Roland Yap Hock Chuan | 5 Jul 05:25 1999

Final CFP: ASIAN'99, Phuket, Dec 10-12, 1999

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Thomas Jensen | 5 Jul 14:00 1999

PhD and post-doc positions in formal program construction and analysis

                         IRISA/INRIA Rennes, France

Several doctoral and post-doctoral positions are available within the
Lande research group at IRISA/INRIA Rennes. The main research
interests of the group are software design and validation, program
analysis and verification, software architectures and debugging.

The positions are funded by collaborative projects involving 
different research groups and industrial companies.
The appointed candidates are expected to work in one of the 
following topics:
- Software architectures: formalisation, verification, analysis,
applications to industrial case studies, study of product line
architectures, functional and non-functional properties of software
architectures, etc.
- Security: formalisation, verification and static analysis of security
dynamic analysis and intrusion detection, application to Java Card and
development of software for smartcards.
- Program analysis: tools and algorithms for implementation of static
analyses, integration of static analyses into programming environments

Progress on these topics requires a number of complementary skills 

  Formal methods and program verification
  Software architectures
  Security of information systems
  Program analysis (static or dynamic) and typing
  Programming language semantics and design
  Operating systems  
  Java, Java Card

Candidates should have experience in one or more of the above areas.
Applications will be evaluated from now on until the positions are

The research is to be conducted at IRISA, a joint research institute
between INRIA, CNRS, University of Rennes and INSA, which is located in
Rennes, France. The successful candidates will join the Lande research
team ( 

For further information, contact:
Thomas Jensen
Campus de Beaulieu
F-35042 Rennes, France

Tel: +33 2 99 84 74 78
Fax: +33 2 99 84 71 71
Email: Thomas.Jensen@...

Didier.Remy | 13 Jul 14:32 1999

CFP (reminder): PLI99 = ICFP + PPDP + HOOTS + IDL + ...

                       SECOND CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                                   PLI 99

                  Principles, Logics, and Implementations
                    of high-level programming languages

                               Paris, France,
                       September 27 - October 1, 1999


Important dates

    August 15     Extended deadline for TMR grant applications.
    August 22     Deadline for early registrations.


The colloquium on Principles, Logics, and Implementations of high-level
programming languages is a collection of conferences and workshops aimed at
the advancement of high-level programming languages. The first edition of
PLI will be held in September 1999 in Paris and will bring together two
popular conferences ICFP and PPDP (previously known as PLILP/ALP) focused on
functional and declarative programming languages, and a collection of
related satellite events.

PLI 99 comprises the following conferences and workshops: 

   ICFP    International Conference on Functional Programming 
   PPDP    Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming

Two-day workshops: 

   HOOTS   Higher-Order Operational Techniques in Semantics 
   IDL     Implementation of Declarative Languages 

One-day workshops: 

   COCL     Component-based Software Development in Computational Logic 
   DPS      Declarative Programming with Sets 
   FDPE     Functional and Declarative Programming in Education 
   HASKELL  workshop 
   LFM      Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages 
   OOSDS    Object-oriented Specification Techniques for
            Distributed Systems and Behaviours 
   WAAAPL   Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages 


A detailed presentation of the conference including a preliminary program,
registration and accomodation information and forms are all avalaible at the
PLI home page given above. The rest of this message is only a summary of this


|    Sep 27    |    Sep 28   |     Sep 29    |    Sep 30    |     Oct 1    |
|    Monday    |   Tuesday   |   Wednesday   |   Thursday   |    Friday    |
|                                   |                                      |
|              I C F P              |                P P D P               |
|                                   |                                      |
|            I D L           |      FDPE     |          H O O T S          |
|     COCL     |     LFM     |               |    WAAAPL    |   HASKELL    |
|    OOSDS     |     DPS     |                                             |
|                            |    Banquet    |                             |


The registration fees and the registration procedure are described on the
WEB. To benefit from the early bird rate, your registration and payment must
be received by August 20. If you are applying for a TMR grant, your TMR
application form must be received by July 1.

For registrations that cannot be made using the WEB form, please contact
the conference secretariat. 


Researchers with needs for travel funds may wish to explore one of the
following two possibilities: 

 * Young European Participants (aged of 35 or younger) may apply for
   financial support from the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR)
   program until July 1. Information about TMR grants and the application
   form are available on the WEB at the address given above and can also be
   obtained by fax from the conference secretariat.

