Alan Jeffrey | 3 Jan 16:45 2001

Faculty Positions at DePaul University

                          DEPAUL UNIVERSITY


The School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information
Systems (CTI) of DePaul University invites applications for multiple
tenure-track positions beginning September 2001.        

Our research group in Foundations of Programming Languages would
particularly welcome applicants interested in research topics related
to the foundations and implementation of programming languages, such
as operational semantics, type theory, model checking, concurrency
theory, language implementation, models of distributed systems,
security, and categorical models of computation.

The FPL group faculty interests include:

  Alan Jeffrey: Semantic and categorical models of programming
  languages, typed semantics for concurrent and distributed systems,
  higher-order and object-oriented languages.

  Karen Bernstein Jeffrey: Data synchronization, mobile systems,
  concurrency theory, semantics of programming languages.

  John Maraist: Linear logic, lambda calculi, design patterns.

  Will Marrero: Security, model checking.

  Corin Pitcher: Higher-order and non-deterministic programming
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Uffe Henrik Engberg | 4 Jan 01:40 2001

BRICS PhD grants, fellowships, and research positions

	      BRICS - Basic Research in Computer Science

	 at the Universities of  Aarhus  and Aalborg, Denmark

This is a call for applications for:

    PhD admission and PhD grants,
    Marie Curie Training Site Fellowships, and
    Research Positions.

BRICS, a centre  for Basic Research in Computer  Science, is funded by
the   Danish   National  Research   Foundation.   It  compromises   an
International PhD School with an associated Research Laboratory.

BRICS  is  based  on  a  commitment to  develop  theoretical  computer
science, covering core areas such as:

  - Semantics of Computation,
  - Logic,
  - Algorithms and Data Structures,
  - Complexity Theory,
  - Data Security and Cryptology, and
  - Verification,

as well as a number of spin-off activities including

  - Web Technology,
  - Quantum Informatics,
  - Bio Informatics, and
  - Networks and Distributed Real-Time Systems.
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Thomas Jensen | 5 Jan 16:07 2001

Post-doc in security and static analysis


A 2-year post-doctoral position is available in the
Lande research group at IRISA/INRIA Rennes. 

The position is funded by the European IST project "SECSAFE"
that also includes partners from Imperial College (GB), University of
Aarhus (DK) and Trusted Logic (F). 

The goal of the project is to develop formal techniques for verifying
security properties of programs. Activities of the project include 
- formal specification of security properties, 
- design of static analyses for security, 
- developing semantic foundations for security.
These techniques will be applied to mobile code and to the Java Card
language for programming smart cards. For more information on the
project, consult The
successful candidate is expected to have experience in one or more of
the areas of semantics of programming languages, verification, static
program analysis and security. 

The research is to be conducted at IRISA, a joint research institute
between INRIA, CNRS, Univ. of Rennes and INSA, located in Rennes,
France ( . The successful candidate will
join the Lande research team (

For further information, contact:
Thomas Jensen
IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu, F-35042 Rennes, France

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Vladimiro Sassone | 8 Jan 13:39 2001

Lipari Summer School 2001

    [[ -- Apologies for multiple copies of this message  -- \vs ]]

              Foundations of Wide Area Network Programming
			(second announcement)

       13th International School for Computer Science Researchers
                    Lipari Island, July 1-14, 2001

The 13th School for Computer Science Researchers addresses Ph.D. students
and young researchers who want to get exposed to the forefront of research
activity in the field of Wide Area Network Programming, with particular
reference to the future of the World Wide Web and to issues of distributed
architectures, software engineering, object oriented design, security,
mobility, coordination, collaborative work and retrieval/handling of
semistructured data.

The school will be held in the beautiful surroundings of the island of
Lipari. Participants will be arranged in a comfortable hotel at very
special rates. The conference room (in the same hotel) is air conditioned
and equipped with all conference materials. Special areas are reserved to
students for the afternoon coursework and study. The island of Lipari can
be easily reached from Milazzo, Palermo, Naples, Messina and Reggio
Calabria by ferry or hydrofoil (50 minutes from Milazzo). The organization
provides a round-trip bus from Catania airport (the third most important
airport in Italy) to Milazzo hydrofoil terminal and viceversa. A
proficiency final exam at the end of each chosen course is mandatory for
students. A social tour to Stromboli with spectacular vulcano fireworks
will be held on Sunday, July 8.

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Paul RUET | 8 Jan 14:52 2001

CFP: Book on Linear Logic (Reminder)

Book on Linear Logic

On the occasion of its International Summer School

held in the Azores from August 30 to September 7, 2000, the TMR Linear

wishes to edit a book devoted to recent advances in Linear Logic. This
book will consist of a few invited papers and some refereed
contributions (not necessarily written by people who gave a talk at the
School). All submitted contributions will be refereed. They must be in
English and may not exceed 25 pages, and the results must be unpublished
and not submitted for publication elsewhere, including the proceedings
of symposia or workshops. Submissions (in postscript format) must be
sent by E-mail to


by February 1st, 2001.

