OT3 HUD Display question

Hi Everyone,
Just sign up to the group.  My name is Joel, WP3ME, located in Miami, FL.

I'm considering the OT3 for upgrade my current car tracker setup.  Either the T3-Mini or the OT3m.  My question is, I have seen some references about installing a  display for make it a HUD, but I haven't seen anything directly related to the T3, just for the OT2.  Is it possible to do it also with the T3?  If so, can I do it with the Mini, or just with the big OT3m?  I would love to do it with the mini, price and space factors are more appealing for me to choose that model if possible.

Please any advises would be well appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Joel Vazquez, WP3ME

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Is the Nuvi 350 the best GPS recommended for T3 use?

I am putting together a tracker/digipeater package for my vehicle, and would also like to do APRS messaging. I see that most use the Nuvi 350 GPS for this type of function and it is availalbe pretty inexpensively on Ebay. I see that other GPs models are listed on the Argent web site. Is there another GPS that will support tracking and messaging that is a better option, or should I stick with buying a Nuvi 350? 

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T3 Winlink Digi

Has anyone tried using the T3 as a packet Digi for winlink use?

I'm aware of the text mode of the tnc to allow direct text data output, but haven't been able to get it to relay as a packet digipeater to use with winlink. It'll just timeout.

I believe this is because the traditional TAPR format for Converse mode, is to issue a Connect to Callsign cmd, then that station responds with connected.. then data is transferred from station to station. 

So then the text mode that is currently in the tracker, since it doesn't require the one to one station connect, is suited for one to many type packet conversations, which seems to have come about more recently, and has some other benefits..

So is there a way to enable/disable the traditional converse mode?? 

Brandon - KD7IIW

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Busted Nuvi 350 give away

My Nuvi 350 quite powering up - and I busted the front in the process of taking it apart . Now I know how to properly take it apart ( take fold out antenna apart to remove and get at two screws hidden behind the swivel ).

Anyway - if the remains of my Nuvi have any value to anyone it is yours for free . LCD display and digitizer are cracked so tossing those .

Send me a message if you are interested in it.

Larry WT9M

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OT3, Nuvi350, icomv8000, set up issues

HI all, I have searched thru this group, and read the OT3 Tracker manual a few times.  No problems with the USB file install, or connecting to the OT3 via USB cable.  I have an already running Igate, digipeater, and some other trackers,so this isn't my first venture into aprs... 

the OT3 set up seems pretty routine.  I have serial A set to 9600 Baud and Garmin settings.  Serial B is 4800 and Auto.  Everything else is more or less factory, less call signs, etc.

However, when I hook everything together, the Nuvi 350 does not go into dispatch mode and isn't sending / receiving any packets.  Its just running normally, except when you unplug the back it says "serial cable requires power" or something like that.  I have tried the "power cycling" the OT3 and the NUVI together with now luck. I must be missing something simple. Ideas??

I have the Nuvi in the cradle with 12 volt power to the back, and running the garmin cable to the ot3.  the OT3 is also getting 12 volts from the car.  The radio is hooked up to the OT3 with a homemade db9 to rj45/speaker mono plug that I built.   



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Can't connect otwincfg to T3 micro

Hi,  I looked around to see if this topic was already covered but I don't think so.  Just got a T3 micro, installed windows drivers supplied by Argent (I'm using XP) plugged T3 into USB port and started up otwincfg.  I have a window asking me to select a serial port and I've check Auto-detect ports and also manually selected available ports but it says cannot open serial port and then Ready to connect.  Please reset tracker now.  Not sure what to do now.  I went to Tracker 3 support and clicked the FAQ link for otwincfg connection problems but its a dead link.  Any suggestions?  


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KISS with checksum?

Does Tracker2 support any of the KISS variations with checksums, or
just plain KISS?

I'm having an issue where data on the serial line is interrupted and
the Tracker2 transmits a partial packet.


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trying to do profile switching [1 Attachment]

<*>[Attachment(s) from Michael Wright included below]

I want to use a toggle switch to switch from Profile 1 to Profile 2 on my T3-mini. Difference between profiles
is #1 sends APRS every 120 seconds, the #2 profile sends every 15 seconds.

Toggle switch closes Aux to Gnd, there is a 4.7Kohm to 5V on the Aux. Attached is my Profile Switching Setup.
Profile 1 has "Switch to Profile 2 When 'Jumper' is On." Profile 2 has "Switch to Profile 1 When 'Jumper' is Off."

However what is really happening is T3 is always in Profile 2 (sending APRS every 15 seconds).

Any suggestions?

thanks, Mike K6MFW

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OTUSB Send command not sending any text

I am using an OTUSB tracker and sending a message from the console to a computer running AGW Tracker. The TNC the AGW Tracker is networked to is a Linux computer running DIREWOLF Soundcard TNC software package 1.1.

OTUSB is KD4LPU-11, and AGW Tracker is KD4LPU-5.

I can send messages from AGW and the OTUSB responds with and ACK so I know they are both encoding and decoding APRS packets. If I send the command to activate GPIO 1 I can see the port respond to the command.

However if I ask the OTUSB for it's version, or info all I see is an ACK to the command and then a message which is empty.

If I send a message from the console e.g. SEND KD4LPU-5 HELLO WORLD! All I see is a packet from the OTUSB which contains no data sent to KD4LPU-5 via the default path.
Anyone have any ideas to what's going on?

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Flashing red

I think my Tracker2 is trying to tell me something, but I'm not sure what. I couldn't find this behavior described in the manual. The red ACT LED flashes every second or so while the other LEDs stay unlit. What does this mean?


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Problem with T3-Mini

Apologize for re-post as initially I put on the OpenTracker list.

I have a problem with two T3-Mini that I installed on a Alinco DR-135 radio thru the back DB9 port. The USB port is plugged to a TP-Link router to act as gateway.

The first T3-Mini was operating since February for 2 months and in April it stopped beaconing and digipeating, also the USB lamp on the TP-Link router turned off.
After I removed from the radio and the router a nd plugged to the laptop that I use to configure this board, the board was undetected.
So I thought the board is dead, so I replaced with another T3-Mini

Last week, I noticed that there is no APRS traffic passed to the Internet, so I check the router and found that the USB light was off. I unplug and replug the USB cable to bring the port up but still the USB port down.
This time, the board still beaconing and digipeating (so it is alive), but the USB port is down, even when plugged to the above mentioned laptop.

So, I think I have 2 T3-Mini that went dead in a very short period (as compared to the T2-based digi/igate that still running well after 5 years), can anyone points the possible cause that kills the board?
We scratch out lightning strike as the radio, and other radios in the shack, other computers and also the DSL modem are still working fine.
The power supply for the radio, and also for the TP-Link router, is plugged to the same power strip (to minimize ground loop).

let me know what to check to prevent further problem.

Scott, any troubleshooting steps that I can try on the dead T3-Mini ?

thanks, Yono - YD0NXX

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