 * Students and ACM members who will present a paper at either ICFP 99 or
   PPDP 99 may apply for travel fellowships from the PAC fund (see


PLI 99 will be held in Paris, at the Maison de la Chimie. 

    28, rue Saint Dominique
    75007 PARIS
    tél: 33 (1) 40 62 27 00
    fax: 33 (1) 45 55 98 62


The ATI agency offers a large panel of hotels with different categories of
comfort and prices. Rooms have been pre-booked in several hotels that are
usually at a couple of metro stations from the Maison de la Chimie. Walking
from your hotel to Maison de la Chimie will be possible only if you have
time or good legs, since unfortunately, there are not very many convenient
lodging right next to the Maison de la Chimie.

To book a room through the ATI, please print and fill the booking form
available on the WEB and send it directly to ATI. You will be charged a 50
FF fee per file.

       September is usually very busy in Paris, so you should arrange
                for your accommodation as soon as possible.


For any information, please contact the conference secretariat

    INRIA Rocquencourt
    Bureau des Colloques
    BP 105
    78153 Le Chesnay Cedex - France

    Phone: +33 1 3963 5675
    Fax: +33 1 3963 5638
    Email: symposia@...


PLI 99 is organized by INRIA in collaboration with the ACM SIGPLAN and with
the sponsorship of the CNRS (France), Compaq (USA), Compulog (EU), European
Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EU), France-Telecom
(France), MENRT (France), Microsoft-Research (UK), Trusted Logic (France),
and the EU program "Training and Mobility of Research" (EU).

Carl Gunter | 14 Jul 14:56 1999

Formal Specification of PLAN

We would like to announce the availability of a draft specification for
the Packet Language for Active Networks at
We welcome feedback on the draft specification and hope to resolve a
first non-draft version in the fall.

PLAN is a packet-based scripting language designed by the SwitchWare
group at the University of Pennsylvania for configuring, composing, and
invoking router-resident services for active networking.  Although it is
not an essential feature of the language, PLAN implementations
have generally been carried out for service layers programmed in
specific languages.  We are aware of efforts for OCaml, Java, C, C++,
and typed assembly.  Version 3.1 of the SwitchWare OCaml implementation
has been tested to conform to the specification.  Information and
software for PLAN can be found at the PLAN home page

The specification has several purposes.  First, it is meant to serve as
a means to communicate PLAN design ideas between implementors.  Second,
a PLAN standard should assist portability of PLAN programs between
implementations.  Third, it will make it easier to create tutorials for
PLAN that are meaningful for more than one implementation.  Finally, the
PLAN specification is given formally and could be used as the basis of
automated mathematical analysis of the language, its implementations,
and programs written in the PLAN.

Comments about the PLAN specification can be directed to the PLAN
Discussion List, PLAN-disc@..., or, if you prefer, to
gunter@... and pankaj <at>

                                       Carl A. Gunter and Pankaj Kakkar

Matthew Hennessy | 15 Jul 14:57 1999

Faculty Position at Sussex

The following faculty position may be of interest to recipients to the
types mailing list.  The research group in theoretical computer
science has a keen interest in type theory in general and types for
mobile and distributed systems in particular and would welcome a new
faculty member with expertise in this area.



LECTURER (Grade A/B) - Foundations of Computer Science (Ref 131)

Applications are invited for this position in Foundations of Computer
Science. Candidates should be able to show evidence of significant
research achievement in any aspect of the Foundations of Computation.
The successful applicant will be expected to expand significantly the
existing high research profile of the Group in this area. Applicants
should also be willing to teach in areas of Computer Science other than
their research speciality.

Salary in the range: #16,655 - #21,815 per annum (Grade A) or #22,726 -
#29,048 per annum (Grade B). Salaries under review. Closing date:
Friday 13 August 1999.

Informal enquiries may be made to Professor Matthew Hennessy, COGS,
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK. Tel +44 1273 678101
Email matthewh@...

Application forms and further particulars are available from and should
be returned to Liz Showler, Staffing Services Office, Sussex House,
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RH, UK. Tel +44 1273 877324
Email E.S.Showler@... Details of the School are available at Details of all posts can also be found via
the website below.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Anuj Dawar | 15 Jul 17:48 1999

British Logic Colloquium 1999

                  British Logic Colloquium 1999

The 1999 meeting of the British Logic Colloquium will be held from
23 to 25 September at the University of Wales conference centre,


The meeting will include a celebration of Roger Hindley's
contributions to logic, on the occasion of his retirement from the
Department of Mathematics at the University of Wales Swansea.

