Benjamin Pierce | 1 Apr 01:33 1998

Pict 4.1 release

We are pleased to announce a new public release of Pict, a concurrent
programming language based on the pi-calculus.

Version 4.1 is a bug-fix and portability release.  There are no
user-visible changes, but several installation problems have been
dealt with.


Pict is a language in the ML tradition, formed by adding a layer of
convenient syntactic sugar and a static type system to a tiny core.
The current release includes a Pict-to-C compiler, reference manual,
language tutorial, numerous libraries, and example programs.

The core language - an asynchronous variant of Milner, Parrow, and
Walker's pi-calculus - has been used as a theoretical foundation for a
broad class of concurrent computations. The goal in Pict is to
identify high-level idioms that arise naturally when these primitives
are used to build working programs - idioms such as basic data
structures, protocols for returning results, higher-order programming,
selective communication, and concurrent objects. The type system
integrates a number of features found in recent work on theoretical
foundations for typed object-oriented languages: higher-order
polymorphism, simple recursive types, subtyping, and a powerful
partial type inference algorithm.

Highlights of the last major release (4.0) were...
  * a complete formal definition
  * a separate compilation facility
  * an expanded set of standard libraries
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John Lloyd | 2 Apr 13:45 1998

CompulogNet Meeting on Computational Logic and Machine Learning

[This meeting may be of interest to readers of the Types mailing
list. Many existing learners are based on untyped Prolog
technology. However, it is recognised that a type system can
substantially cut down the search space of possible hypotheses. Hence
research which addresses the issue of reducing search through the use
of types would be of great interest to the meeting.]

                       Call for Papers

                JICSLP'98 Post-Conference Workshop

                   CompulogNet Area Meeting on 
            Computational Logic and Machine Learning  
                       June 20th, 1998
                        Manchester, UK

           Organiser: John Lloyd, University of Bristol

The next CompulogNet Area Meeting on "Computational Logic and 
Machine Learning" will be held as a Post-Conference Workshop 
at JICSLP'98. This meeting is sponsored by the ESPRIT Network of
Excellence in Computational Logic (CompulogNet).

The theme of the meeting will be 

  "Logic Programming and Machine Learning: A Two-way Connection".

There is a two-way connection between logic programming and machine 
learning. For example, LP has already significantly influenced 
(symbolic) ML through the field of inductive logic programming.
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Leonid Libkin | 2 Apr 23:06 1998


		   Thirteenth Annual IEEE Symposium
	      June 21 - 24, 1998, Indianapolis, Indiana


You can find advance program, registration materials and hotel
information at LICS'98 web sites:, and

                           LICS'98 PROGRAM


7:30 - 9:30    RECEPTION


9:00 - 10:00   Invited talk
               Roger Needham (Cambridge University)
               Logic and Over-Simplification
               (Chair: John Mitchell)

10:00 - 10:30  Coffee break
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ECOOP'98 Organization | 4 Apr 09:44 1998

ECOOP'98 IN BRUSSELS, JULY 20-24, 1998

(Please forward this message to all your interested colleagues.)

*                   CALL FOR PARTICIPATION                      *
*                                                               *
*                           ECOOP'98                            *
*                                                               *
*    12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming    *
*                                                               *
*                       Brussels, Belgium                       *
*                      July 20 - 24, 1998                       *
*                                                               *

The Advance Programme and Call For Participation
is now available at:


We invite you to visit our web site.

The ECOOP'98 Organization.

Christopher Colby | 5 Apr 00:09 1998

ICCL Call For Participation (one week until hotel deadline)

[ NOTE: The last day for hotel reservations is APRIL 12. ]

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                        IEEE Computer Society
         1998 International Conference on Computer Languages

                          Loyola University
                    Chicago, USA, 14--16 May, 1998

                            Sponsored by
    the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Languages,
 in cooperation with the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.


This is the sixth in a series of conferences devoted to all aspects of
computer languages, serving to bring together people broadly
interested in machine processable descriptions.  The hallmarks of ICCL
are diversity, openness to a wide range of linguistic research, and
international representation.  The focus is on new ideas in languages
and language technology which are innovative or experimental in

On May 13, a pre-conference Workshop on Internet Programming Languages
will be conducted at Loyola University.  Details are given at the end
of this announcement.

