Chalmers, Kevin | 29 Jul 15:52 2015

Call for Participation - CPA 2015

 |                                                                 |
 |        Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2015           |
 |                                                                 |
 |  The 37th. WoTUG Conference on Concurrent and Parallel Systems  |
 |                                                                 |
 |  Sunday (evening) 23rd. - Wednesday (lunch) 26th. August 2015   |
 |                                                                 |
 |                          |
 |                                                                 |
 |     Host institute: School of Computing, University of Kent     |
 |                                                                 |

This is the call for participation for CPA 2015.

At CPA this year:

  * we are pleased to announce Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic, as one
    of the Keynote speakers at CPA 2015.  Eric led the development of the
    Virtuoso multi-board RTOS, used in the ESA's Rosetta space mission to
    comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.  Virtuoso (along with Altreonic's new
    generation VirtuosoNext, supporting fine-grained task parallellism)
    has its roots in principles learnt from CSP, the Transputer and occam.

  * we have added a call for proposals for mini-workshops (see below for
    the specific URL).  These were introduced last year (CPA 2014) with
    the purpose of learning about, debating and solving (or, at least,
    sizing and starting to solve) interesting problems relevant to the
    themes of CPA - details are on the Programme page for CPA 2014 (see
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j.c.vandepol | 27 Jul 17:48 2015

assistant professor CS in Programming Education

Dear colleagues,

University of Twente has a challenging Assistant Professor position in Programming Education for CS and
non-CS students, 
see!/vacature/303036 for a full description.

Software drives everything: deep web search, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, virtual reality…  

Are you a forerunner in programming education for Computer Science and non-Computer Science students?
Join our team to teach and investigate innovative software applications and construction methods, and
innovative educational paradigms.

You will develop, teach and coordinate education in programming and software technology, both at the
bachelor and the master level (0.75 fte). You play an active role in advancing our education, in terms of
modern concepts in programming (languages, paradigms, frameworks, platforms, applications) and
education (flip-the-classroom, blended learning, problem-based group learning). Your target groups
are students from Computer Science, as well as from other engineering disciplines, including Creative Technology.
You will also perform research (0.25 fte) in the area of software technology or data science.

Prof.dr. J.C. van de Pol,  chair Formal Methods and Tools
Universiteit Twente, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE  Enschede, The Netherlands
mailto:vdpol <at>,

tel: +31 53 489 3017  fax: +31 53 489 3247  secr: +31 53 489 3767

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Farooq Ahmad | 26 Jul 13:31 2015

Special Session on “Formal Modeling for Machine Learning Techniques” in ICMLA 2015 Miami USA

Call of papers in the Special Session on:

“Formal Modeling for Machine Learning Techniques”

In the 14th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA'15)

Miami, Florida, USA (


Submission deadline: August 31, 2015


This special session invites submissions from those working in areas of formal modeling and verification of machine learning algorithms, systems and applications. This special session seeks original practical and theoretical research papers including but not limited to the following topics:

·         Petri nets for Machine Learning

·         knowledge management

·         brokering & directory services,

·         relaxed transactions and workflows,

·         concurrent O-O & actor programming,

·         mobile computing,

·         business process management,

·         information retrieval,

·         filtering, & browsing,

·         resource discovery,

·         Predictive modeling and optimization,

·         Pattern recognition and classification,

·         Event recognition

·         Regression and Forecasting,

·         Models of Data and Measurements,

·         Feature Selection, Soft Computing,

·         Learning Theory.


Farooq Ahmad, PhD

Associate Professor, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Pakistan
Cell # +92 332 4655020
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M.R. Mousavi | 20 Jul 15:44 2015

TRENDS 2015: Call for Participation

IFIP WG 1.8 Workshop on Trends in Concurrency Theory (TRENDS 2015)

Saturday September 5, 2015 (9:00-12:30), Madrid, Spain

Affiliated with CONCUR 2015


TRENDS 2015 is an event organised by IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory.
It aims at bringing together researchers interested in concurrency theory and its applications,
to exchange ideas and discuss about open problems and recent trends.


The event will take place on September 5, 2015 and will consist of
three invited talks by the following speakers:

- Patricia Bouyer-Decitre, CNRS, France,
- Bartek Klin, University of Warsaw, Poland
- Irek Ulidowski, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, 

The workshop will be followed by the annual business meeting of WG 1.8.