In addition, there will be lectures covering a wide variety of areas of
mathematical and philosophical logic as well as the history of logic,
with the following confirmed to speak:

The provisional programme is:

Thursday 23 September

1:00pm  Lunch

 Robin Milner (Cambridge)
      What is the Logic of Communication?

 Giuseppe Longo (CNRS and ENS, Paris)
      Prototype Proofs and Genericity in Type Theories

4:00pm  Tea

 Roger Hindley (Swansea)
      Curry's Last Problem, 
       Imitating Lambda-beta-reduction in Combinatory Logic

6:00pm  BLC General Meeting.

7:00pm  Dinner

Friday, 24 September

8:00am  Breakfast

 Henk Barendregt (Nijmegen)
      The Perpendicular Lines Lemma for Lambda Terms and Boehm Trees

 Mariangiola Dezani (Turin)
      Intersection Types and Properties of Lambda Terms

11:00am Coffee

 Jonathan Seldin (Concordia)
      Roger Hindley's work on Lambda-calculus and Combinatory Logic

1:00pm  Lunch

 Ivor Grattan-Guinness (Middlesex)
      The Reception of 'Principia Mathematica' in Britain and Abroad, 1913-1935

 David Miller (Warwick)
      Some Neglected Work in General Metamathematics

4:00pm Tea

 Mirna Dzamonja (East Anglia)
      Cardinal Spectra

7:00pm  Banquet in honour of Roger Hindley,

Saturday, 25 September

8:00am  Breakfast

 Richard Kaye (Birmingham)
      A Nonstandard Approach to Baire Category

 Jens Blanck (Uppsala/Swansea)
      Computations on Topological Algebras

11:00am  Coffee

11:45am  Conference ends.


 The meeting will take place in the conference centre of the University
 of Wales at Gregynog.  Gregynog is a large Victorian country house in
 mid-Wales, standing in 750 acres of wooded parkland.  It is located
 five miles north of Newtown, Powys, with a regular train link to
 Birmingham (taking approximately 1h45m).  All participants will be
 offered rooms in the house.  The number of places is limited, and
 early registration is advised.


 The cost of participation, including registration, two days lodging 
 at Gregynog with full board and the conference banquet is as follows:

  non-BLC members        140 GBP
  BLC members            120 GBP
  students                70 GBP

 As the number of subsidised student places is limited, early
 registration is advised.


 To register, please complete the form below and send it, with the 
 appropriate payment (cheques should be made payable to the University
 of Wales Swansea) to:

 Jill Edwards
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Wales Swansea
 Singleton Park
 Swansea SA2 8PP, U.K.

 Enquiries may be addressed to the organisers:

 Anuj Dawar     anuj.dawar@...
 John Tucker    j.v.tucker@...

 See also:







  non-BLC member        140 GBP
  BLC member            120 GBP
  student                70 GBP


 The meeting is generously supported by grants from the London
 Mathematical Society and the British Logic Colloquium.

Kim Bruce | 19 Jul 16:04 1999

FOOL 7 Workshop - Call for papers

The call for papers for FOOL7 can be found below and at


                           Call for Papers

                 The Seventh International Workshop on 
               Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages

                               FOOL 7

                      Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

                          January 22, 2000
                     Boston, Massachusetts, USA 
                         Following POPL '00


    Submissions: October 4, 1999 
    Notifications: November 12, 1999 
    Final versions: December 10, 1999 

The search for sound principles for object-oriented languages has given 
rise to much work on the theory of programming languages during the
past 15 years, leading to a better understanding of the key concepts of 
object-oriented languages and to important developments in type theory,
semantics, and program verification.  The FOOL workshops 
bring together researchers to share new ideas and results in these 
areas. The next workshop, FOOL 7, will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, 
on Saturday January 22, 2000, the day after POPL'00. 

Submissions for this event are invited in the general area of foundations 
of object-oriented languages; topics of interest include language
semantics, type systems, program analysis and verification, programming 
calculi, concurrent and distributed languages, and database languages.
The main focus in selecting workshop contributions will be the intrinsic 
interest and timeliness of the work, so authors are encouraged to 
submit polished descriptions of work in progress as well as papers 
describing completed projects. 