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest for submissions

   * Proof theory: proof-nets, ludics, non-commutative logic, proof
     theory of classical logic.
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Guo-Qiang Zhang | 8 Jan 20:54 2001

Symposium on Domain Theory

The International symposium on Domain Theory 2001 will take place on
the campus of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, from October 22 to
October 26, 2001 (the first ISDT was held in Shanghai, October 17-24, 1999).  
This conference is intended to be a forum for researchers in domain theory
and its applications. The conference series also aims to broaden its scope 
to mathematical structures for programming and computation.

The invited speakers for ISDT 2001 are include

         Pierre-Louis Curien, Ecole Normale Superieure, France
         Abbas Edalat, Imperial College, England
         Martin Escardo, University of Birmingham, England
         Achim Jung, University of Birmingham, England 

A couple of additional invited speakers may be included.
In addition to the invited talks, a mini course will be given by  Abbas
Edalat on applications of domain theory in mathematics. There will be a
special session devoted to types, process algebra and concurrency,
organized by Yuxi Fu. Contributed talks are solicited in the general area
of mathematical structures for programming and computation.  
Topics include, but not limited to:

        Topological and logical aspects of domains
        Categories of domains and powerdomains
        Partial orders and metric spaces
        Applications in databases, mathematics, and AI
        Types, process algebra and concurrency
        Non-classical and partial logics
        Programming language semantics
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Thomas Streicher | 9 Jan 13:24 2001

APPSEM Workshop

                       THIRD APPSEM WORKSHOP
                        19.-22. March, 2001
                         Darmstadt, Germany

>From 19th to 22nd March the third workshop of the ESPRIT Working Group 
Applied Semantics (APPSEM) will be organized by the Darmstadt site of APPSEM
at a place near Darmstadt. (Darmstadt itself is very close to Frankfurt 

The intention of the workshop is to present the achievements of our working
group and to discuss new perspectives in particular of the application of 
semantic methods to problems arising from applications.
There will be several invited talks as e.g. by S.Abramsky, A.Gordon, 
H.Herbelin, P.O'Hearn, G.Winskel.
Participation of interested people not formally belonging to APPSEM is 
definitely encouraged.  

More details (in particular concerning registration) can be found at

Hoping to see you in March,

Thomas Streicher

Herbert Kuchen | 10 Jan 10:33 2001

FLOPS 2001 - Call for Participation

*                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION                      *
*                                                                   *
*                             FLOPS 2001                            *
* Fifth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming *
*                                                                   *
*                  Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan                  *
*                          March 7-9, 2001                          *
*                                                                   *
*             *

The symposium is a forum for research on all issues concerning
functional programming and logic programming.  In particular, it aims
to stimulate the cross-fertilization as well as integration of the two
paradigms.  This is the fifth in the series of FLOPS symposia held
every 1.5 years in Japan.

The symposium program will consist of 3 invited talks and 21 technical
research talks.  The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag
in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Invited Talks
  Gopalan Nadathur (Univ. of Minnesota, USA)
  "The Metalanguage lambda-Prolog and Its Implementation"

  George C. Necula (Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA)
  "A Scalable Architecture for Proof-Carrying Code"
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Samson Abramsky | 10 Jan 13:09 2001

lectureship position at Oxford

The following lectureship position at the Oxford University Computing
Laboratory is now available.

Informal enquiries may be made either to myself
(samson@...), or to Richard Bird (bird <at>

Samson Abramsky


                         UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD
                  in association with St Cross College
                          Computing Laboratory
           University Lecturership in Computer Science

Applications are invited for the above post, tenable from as
early a date as may be arranged. Stipend according to age on
the scale £18,731 to £36,740 per annum. The successful
candidate may be offered a non-tutorial fellowship by St
Cross College.

Applications will be welcome in any branch of Computer
Science but especially from candidates whose interests
include any of the following: foundations of computation,
computer-assisted verification, modelling and reasoning about
multi-agent systems, logical and/or probabilistic methods for
uncertain reasoning, databases, intelligent systems.

Applications with a full curriculum vitae and summary of
research interests can be in electronic form (most formats
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simon gay | 11 Jan 15:58 2001


[ The following conference may be of interest to TYPES readers for two
reasons: (1) the presence of sophisticated type systems in many
theorem proving systems; (2) the application of theorem proving
technology to reasoning about type-theoretic and semantic situations
(an area of considerable recent activity). ] 

                     CALL FOR PAPERS: TPHOLs 2001

                 The 14th International Conference on
                Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics

                          Edinburgh, Scotland
              Monday 3rd  - Thursday 6th September 2001

              *  *

The 2001 International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order
Logics will be the fourteenth in a series that dates back to 1988.
The conference will be held Monday 3rd September through Thursday 
6th September in central Edinburgh, Scotland. 


The programme committee welcomes submissions on all aspects of theorem
proving in higher order logics, and on related topics in theorem
proving and verification.  This includes, but is not limited to, the
following topics:
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