Restricting digipeating on T3

I have read the manual, and the answer to my question is not apparent to me.

I have searched here, but still uncertain.

What configuration options exist that would filter the traffic that a digipeater considers eligible for repeating?

Does the hop count affect elegibility, or does it only apply to packets that are repeated.

Is WIDE1 the only mechanism to configure a "fill-in" digi" or is it possible to configure the maximum used hops (eg non generic path entries with hasbeenrepeated flag) to filter packets for repeating?

I gather from the manual that there is no equivalent to -d/VK2RA*/VK2AMW* .

I did a traffic study, and we are looking at configuration options for one of the prominent digis to improve performance.

APRS traffic study – VK2OMD-3 11/10/2014 | owenduffy.net



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I have a OT-USB which was updated to the latest firmware a couple of months ago.

I can enter the command PWAUTH ON and it echos the new setting.

I cannot enter the SECRET command as described in the manual, the response is "invalid command".


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Raw NEMA Trackers Leaking Positions into OT3m

So here is one hell of a weird bug! This has happened to me a few
times, but I haven't had the time to make it reproducible, and I
haven't even proven that it's the OT3m and not the i-gates, but here
it goes.

The APRS spec allows trackers to beacon their positions as raw NEMA
sentences instead of the ! or = posits, to allow as many brain-dead
trackers to out-live their usefulness as possible.  It would appear
that the OT3m sometimes processes these '$' APRS packets as having
come from the locally attached GPS when it receives it via the RF

Let that sink in for a moment. My tracker hears someone else's posit,
and then thinks that I am there, and beacons as such.

My most recent example of this was with W6MAF-3 yesterday on my drive
home from Death Valley. My path takes an odd jump down to Hesperia as
seen here: http://i.imgur.com/l9I7Nt8.png Right where W6MAF-3 is
tooling around town: http://i.imgur.com/wZZWkQu.png

Each of my fictional posits near W6MAF-3 happens a few seconds after
that station beacons in the exact same place:

The last time this happened was actually with Cap Pennell, KE6AFE,
which was particularly freaky since I thought my truck was in my
driveway while I was working on it remotely via RF cmd messages.

I don't yet have proof that this really is a problem with the OT3m and
not some digi or i-gate that's trying to parse messages and bungling
it, but it seems to be the most likely culprit.

Has anyone else seen this bug before? Scott might want to look over
the NEMA parsing code to check to see if you're using stale buffers?
Kenneth Finnegan

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Changing profile remotely

I have two questions. First is there a way to change the profile switching parameters from the console or is the only available from the GUI? I need to adjust my voltage set points.

In the same vein is there a way to configure the nonactive profile remotely. I desire to turn off the TXONCHG option but can't figure out how to do so with out the CONFIG X command.

I should mention this is on a Tracker3.


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Where is my order?

I ordered and paid for a CT-M2 cable on July 25th.  It's now October 9th and I still don't have it.   My emails to Argent have gone unanswered.  What the heck is happening down there?  I own at least one of almost everything this company makes but I'm at my patience's end with the slow/non-existent shipping and customer service that I've received lately.

Chris Snell

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ot3m connect problem

I mistakenly disconnected my 0t3m from the usb cord before closing putty.  Since then I am unable to reconnect.  Any ideas?



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Alinco DR135MKIII

I have a Alinco DR135 and the Tracker 2 card inside, and I cannot get the busy light to go away, even after setting the squelch all the way out. Just wondering if anyone has ever had that problem and how to fix it? Thanks

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Patch Commande for T3-mini

Good Morning to everybody,


I'm opening a new post not to get information but to leave a trace about the PATCH command. I've had a hard time changing the polarity of my T3-mini (TTL to RS232) and searching the web didn't help a lot. Hope this will be a legacy for futur users.


This information is a complement to Argent Data's Wiki. The main problem is the syntax of the Hex string. On the Wiki, is say's to send PATCH  005FFF01XX (where XX is a binary code for Tx and Rx polarity). The main problem I've faced is that all letters should be lower case (no upper case as written in the Wiki). I've juggeled for 2 days trying to change my tracker config. I've also us ed the old Hex code (002FFF01XX) that is prior to firmware 56398.


If you own a T3-Mini board and want to invert Tx, Rx or Both, the easyest way is by sending a command as an APRS message, followed by a reset (software or hardware). You can also do it in console mode on the USB port or by the Serial port (if already configure as you want).Here's all the command with their functions :


PATCH 005fff0100 : no inverted Tx or Rx (TTL mode)

PATCH 005fff0102 : Inverted Rx (Rx RS232, Tx TTL)

PATCH 005fff0104 : Inverted Tx (Rx TTL, Tx RS232)

PATCH 005fff0106 : Inverted Tx and Rx (RS232 mode for both).


RESE T (unplug the board after receiving ack) or send as a command.


If you send these commands as APRS messages, don't forget to add CMD before any commands. If you don't, the tracker will ignore the instructions.


Hope these informations may help someone on the future and save them headache as I got the past 2 days.


73 and keep playing with these fantastic modules.

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Dispatch mode on Nuvi350 and OT3? [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from mfwright-/WT1RYZRxtvQT0dZR+AlfA@public.gmane.org [tracker2] included below]

I cannot get my Nuvi350 to show APRS stations.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 connected to OT3 via the Garmin 010-10813-00 cable (ordered this and Scott delivered it in 2 days).

I have my Nuvi350 connected to OT3 (yellow wire to Port A data in, white wire to Port A data out, black wire to Ground). OT3 is connected to my radio (Icom 208H with typical audio in, audio out, PTT, and ground). Port A is Garmin mode, 4800 baud. I usually have a Garmin GPS puck on Port A but now I have the Nuvi

I heard Nuvi350 all one needs to do is connect and the Nuvi350 will come up in Dispatch mode, then View Maps and will display APRS stations as they are received. But my device does nothing.

Only time something was different was when I connected the Garmin 010-10813-00 cable (it must h ave sensed the OT3) because it came up with "need external power for FMI devices" (or something like that). What, I cannot use Nuvi350 while in battery mode? I connected external power via the cradle but still same situation of Nuvi350 not responding to the OT3.

I find there is no reference about Dispatch mode in Garmin manual.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

I attached my connection diagram, and I will also put it in Files section.

thanks, Mike K6MFW


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Re: LM335 with a Tracker 3

I'm trying to connect two LM335z to a Opentracker USB to report indoor and outdoor temperatures via telemetry. The temperature readings are not very accurate due to the fact that the 10mV/°K output of the sensor does not work very well with the input on the OT USB.

Has anyone worked out a solution to get accurate readings from the LM355?

73! Mads, la1tpa

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Ok, I hear that there is 'expert' guidance to use 1-persistence on APRS digis, so ditching a collision avoidance mechanism of CSMA.

The failure of that approach in practical networks just questions the 'grand plan' design.

I helps me to better understand other weaknesses of APRS.


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