A web page will be created and made available as informal electronic 
conference proceedings. 

Submission procedure

We solicit submissions on original research not previously published
or currently submitted for publication elsewhere, in the form of
extended abstracts. These extended abstracts should not exceed 5000
words (approximately 10 pages); shorter extended abstracts (e.g., 2000
words) are often sufficient. Submissions should be e-mailed to
fool7@... by Monday, October 4, 1999, using US-letter page
size, Postscript or PDF. Each submission may be included inline in a
message or as a MIME attachment only. We may not be able to consider
late submissions, or submissions that do not have a working and
attended return e-mail address. (If electronic submission is
impossible, please contact the program chair in September.) Receipt of
the submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. Authors should inquire
in case a prompt acknowledgment is not received.

Correspondence and questions should be sent to fool7@...

Organizing Committee
    Kim Bruce, Williams College (chair)
    Luca Cardelli, Microsoft Research
    Benjamin Pierce, Indiana University
    Didier Remy, INRIA Rocquencourt

Program Chair
    Martin Abadi <fool7@...>

Program Committee
    Gilad Bracha, Sun Java Software
    Giuseppe Castagna, CNRS & Ecole Normale Superieure
    Craig Chambers, University of Washington
    Adriana Compagnoni, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Naoki Kobayashi, University of Tokyo
    Gary Leavens, Iowa State University
    Andrew Myers, Cornell University

FSTTCS99 | 20 Jul 06:31 1999

Post-FSTTCS Workshop on Mobile Computation

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Thomas Streicher | 21 Jul 16:38 1999

job announcement

The following job announcement may be of interest to type theorists who
know German well enough to give courses in this language. The description
of the job is comparatively vague but type theory is definitely within the

A position of a Professor (C3) is advertised at the Department of
Mathematics, Darmstadt University of Technology, in the area of
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science. Deadline for
Applications: September 3, 1999. For details see

Samson Abramsky | 26 Jul 18:10 1999

CTCS `99 Call for Participation

              10-12 SEPTEMBER 1999, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND

                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 
              EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 10th August 1999

CTCS '99 is the 8th conference on "Category Theory and Computer
Science."  The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of
the foundations of computing using the tools of category theory. While
the emphasis is upon applications of category theory, it is recognized
that the area is highly interdisciplinary.

Previous meetings have been held in Guildford (Surrey), Edinburgh,
Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and S. Margherita Ligure

This document contains

1. Invited speakers
2. List of accepted papers
3. Programme committee
4. Registration form

A WWW-version containing all this information plus abstract of
contributed papers can be found under

1. Invited speakers

Ryu Hasegawa               Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)
Peter Freyd                Univ. of Pennylvania (USA)
Marcelo Fiore              Univ. of Sussex (UK)
Doug Smith                 Kestrel Institute (USA)

2. List of accepted papers (19 out of 39 submissions)

 Concurrent Realizations of Reactive Systems.
   Marek Bednarczyk, Andrzej Borzyszkowski 

 Functorial semantics for Petri nets under the individual token
   Roberto Bruni, Jose Meseguer, Ugo Montanari, Vladimiro Sassone 

 Equational Lifting Monads.
   Anna Bucalo, Alex Simpson, Carsten Fuehrmann 

 Structured Theories and Institutions
    F Duran, J Meseguer 

 Coalgebra to Algebra Morphisms.
    A Eppendahl 

 On the Semantics of Message Passing Processes.
    Lindsay Errington 

 A Fully abstract presheaf semantics for SCCS with finite delay.
    Thomas Hildebrandt 

 Abstract Games for Linear Logic.
    Martin Hyland, Andrea Schalk 

 Internal Languages for Autonomous and *-Autonomous Categories.
    T W Koh and C-H L Ong 

 Dependent Coercions.
    Zhaohui Luo and Sergei Soloviev

 Precategories for combining probabilistic automata.
    Paulo Mateus, Amilcar Sernadas, Cristina Sernadas 

 Monads, shapely functors, and traversals.
    E Moggi, G Belle, C B Jay

 Exhausting Strategies, Joker Games and IMLL with Units.
    A S Murawski and C-H L Ong 

 Hilbert Q-Modules and Nuclear Ideals in the Category of
      v-Semilattices with a Duality.
    Jan Paseka 

 A Coalgebraic Foundation for Linear Time Semantics.
    John Power, Daniele Turi 

 Denotational Completeness Revisited.
    Thomas Streicher 

 A domain-theoretic semantics of lax generic functions.
    Hideki Tsuiki 

 A Bi-Categorical Axiomatisation of Concurrent Graph Rewriting.
    Fabio Gadducci,  Reiko Heckel and Merce Llabres. 