For a detailed programme with titles and abstracts of talks we refer to:


Please register for TRENDS 2015 via the registration page of CONCUR 2015:


 Ilaria Castellani (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, FR)
 Mohammad Mousavi (Halmstad University, SE)

IFIP WG 1.8:

The aims of IFIP WG 1.8 on Concurrency Theory are:

- To develop theoretical foundations of concurrency, exploring
 frontiers of existing theoretical models like process algebra
 and process calculi, so as to obtain a deeper theoretical
 understanding of concurrent and parallel systems.
- To promote and coordinate the exchange of information on
 concurrency theory, by discussing ideas and open problems,
 and identifying future directions of research in the area.

The activities of WG 1.8 encompass all aspects of concurrency theory and its applications.
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Joel Ouaknine | 25 Jul 10:40 2015

Four postdoc positions at Oxford

Four postdoc positions are available at Oxford to start in October 2015, on the 
topic of Algorithms/Complexity for Verification/Synthesis of Dynamical and 
Infinite-State Systems.

Application deadline 24 August. Links and details can be found on:

Inquiries to Joel Ouaknine and/or James Worrell very welcome.

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Marcel Kyas | 24 Jul 17:10 2015

Integrated Formal Methods iFM 2016, Reykjavik, Iceland: 3rd Call for Workshops


12th International Conference on integrated Formal Methods, iFM 2016

June 1-5, 2016 - Reykjavik, Iceland


*** Extended deadline ***


Prospective workshop organizers are invited to submit proposals for
workshops to be affiliated to iFM 2016, on topics related to the
conferences main subjects.

Important Dates
Submission of workshop proposals: by September 21, 2015 (extended)
Notification: by Oktober 5, 2015 (extended)
Workshops: June 4-5, 2016

Submission via e-mail
Marcel Kyas <marcel <at>> - Workshop chair

About iFM

iFM 2016 is concerned with how the application of formal methods may
involve modelling different aspects of a system which are best
expressed using different formalisms. Correspondingly, different
analysis techniques may be used to examine different system views,
different kinds of properties, or simply in order to cope with the
sheer complexity of the system. The iFM conference series seeks to
further research into hybrid approaches to formal modelling and
analysis; i.e., the combination of (formal and semi-formal) methods
for system development, regarding modelling and analysis, and covering
all aspects from language design through verification and analysis
techniques to tools and their integration into software engineering

One day workshops will be held in conjunction with the main events.
Prospective workshop organizers are requested to follow the guidelines
below and are encouraged to contact the workshop chairs if any
questions arise.

The following speakers are invited to iFM2016:

* Marsha Chechik (University of Toronto, Canada)
* Edmund M. Clarke (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
* Laura Kovács (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
* Reiner Hähnle (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany)

The purpose of the workshops is to provide participants with a
friendly, interactive atmosphere for presenting novel ideas and
discussing their application.

The workshops take place on June 4-5, 2016.

Proposal and Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals must be written in English, not exceed 5 pages with
a reasonable font and margins, and be submitted in PDF format via
email to Marcel Kyas (marcel <at>

Proposals should include:

* The name and the preferred date of the proposed workshop
* A short description of the workshop.
* If applicable, a description of past versions of the workshop,
  including dates, organizers, submission and acceptance counts, and
* The publicity strategy that will be used by the workshop organizers 
  to promote the workshop.
* The participant solicitation and selection process.
* The target audience and expected number of participants.
* Approximate budget proposal (see section Budget below for details).
* The equipment and any other resource necessary for the organization 
  of the workshop.
* The name and short CV of the organizer(s).
* The publication plan (only invited speakers, no published
  proceedings, pre-/post-proceedings published with EPTCS/ENTCS/...).

Organizers Responsibilities

The scientific responsibility of organizing a workshop goes to the
workshop organizers. In particular, they are responsible for the
following items:

* A workshop description (200 words) for inclusion n the iFM site.
* Hosting and maintaining web pages to be linked from the iFM
  site. Workshop organizers can integrate their pages into the main
  iFM pages.
* Workshop proceedings, if any. If there is sufficient interest, the 
  organizer of iFM 2016 may contact the editor-in-chief of the
  Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
  ( for having a common volume dedicated to the
  workshops of iFM 2016.
* Workshop publicity (possibly including call for papers, submission
  and review process).
* Scheduling workshop activities in collaboration with the iFM
  workshop chair.

If you intend to organize a workshop but you need more time to prepare
your proposal please let us know.

