Dead tracker - OT3m v1.1.

After web firmware update (succesfully?) then I make new configuration (all via OTconfigwin software and USB) connection and save. OT3m leds stop blinking and I lost connection to tracker... no connection response (serial or USB) , no LED blink when it's powered on. Manual say : "If you don't see this blink, the processor is not starting. See the tracker manual for troubleshooting information."  but I dont see any clue or information about this issue in manual.

I took voltmeter and 5V is correctly on 5V and GND pin... tracker consumption is 20mA ....It seems the problem is not about power...but processor.... Is there any chance to fix it at home?... or any ham in europe with helping hands to unbricked OT3m? ...I am very sad about this situation :-(

Thanks for any idea....

73! Tom

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Re: T3-mini to Garmon Nuvi 350

>Won't connect. 

I tried to get two Nuvi350s running with my T3. I did all the setups, used proper cable, verified
connections, etc. with zero success. 

Only Nuvi350 I got working was a purchase of this Garmin device already integrated with a T3 inside a
Friendcom radio. I looked at the profile setup, rang out the cable to determine the connections, checked
350 firmware (same as others). I have no idea why the other Nuvi350s never connected. I think there is some
other stuff going on. One test not done is to swap one of the non-connecting 350 with the one that came with
the Friendcom radio.

I contacted Garmin asking how do I get the Nuvi350 into Dispatch mode, they replied there is no such mode in
the 350.

Mike K6MFW

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T3-mini to Garmon Nuvi 350

Won't connect.  How should Nuvi 350 be properly reset?  Latest Garmin firmware 6.2, cleared recent, manual reset button, doesn't look reset as still has favorites.
Have 2 OT3m with Nuvi 350 as all working interchangeable spare parts.  Tracker starts the PVT cmd to put the GPS in a mode where it should automatically send psn-vel-time packets.  Repeats every 4 seconds.  Scope shows signal on tracker TX line, and no reply.  Also have no green LED 1 sec heartbeat, and no green led with radio audio getting through to IC pin 21.  Prefer USB cmd, BUT OTwincfg won't update firmware.  Serial port cmd INFO has nothing to show, or cmd PSN.  Unit transmits  as programmed with profile change.

Any experience.  will start fresh. 

Best wishes.


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Furuno to lowrance gps waypoint output

Want to connect furuno sounder to lowrance gps to output and plot waypoints on lowrance gps from sounder via
otusb. Furuno uses TLL waypoint data whereas lowrance uses WPL. Will otusb be able to edit/parse
sentences for this application? Also where to connect nmea 0183 output from furuno and input from
lowrance on serial connection? Will otusb support rs422 or do i need to convert to rs232?
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connecting furuno sounder to lowrance hds gps via ot

furuno sounder uses TLL format for GPS data output and I think lowrance uses WPL format or something. Im trying to connect the two via opentracker usb in order to parse/edit the data output to the format lowrance will recognise. I am wondering whether this is possible and if so what pins on serial connection do i use for nmea 183 out of sounder and in of gps. Also will this ot work the rs422 or does it need to be converted to rs232?

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No plotting and beaconing: T3-Mini, Garmin GPSMAP 496, Yaesu VX7 and CT-H4 [3 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from dcb <at> gmx.net [tracker2] included below]

I recently purchased a T3-Mini to enable APRS plotting and beaconing with my Yaesu VX-7 and my Garmin GPSMAP 496 via a CT-H4 cable.


Please see attachment for the schematic.


In configured the T3-mini for NMEA mode (4800 baud). All other settings remained in default.

The Garmin 496 offers a variety of serial data formats:

Garmin Data Transfer - —the proprietary format used to exchange data with a PC or another Garmin GPSMAP 496. Garmin Data Transfer is disabled when the USB is connected and the unit automatically switches to USB format. When the USB is
disconnected, the USB field changes to Transfer Mode.

Garmin DGPS — used to connect the GPSMAP 496 with a Garmin DGPS beacon receiver.

Garmin remote Sonar —supports the input/output of a Garmin remote sonar device.

NMEA in/NMEA out — supports the input/output of standard NMEA 0183 version 3.01 data and sonar NMEA input support for the DPT, MTW, and VHW sentences.

Aviation in — the proprietary format used for connection to a Garmin panel-mounted GPS receiver. Allows the GPSMAP 496 to show a Go To or route selected on the panel-mounted GPS receiver. This eliminates the need to enter the destination on both units.