 Higher-dimensional syntax.
    Martin Wehr. 

3. Programme committee

J. Adamek                  TU Braunschweig (Germany)  
N. Benton                  Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)  
R. Blute                   U. Ottawa (Canada)  
T. Coquand                 Chalmers (Sweden)  
M. Escardo                 LFCS Edinburgh (UK)  
M. Hasegawa                Kyoto Univ. (Japan)  
M. Hofmann  (Chair)        LFCS Edinburgh (UK)   
P. O'Hearn                 Queen Mary West (UK)  
D. Pavlovic                Kestrel Institute (California)  
H. Reichel                 TU Dresden (Germany)  
G. Rosolini                U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Scedrov                 U. Penn (Pennsylvania)

Organising Committee

S. Abramsky LFCS           Edinburgh (UK)  
P. Dybjer                  Chalmers U. (Sweden)  
E. Moggi                   U. Genova (Italy)  
A. Pitts                   U. Cambridge (UK) 

4. Registration form
Please complete this form and email it to ctcs99-reg@...
before 10th August 1999. You can also fax the form  to 
+44 131 667 7209 Attn: CTCS-REG or send it to M Lekuse, CTCS-REG,
JCMB, KB, Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK. 

*       REGISTRATION FOR CTCS '99                     *


LAST NAME: _______________________________

FIRST NAME: ______________________________

AFFILIATION: _____________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________



PHONE NUMBER: ____________________________

FAX: _____________________________________

E-MAIL: __________________________________

WWW (optional): __________________________

DATE OF ARRIVAL: __/__ 1999



The conference fee will cover lunches, coffee breaks, and
proceedings. (It also includes costs for invited speakers and seminar
room bookings.)

                      Regular       Student
Early registration:   GBP115        GBP95
by 19th July

Late registration:    GBP170        GBP170
after 19th July

There will be a conference dinner on Saturday, 11th September. It will
cost GBP30 (students GBP15).

I will attend the dinner    YES ( )   NO ( )

Total fees payable:         GBP ____

I have paid the fees by ____________________ on __/__1999.

Please pay your fee by 
- bank draft in GBP
- Eurocheque in GBP
- any other cheque drawn on a British bank
payable to "The University of Edinburgh". 

Unfortunately, we cannot acccept credit cards and bank transfers.  


We should like to ask you to book your own accommodation directly. The
Edinburgh Tourist Board offers a very efficient booking service. You
can either book by phone (+44-131-473-3874), fax (+44-131-473-3636) or
e-mail (conventions@...). When you contact them they will supply
you with a booking form which lists a number of accommodation types
from simple guest houses to 5* hotels. Please book early. Although the
Edinburgh International Festival will be over, September is still a
very busy time.
**Please state clearly on the accommodation booking form that your
accommodation should be within easy reach of the King's Buildings,
University of Edinburgh.**

You should receive confirmation of your booking within one day.  You
need to give them your credit card number which will serve as a
security. You will actually have to pay your accommodation directly
later.  If you do not have a credit card, or you encounter any
difficulties in booking your accommodation, then please get in touch
with us directly. Please contact (ctcs99-reg@...) and state
your requirements.

The conference will be held in the James Clerk Maxwell Building
(Lecture theatre B), King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ. You will
find maps at

Important dates 

 9 April 1999     Notification of intention to submit  
23 April 1999     Submission deadline  
 4 June  1999     Notification of authors of accepted papers  
30 July  1999     Deadline for final versions of accepted papers

Address for paper submissions 

Martin Hofmann  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics  JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Local organization 

Monika Lekuse  
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science  
Division of Informatics JCMB, King's Buildings  
Mayfield Road  Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  Scotland

Conference e-address     ctcs99@... 

Conference homepage

Related event            2nd APPSEM workshop, 6-9 September 1999