Please note that as the number of tourists travelling to Iceland in
summer time is exceeding its population, we need to know the number of
participants before March 23 to be able to reserve accommodation. We
cannot guarantee accomodation for participants that register after
March 23.


The iFM organization will provide registration and organizational
support for the workshops (including link from the conferences web
sites, set-up of meeting space, on-line and on-site
registration). Registration fees must be paid for all participants,
including organizers and invited guests.

To cover lunches, coffee breaks and basic organizational expenses, all
workshops will be required to charge a minimum participation fee (the
precise amount is still to be determined). Each workshop may increase
this fee to cover additional expenses such as publication charges,
student scholarships, costs for invited speakers, etc. All fees will
be collected by the iFM organizers as part of the registration, then
additional funds will be redistributed to the individual workshop

Evaluation Process

The proposals will be evaluated by the iFM organizing committee on the
basis of their assessed benefit for prospective participants of iFM
2016. Prospective organizers may wish to consult the web pages of
previous satellite events as examples:

* iFM 2014:
* iFM 2013:
* iFM 2012:
* iFM 2010:
* iFM 2009:


iFM 2016 will take place at the Campus of Reykjavik University,
Iceland. The campus at Reykjavik University is set in one of the most
beautiful areas next to Iceland's only geothermal beach. The building
has well equipped classrooms.

Further Information and Enquiries

Please contact the workshop chair Marcel Kyas <marcel <at>>
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Slawomir Lasota | 21 Jul 11:09 2015

REACHABILITY PROBLEMS 2015 -- call for participation

REACHABILITY PROBLEMS 2015 - call for participation


The 9th International Workshop on Reachability Problems (RP2015),

21 - 23 September 2015, University of Warsaw, Poland

Early registation: 7 Sept, 2015                  



The 9th Workshop on Reachability Problems will be hosted by the University of Warsaw. This event will take place in the old university campus, at the heart of Warsaw. The details concerning registration, hotels, etc. to be found on the webpage.

The Reachability Workshop is specifically aimed at gathering together scholars from diverse disciplines interested in reachability problems that appear in algebraic structures, computational models, hybrid systems, logic and verification.

Preliminary program of the conference is avaiable at

We will host 6 excellent invited speakers:

- Christel Baier                   Technische Universität Dresden

- Alessandro D'Innocenzo  Università degli Studi dell'Aquila

- Jerome Leroux                 LABRI, Université Bordeaux

- Peter Bro Miltersen          Aarhus Universitet

- Andrey Rybalchenko        Microsoft Research

- James Worrell                  University of Oxford

Previous Workshops:

2014: RP'14 in Oxford, UK

2013: RP’13 in Uppsala, Sweden

2012: RP’12 in Bordeaux, France

2011: RP'11 in Genova, Italy

2010: RP'10 in Brno, Czech Republic

2009: RP'09 in Palaiseau, France

2008: RP'08 in Liverpool, UK

2007: RP'07 in Turku, Finland

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Goran Frehse | 23 Jul 20:32 2015

Post-Doc Position at the Hybrid Systems Group at VERIMAG, Grenoble, France

The timed and hybrid systems group at Verimag (,32.html sorry we are
busy doing research so we do not have time to maintain it) is one of the leading teams worldwide in
verification, simulation and monitoring of continuous and hybrid cyber-physical systems. The
research team, consisting of Oded Maler, Thao Dang and Goran Frehse, has made fundamental contributions
to the domain conceptually, mathematically and computationally. 

We are looking for a responsible and mature post-doc who can contribute to the group activities including
tool development, handling industrial case-studies and developing the underlying theoretical
foundations. In particular, the candidate should be able to help in the following projects and topics.

1) A project with ST Microelectronics on noise evaluation in analog circuits.
2) Industrial projects with Toyota, United Technologies and Bosch on test generation and falsification
for hybrid systems.
3) Application of the reachability tool SpaceEx to power generation and distribution models.

The more precise work specification will depend on the candidateís interests and qualification which
should be a significant subset of the following:

1) PhD in CS, EE or Applied Mathematics.
2) Acquaintance with Control, Signal Processing, Dynamical systems and Optimization
3) Acquaintance with one of the following application domains: automotive, circuit design, HVAC, power distribution.
4) Knowledge of verification and formal methods: automata, temporal logics, algorithms.
5) Autonomy
6) Programming skills in Java and  C++ 

Verimag laboratory is situated in Grenoble, a hi-tech center in the French Alpes, not far from Lyon, Geneva
and Torino. It provides a good and cosmopolite working environment and opportunities to enrich academic
and industrial experience, participate in international conferences and meet experts in many aspects
of verification and validation of embedded cyber-physical systems. The salary is in the range of
1900-2200 Euros depending on the candidate experience. The position is for two years with possible
extension. It is available immediately but the start date can be adapted to the candidate constraints.  