                         IMPORTANT DEADLINES 
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Christopher Colby | 5 Apr 00:09 1998

IPL Call For Participation (one week until hotel deadline)

[ NOTE: The last day for hotel reservations is APRIL 12. ]

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                 Workshop on Internet Programming Languages

               in conjunction with the IEEE Computer Society 
            International Conference on Computer Languages 1998
                       Loyola University Chicago
                             Chicago, USA

                            May 13, 1998

The Internet has long provided a global computing infrastructure but, for most 
of its history, there has not been much interest in programming languages 
tailored specifically to that infrastructure. More recently, the Web has 
produced a widespread interest in global resources and, as a consequence, in 
global programmability. It is now commonplace to discuss how programs can be 
made to run effectively and securely over the Internet.

This workshop will provide a forum for the discussions of all aspects of 
computer languages for wide-area systems, including specification languages, 
programming languages, semantics, implementation technologies, and application 

Organizing Committee
    Henri Bal, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands, bal@...
    Boumediene Belkhouche, Tulane University, USA, bb@...
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James Harland | 6 Apr 03:21 1998

CADE-15 Workshop on Integrating Forward and Backward Chaining

[An important aspect of the integration of forward and backward
chaining for inference systems is the proof-theoretic foundations of
the combination of the two approaches.  This workshop is concerned,
inter alia, with semantic characterizations of mixed strategies, as
well as languages for the description and analsyes of such strategies,
for which type-theoretic methods have proved successful in the past.]


The 15th International Conference on Automated Deduction

         July 5-10, 1998, Lindau, Germany


              Call for Participation

The aim of this workshop is to identify, consolidate and promulgate
the need to have, and techniques for achieving, varying degrees of
integration of top-down and bottom-up inference techniques. We aim to
consider both foundational theories and applications.  Such a
technology would allow the development of hybrid systems which can
thus follow either pre-planned strategies (top-down) or data-driven
ones (bottom-up) or, crucially in substantial applications, mixtures
of the two tailored to the application at hand.  Application areas
include (but need not be limited to) agent-oriented programming,
active databases, logic programming systems, deductive databases and
genetic algorithms.

Topics of interest include, but need not be limited to,  
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Bob Rosebrugh | 3 Apr 20:18 1998

Workshop on categories in computer science

In conjunction with the Category Theory Session at the Canadian
Mathematical Society's Summer 1998 Meeting, there will be a workshop 
on the Applications of Category Theory to Computer Science, directed 
towards graduate students and young researchers.

June 8-12, 1998 (arrival day Sunday, June 7, 1998)

Mount Allison University 
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

The invited instructors are M. Barr (McGill) and R.F.C. Walters (Sydney).

Residence accommodation will be available at Mount Allison University
at a cost of 
$27.60/person/night for a single room
$24.30/person/night for a shared double room
$23.00/person/night for either of the above for students upon
                    presentation of a student card.
(All prices are in Canadian dollars and include taxes.)
Bookings can be made at

There will be a registration fee of $50 for the workshop. To preregister
send  e-mail to
		ct95@... (sic)
with subject heading `workshop'.

On the evening of Friday June 12 the Workshhop participants will receive
free transportation to Saint John, New Brunswick, site of the aforementioned
Category Theory Symposium.
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Giorgio Levi | 8 Apr 13:43 1998

SAS'98 extended deadline

                             DEADLINE EXTENSION

                         Static Analysis Symposium

                                  SAS '98

Please note that the NEW DEADLINE for submission is

              Friday the 17th of April 1998.

For information, please visit

Konstantin Laufer | 10 Apr 00:04 1998

New ICCL/IPL hotel reservation deadline this Saturday, 11 April

To all ICCL/IPL attendees:

We have negotiated special rates for ICCL attendees at the Talbott Hotel
(+1-312-944-4970, 20 East Delaware Place) and at the Days Inn Lake Shore
Drive (+1-312-943-9200, 644 North Lake Shore Drive).  Please mention
ICCL/Loyola University to get the special group rate.  The hotels
require a room deposit guaranteed with a major credit card. 


(This is one day earlier than stated in the call for participation sent
out last week.)

After this date, all unused rooms will be released back to the hotel,
and rates or availability can no longer be guaranteed.  Rooms for
Saturday night are very limited because of the annual Chicago Restaurant
Convention.  Therefore, attendees should book their hotel room first and
only then purchase a plane ticket second.

Rates and additional conference information are available at