Simon L Peyton Jones | 1 Dec 13:54 1995

Journal of Functional Programming: state of play

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	Journal of Functional Programming: the state of play

We are delighted to announce the publication of a special issue of JFP
5(3) on applications of functional programming.  Edited by Rinus
Plasmeijer and Pieter Hartel, it contains six papers on applications
ranging from photon transport to text retrieval, from spreadsheets to
solid modelling.

The titles of the papers are given below.  You can see their abstracts too
on the above URL.  (You'll also now find titles and abstracts for the whole
of Volumes 4 and 5, and titles for Volumes 1-3.)

We woul like to take this opportunity to encourage you to

		** submit papers to JFP **

At one point we had so many submissions that we built up rather a long print
queue, but Cambridge University Press have agreed to move from 4 to 6 issues
a year (starting in 1996), and to make them big issues, which has
effectively solved the print-queue problem.

We offer a 12-week turnaround to a decision about submitted papers, and
the delay from final manuscript to publication is now dropping fast (our
target is 3 months).
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Doug Howe | 5 Dec 15:34 1995

New WWW Page: Logic-Related Conferences

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  Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of
conferences that overlap in their technical scope with the Symposium
on Logic in Computer Science (LICS).  These conferences are scheduled
with no prior coordination among them, which results quite often in
conflicts.  For example, in 1995 LICS and FPCA were at exactly the
same time and the same place with no prior coordination.

  In an attempt to address this situation, the LICS organization will
maintain a WWW page of conferences (including workshops) that have an
overlap with logic in computer science.  The first half of the page is
a list of conferences and associated contacts.  The second half is an
incomplete list of dates, some tentative and some fixed, for upcoming
meetings of these conferences.

  If you are an organizer of one of these conferences and have some
information you would like included in the page, please send mail to

Amy Felty | 6 Dec 23:49 1995

LICS'96 Final Call for Papers + Correction

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		  Eleventh Annual IEEE Symposium on
	   July 27-30, 1996, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

The complete call for papers is available from     and

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Papers must be received by December 13; late
submissions will not be considered.

CORRECTION: The postal code of the Program Chair in the original call
for papers is incorrect.  The correct address is
        Edmund M. Clarke
        Department of Computer Science
        Carnegie Mellon University
        Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Pasquale Malacaria | 7 Dec 15:22 1995

Full abstraction for PCF

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A complete version of the paper
"Full Abstraction for PCF"
by S.Abramsky, R.Jagadeesan and P.Malacaria

is now available by anonymous ftp at Imperial 

Name: anonymous
Password:  <<your e-mail address>>
    ftp> cd papers/Malacaria
    ftp> binary
    ftp> get PCFfullabs.dvi.Z
(or ftp> get
    ftp> quit

An intensional model for the programming language PCF is described, in
which the types of PCF are interpreted by games, and the terms by
certain ``history-free'' strategies.
This model is shown to capture definability in PCF. More precisely,
every compact strategy in the model is definable
in a certain simple extension of PCF. We then introduce an intrinsic
preorder on strategies, and show that it
satisfies some remarkable properties, such that the intrinsic preorder
on function types coincides with the pointwise preorder. We then obtain
an order-extensional fully abstract model of PCF by quotienting the
intensional model by the intrinsic preorder. This is the first
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URSINI | 9 Dec 12:42 1995


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 A paper on
 by A.Ursini
 is available in hard copy from the author. I have no possibility
 presently of putting it on a e-mail box.
 It deals with the phase-like, Kripke  and algebraic semantics of
 commutative, cyclic,non commutative, classical or intuitionistic 
 linear logics.

 Aldo Ursini,
      Universita' di Siena
      Dipartimento di Matematica
      Via del Capitano 15
53100 Siena - Italy

   ph: OPERATOR : 577-263111 ;  DIRECT : 577-263754
  fax: 577-263730
email: ursini@...


