkowska (U. Birmingham)
    "Model checking for probability and time: from theory to practice"

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laneve | 14 May 14:08 2003


We apologise if you receive this message more than once.

                   *** Call for Papers ***
         Workshop on Concurrent Models in Molecular Biology
                 Marseille, 6 September 2003
                 (affiliated with CONCUR'03)

         *** Deadline for submission: 8 June 2003 ***

Post-genomics Systems Biology deals with complex networks of biochemical
interactions. Pionnering work of Regev, Shapiro and various collaborators has
shown that some varieties of pi-calculus may prove excellent tools for
compositional and modular modeling of these networks. The BioConcur workshop is
meant to help in understanding if and how biological systems may be described,
manipulated and analysed with the methods of Concurrency Theory.

Proceedings of the meeting will be published as a volume in Elsevier's ENTCS

There will be one invited lecture by Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research,
Cambridge) with title "Membrane Interactions".

Vincent Danos and Cosimo Laneve

Joe Wells | 14 May 16:37 2003

Research Job: Compositional Reasoning & Analysis for Software Systems <at> Heriot-Watt U., Scotland, UK

                             Research Position

    Useful Logics, Types, Rewriting, and their Automation (ULTRA) Group
                        Computer Science Department
                School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
                           Heriot-Watt University
                          Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The HTML version of this job posting can be found at:

Description of the Position

   A research position is available working on modular reasoning and
   compositional analysis for software at Heriot-Watt University working
   with Joe Wells.  The position is in the ULTRA (Useful Logics, Types,
   Rewriting, and their Automation) group in the Computer Science
   Department in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at
   Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  The
   position involves close collaboration with both the EC-funded DART
   (Dynamic Assembly, Reconfiguration, and Type-checking) project
   (members:  Genova Univ., Heriot-Watt Univ., Imperial Coll., and Torino
   Univ.) and the EC, EPSRC, NATO, and NSF-funded Church Project
   (members:  Boston Coll., Boston Univ., Heriot-Watt Univ., Wellesley
   Coll., etc.).

   It will be helpful if the researcher is competent in 1 or more of the
   following knowledge areas which are likely to be used in the project.

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Juha-Pekka Tolvanen | 15 May 12:07 2003

CfP: 3rd Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages

Domain-specific visual languages provide an opportunity to support required
typing and semantic constraints already in the design phase.

                       C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

              3rd Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages

            The International Conference on Generative Programming 
                     and Component Engineering (GPCE'03)

                             September 22, 2003
                               Erfurt, Germany



  * 30 June 2003 (Position Papers Due)
  * 31 July 2003 (Notification of Acceptance)
  * 22 September (Workshop)


An upward shift in abstraction can often lead to a corresponding increase 
in productivity. Evidence from the past to support such a claim can be 
found in the evolution of programming languages toward higher levels of
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Scott Smolka | 16 May 14:03 2003

Paris Kanellakis Memorial Workshop


         Principles of Computing and Knowledge:
         Paris C. Kanellakis Memorial Workshop

    8 June 2003, San Diego, CA (affiliated with FCRC)

This one-day meeting, held in the year of Paris Kanellakis' 50th
birthday, commemorates Paris's legacy to computer science. It is
a retrospective  of his work and a celebration  of his impact on
computer science, through his research and through its influence
on research directions  taken by the computer science community.

The program  will include invited talks by Moshe Vardi, Christos
Papadimitriou, and Gene Myers, winner of the 2001 ACM Kanellakis
Theory and Practice Award.  The day will be capped  by a banquet
where colleagues and friends  will share personal  recollections
of Paris.

The PCK50  workshop  is affiliated  with the ACM 2003  Federated
Computing  Research  Conference  (FCRC  2003);  registration  is
through the FCRC site  (
Registration fees are $145 for ACM members, $165 for non-members,
which  INCLUDES  the banquet on June 8.  Student registration is
$50 and does not  include the banquet.  Electronic  registration
includes the OPTION  of individual/extra banquet tickets at $45.

Organizing Committee:   Dina Goldin, Univ. of Connecticut
                        Alex Shvartsman, Univ. of Connecticut
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