alex M.P.A. Sellink | 3 Feb 10:26 1997

ASF+SDF'97 -- call for papers

                    C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S


             The 2nd International Workshop on the Theory
               and Practice of Algebraic Specifications


                   CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
                      September 25 and 26, 1997

                             Organised By

                    University of Amsterdam (UvA)
              Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)

 ASF+SDF'97 will be a forum for the presentation of research papers on
 the theory, design,  implementation,  and  application  of  algebraic
 specifications in general and the ASF+SDF  formalism  in  particular.  
 Results in one of the areas of interest (see below) as well as direct 
 applications of ASF+SDF are solicited. Research  papers  as  well  as 
 case studies will be welcome. We encourage research talks accompanied 
 by a system demonstration.

                      AREAS OF INTEREST INCLUDE
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Ana Bove | 3 Feb 15:34 1997

4th WoLLIC'97

                       Second Call for Contributions

        4th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
                           August 20-22, 1997
                       Fortaleza (Ceara'), Brazil

The "4th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation" (WoLLIC'97)
will be held in Fortaleza, Ceara' (Brazil), from August 20th to 22nd 1997.
Contributions are invited in the form of two-page (600 words) abstracts in all
areas related to logic, language, information and computation, including: pure
logical systems, proof theory, model theory, algebraic logic, type theory,
category theory, constructive mathematics, lambda and combinatorial calculi,
program logic and program semantics, logics and models of concurrency,
nonclassical logics, nonmonotonic logic, logic and language, discourse
representation, logic and artificial intelligence, automated deduction,
foundations of logic programming, logic and computation, and logic engineering.

There will be a number of guest speakers, including:
Keith Devlin (St.Mary's Coll), Abbas Edalat (Imperial Coll),
Rob van Glabbeek (Stanford), Yuri Gurevich (Michigan Univ),
Peter Johnstone (Cambridge Univ), Roman Kossak (CUNY),
Daniel Lehmann (Jerusalem Univ), Drew McDermott (Yale Univ),
Michael Moortgat (Utrecht Univ), Moshe Vardi (Rice Univ),
Paulo Veloso (PUC-Rio).

Two-page abstracts, preferably by e-mail to *** wollic97@...
*** must be
RECEIVED by JUNE 1st, 1997 by one of the Co-Chairs of the Organising Committee.
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Kohei Honda | 3 Feb 22:37 1997

Game Theoretic Analysis of Call-by-value Computation

The following paper is available by anonymous ftp on the site:

Any comments are welcome.

Kohei Honda
Edinburgh University


        Game Theoretic Analysis of Call-by-value Computation


                   Kohei Honda  and  Nobuko Yoshida

                        (Edinburgh University)

                          *** Abstract ***

We introduce a general semantic universe of call-by-value computation
based on elements of game semantics, and validate its appropriateness
as a semantic universe by the full abstraction result for call-by-value
PCF, a generic typed programming language with call-by-value
evaluation. The key idea is to consider the distinction between
call-by-name and call-by-value as that of the structure of information
flow, which determines the basic form of games. In this way the
call-by-name computation and call-by-value computation arise as two
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Guy McCusker | 4 Feb 11:10 1997

Games and Full Abstraction for FPC

I would like to announce the availability of my PhD thesis

        Games and Full Abstraction 
       for a Functional Metalanguage
           with Recursive Types

and of the paper

        Games and Full Abstraction for FPC (full version).

(The abstracts are below.) 
Both documents are available from my web page

or from the Hypatia electronic archive

(search for "McCusker"). 

They can also be obtained by anonymous ftp from the Imperial College archive 

 in directory papers/McCusker/

        Games and Full Abstraction 
       for a Functional Metalanguage
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Eugenio Moggi | 4 Feb 14:32 1997



         URL: ""


The seventh biennial conference on Category Theory and Computer
Science is to be held in Santa Margherita Ligure in 1997.  Previous
meetings have been held in Guildford, Edinburgh, Manchester, Paris,
Amsterdam and Cambridge.