Patrick Lincoln (lincoln@...) adds:

A. Ursini's recent paper on
is available in hardcopy from its author, 
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Emil Sekerinski | 12 Dec 13:21 1995

A Type-Theoretic Basis for an Object-Oriented Refinement Calculus

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This is to announce the availability of the paper

    A Type-Theoretic Basis for an Object-Oriented Refinement Calculus


or via my Web page:

A longer abstract of the paper follows.

Emil Sekerinski

Abo Akademi, Department of Computer Science
Lemminkaisenkatu 14 A, 20520 Turku, Finland


This paper addresses the issue of giving a formal semantics to an
object-oriented programming and specification language. Object-oriented
constructs considered are objects with attributes and methods,
encapsulation of attributes, subtyping, bounded type parameters,
classes, and inheritance. Classes are distinguished from object types.
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Mitsu Okada | 13 Dec 11:35 1995

Linear Logic 96, Tokyo Meeting

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                 Call for Papers

          Linear Logic 96, Tokyo Meeting
            March 29 - April 2, 1996  

The Scientific Program Committee is seeking contributed 
papers of on-going research in the field of linear logic, 
its applications and related fields. An extended abstract 
or preliminary report of up to 10 (ten) pages should be 
electronically submitted  ***BY JANUARY 19, 1996***  to 
the anonymous ftp-site and 
the directory /Linear96/submission. 

The paper should be written in latex. The author is reqired to
deposit both dvi-file and ps-file; the both files
should be set up as **** A4-SIZE **** (i.e., Not American 
letter size) with the first author's
full name as the file names, eg. and mitsuokada.dvi.
Use "anonymous" for the login-name and your email address for
the password; when your ftp-deposit is successful, the system sends 
you back the acknowledgement of the submission to the email address
you used for "password", in 10 minutes. (You cannot see the file name
you deposited since the directory is write-permitted only.
The deadline for submission is Jan 19, 1996. The acception/rejection
by the Scientific Program Committee will be notified by Feb 12
to the first authors' email address. 

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bctcs | 21 Dec 14:07 1995

British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science

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British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science 12

1-4 April 1996
University of Kent at Canterbury

BCTCS 12 will be held in Canterbury on 1-4 April 1996. Canterbury is an
attractive cathedral city in the south east of England, which lies close to
the English channel, as well as to orchards and rolling countryside.
The meeting will be held at the University of Kent, with accommodation being
provided in Darwin College, one of the four colleges of the university.
Transport from London and the channel ports is available by train and bus.

Invited speakers

Amongst the invited speakers are 

P. Aczel (University of Manchester)
G. Birtwistle (University of Leeds)
E. Brinksma (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
F. K. Hanna (University of Kent)
U. Martin (University of St Andrews)
D. Perrin (LITP, France) 
J. Toran (Barcelona, Spain)
D. A. Turner (University of Kent)


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Konstantin Laufer | 7 Dec 16:24 1995

Faculty Positions at Loyola University Chicago

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The Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of Loyola
University of Chicago anticipates the availability of at least two
tenure-eligible positions in computer science commencing Fall 1996.
Among the requirements for the position are a Ph.D. in computer
science and a commitment to excellence in both research and teaching.
The department seeks applications from outstanding candidates in all
areas of computer science. 

The department awards B.S. degrees in mathematics, computer science
and statistics at the undergraduate level and M.S. degrees in
mathematics and computer science at the graduate level.  The
department has 24 full-time members, over 200 undergraduate majors and
over 140 graduate students.  The department is located on Loyola's
scenic Lake Shore Campus on the far north side of Chicago in the
Rogers Park neighborhood.  There is plenty of affordable, quality
housing close to the campus and in other areas.  A number of
world-renowned academic institutions and industrial labs in the area
make for an outstanding research environment.

Interviews will begin in late January 1996 and will continue until the
positions are filled.  Send a detailed curriculum vitae and arrange to
have three letters of recommendation sent to:

        Chair, CS Search Committee
        Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
        Loyola University of Chicago
        Chicago, IL 60626
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