Interested candidates are invited to send a motivation letter and a CV

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Marco Paolieri | 21 Jul 00:37 2015

12 PhD positions in Smart Computing at the University of Florence, Pisa, Siena

[Apologies for possible multiple copies of this message]
12 positions in the new PhD program in Smart Computing

Application deadline: August 7, 2015 at 12:00 PM CET

We invite applications for up to twelve PhD positions in Smart
Computing, to start in November 2015. The PhD program involves nine
research labs across the three largest Universities in Tuscany
(Florence, Pisa, and Siena). There are three scholarships provided by
University of Florence and six Pegaso scholarships provided by Regione
Toscana (all nine scholarships are €13638/y after taxes). Three
additional positions without a scholarship are available and these are
normally covered later under a research assistantship contract.

Research topics of interest include, in particular:

- Computer Networking
- Computer Vision
- Computer Architectures
- Data Analysis
- Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems
- Machine learning
- Neuroinformatics
- Pervasive Sensing & Computing
- Quantitative evaluation and verification of concurrent systems
- Security and Privacy in Smart Systems
- Software architectures and engineering methods

Candidates should hold (or obtain by October 30, 2015) a MSc degree or
equivalent and should ideally have a strong background in one of the
above research areas.

Applications must be submitted online from this page: that has further details on the
admission procedure (in particular, see Page 26 of Annex 1 for this PhD
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James Worrell | 20 Jul 12:26 2015

Postdoctoral position in automata and verification (University of Oxford), Deadline 20 August

We are looking to hire a Research Assistant to work with Professors Joel 
Ouaknine and James Worrell on the EPSRC-funded project "Counter Automata: 
Verification and Synthesis". The aim of this project is to enhance the 
algorithmic toolkit for verification and synthesis, building on 
connections between counter automata and extensions of Presburger 
arithmetic.  The project is based at the Department of Computer Science at 
the University of Oxford. Further details can be found at

Applicants should have a PhD (or be very close to completion) in a 
relevant area of computer science or mathematics, and a track record of 
research in the areas of algorithms, automata, logic, or verification.

Interviews are expected to be held on 8 September 2015.

The closing date for applications is 12 noon on 20 August 2015.
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Martin Lange | 16 Jul 13:27 2015

Call for participation: TIME 2015 in Kassel, Germany, 23/09/15 - 25/09/15

*** Apologies for multiple copies ***

Call for participation 

22nd International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, TIME 2015

September 23rd - 25th, 2015, Kassel, Germany

*** Early registration deadline: July 31st, 2015 ***

TIME 2015 aims to bring together researchers interested in reasoning about temporal
aspects of information in any area of Computer Science. The symposium, currently in
its 22nd edition, has a wide remit and intends to cater both for theoretical aspects and
well-founded applications. One of the key aspects of the time symposium is its inter-
disciplinarity with attendees from distinct areas such as artificial intelligence, database
management, logic and verification, and beyond.

The symposium will encompass three tracks on temporal representation and reasoning
in AI, Databases, as well as Logic and Verification. The two-and-a-half-days scientific
programme with 3 invited presentations, 17 contributed talks and a panel session on
temporal databases will be complemented with two social events on the first and second
evening. Please consult the TIME 2015 website for further information, including the list
of accepted papers.

Invited Speakers
- Carlo Zaniolo (UCLA): User-Friendly Temporal Queries on Wikipedia
- Benedikt Bollig (ENS Cachan): Verification of Distributed Algorithms
- Giuseppe de Giacomo (Sapienza Università di Roma): Linear dynamic logic on finite
   traces: from verification to synthesis

TIME2015 will be held at the University of Kassel. The city of Kassel is situated in the
center of Germany with convenient train connections to major cities and airports, including
Frankfurt. Kassel is a center of culture and art, once home to the famous Brothers Grimm,
now hosting an art school of high reputation and the documenta - regarded to be Europe’s
most important modern art exhibition taking place every fifth year only. The 300-year-old
“Bergpark”, a large park-like area with a castle and monuments at Kassel’s western
boundaries, has recently been given the status of a UNESCO heritage site and become a
major tourist attraction since. For more information please consult

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