- 01 Mar 1997, deadline for ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS
- 01 May 1997, notification of acceptance/rejection                         
- 15 Jun 1997, deadline for final version

- Papers must describe original unpublished research, be written and
  presented in English, they must not exceed 20 pages nor be submitted
  for publication elsewhere.
- Papers can be submitted via an electronic form or by e-mail (see the
  conference URL for details).
- ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF SUBMISSION might be accepted, but should be
  agreed with ctcs97@... no later than 15th FEBRUARY 1997.

SCOPE. The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of the
foundations of computing using the tools of category theory, algebra,
geometry and logic.  Whilst the emphasis is upon applications of
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Johan Jeuring | 4 Feb 18:52 1997

PhD-student positions

The Department of Computing Science at the Chalmers University of
Technology and Göteborgs University announces free PhD positions.

The major research topics at the department are programming logic and
type theory, functional programming, cognition technology, and
algorithms and discrete optimisation, but research is also carried out
in a number of other topics. More information about the research at
the department can be found on the WWW on page:

Most PhD positions are five year scholarships. The PhD student will
spend about 80 percent of his or her time on graduate studies, and
about 20 percent on teaching. Applicants must have an undergraduate
degree in Computer Science with excellent results. The department
tries to increase the number of female employees, and especially
welcomes female applicants. At the moment the scholarships consist of
14500 (19000) SEK per month in the first (last) year. Usually a
foreign PhD student does not teach in his or her first year in Sweden,
and as a consequence the scholarship is of a slightly smaller size.

More information about the graduate programmes can be found on the WWW
on page:

To apply, send us a letter in English, covering 

  1 data about yourself;
  2 a copy of an official paper giving grades from your undergraduate
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Jean-Jacques Le'vy | 5 Feb 13:25 1997

CS position at the Ecole Polytechnique

       Position in Computer Science at the Ecole Polytechnique
			  Palaiseau, France

A position of full Professor in Computer Science is opened at the
Ecole Polytechnique starting septembre 1997 (see

). Ecole Polytechnique is the most important Engineering school in
France. 420 students, selected each year among the best in mathematics
and physics in the country, follow a 2-year programme of studies.

Applications forms are available at the Secretariat General pour les
Etudes, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128, PALAISEAU Cedex, France, tel: +33
1 69 33 40 15. Deadline for application is February 15, 1997.

Informal enquiries may be done to Prof. Bernard Larrouturou (Head of
Department) on +33 (01) 69 33 41 48, or to any of the professors in
Computer science (cori@..., Patrick.Cousot <at>,
Jean-Jacques.Levy@..., Jean.Vuillemin <at>

Philippe de Groote | 5 Feb 17:34 1997

TLCA call for participation

             [Sorry if you receive this call more than once]

- call for participation - call for participation - call for participation - 

               TTTTTTTTTT  LLLL          CCCCC       AAA
               T   TT   T   LL         CC     C      A A
                   TT       LL        CC            AA AA
                   TT       LL        CC            A   A
                   TT       LL        CC           AAAAAAA 
                   TT       LL        CC           A     A
                   TT       LL     L   CC     C   AA     AA
                  TTTT     LLLLLLLLL     CCCCC   AAA     AAA

-   TLCA'97 - TLCA'97 - TLCA'97 - TLCA'97 - TLCA'97 - TLCA'97 - TLCA'97    - 

                     3rd International Conference on


                           April 2-3-4, 1997

                              NANCY FRANCE

                 |     |
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Gert Smolka | 10 Feb 22:51 1997

PhD Fellowships available

PhD Fellowships are available at the Computer Science
Department of the Universit"at des Saarlandes at Saarbr"ucken.
Application deadline is February 21, 1997.  

Application of students interested in doing research on
programming, types, and constraints is encouraged.

Interested?  Then check


Gert Smolka             
Programming Systems Lab                        smolka@...
Universit\"at des Saarlandes, Geb. 45        Tel: +49 681 302-5311
Postfach 15 11 50                            Fax: +49 681 302-5615
D-66041 Saarbrücken, Germany

Madhavan Mukund | 12 Feb 06:12 1997

FSTTCS 97 Call for Papers (ASCII)

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