Aviation in/NMEA & VHF out — receives aviation data and transmits out both NMEA data, at 9600 baud, and VHF  frequency tuning information to a Garmin Nav/Comm radio.

TIS in — receives TIS data from a Garmin Mode S transponder.
TIS in/NMEA & VHF out — receives TIS data and transmits out both NMEA data, at 9600 baud, and VHF frequency tuning information to a Garmin Nav/Comm radio.

RTCM in — allows Differential GPS (DGPS) input using a standard RTCM format.

RTCM in/NMEa out - allows Differential GPS (DGPS) input using a standard RTCM format and also provides NMEA 0183 version 3.01 output.

RTCM in/text out - —allows Differential GPS (DGPS) input using a standard RTCM format and also outputs simple text data that includes, data, time, location, and velocity.

Text out - allows the unit to output simple text data that
includes, data, time, location, and velocity. The Baud can be set
to 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600.

None — provides no interfacing capabilities


I selected NMEA In/ NMEA Out. The Advanced NMEA Output Setup Page allows to set the output rate, change the precision of the Lat/Lon minutes, set Waypoint IDs to names or numbers, as well as turn on and off the GPS status, the GARMIN Proprietary sentences, and Waypoint/Route (WPL, RTE).

Sentence Output (NMEA version 3.01 compliant):
Switchable sentences: GPGSA, GPGSV, GPWPL, GPRTE

I selected normal output rate. Fast does not work, even when putting the T3-Mini into 9600 baud.


Using the above described setup the T3-Mini begins blinking the green LED, after a while this is accompanied by red flashed, whenever the Yaesu VX7 receives and APRS packet. The T3-Mini also briefly activates PTT every once in a while, but no actual beacon is sent out. I can activate PTT from the firmware software and also send and hear the two different tones.

However, the plotting and beaconing features do not work at all.


All other Garmin 496 serial formats including "Garmin Dat Transfer" formats. They did not work, i.e. the T3 does to even detect the GPS position, does not detect an APRS packet or attempts to send a beacon. No variation of any of the advanced NMEA settings enabled plotting beaconing.

I also tested a setup with my Lowrance GM 100. The problem is exactly the same. GPS detection in NMEA mode yes, plotting and beaconing no.

Lowrance Globalmap GM100:

It is inconceivable to me that two independent, advanced GPS mapping receivers do not perform the advertised function of the T3-Mini i.e. APRS plotting and beaconing. The Garmin 496 is capable of plotting data from various sources, i.e. sonar, TIS etc. Why would APRS plotting not work? I assume I made a mistake.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help!



Garmin 496 manual: http://avsport.org/acft/Garmin/gpsmap496_ownersmanual.pdf

Garmin 496 pc wiring instructions: http://www8.garmin.com/specs/pcwiring.pdf

GPSMAP® 496 | Garmin

Garmin 496 power/data cable (bare wires): Power/data Cable (bare wires) | Garmin

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T3-135 No Joy!

After reading the user manual and various postings here, I connected the T3-135 board in the Alinco DR-135T radio.  I wanted to add my call sign using the otwincfg program.  Using the mini USB connection on the board I powered up the radio, made sure it was in DATA mode and started the otwincfg program.  Plugging in the USB connecter to two different computers made no difference in Device manager - it never saw anything.  Are there any LEDs on the board - I hear people talk about lights on the older boards?  What is the best way to troubleshoot this thing?


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OT3 Mini pin voltages

I assume except where noted, everything is 5V.

Does that include serial?  TTL levels? 5V?

What is the Max current output of the  5V and VDD pins?  Board will run for about an hour at a time.

Trying to decide in my project, what board feeds what board.

The 3 boards in this project are the OT3-mini,  Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi and 

And a Adafruit 0.54" Quad Alphanumeric FeatherWing Display - Red

The radio will be either a VX 3 unless I can figure out a Radiometrix module  or some other 2M frequency agile board. 


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OT3-mini memory map

I would like to use the PEEK command to query the tracker within its scripting and sense the state of the Power Control line (GP6).  Where would I find the memory map to gain access to this particular control bit?

Chuck / KG5CA

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OTWINCFG options which may prevent telemetry

I took a working T3-mini and opened up OTWINCFG, updated the firmware and changed a few settings.  Now the tracker does not send any telemetry, even though the "telemetry every 1" box is filled in and checked.  Are there any other settings within OTWINCFG that will prevent the telemetry from being sent?  I am now using the latest firmware (57130)- is there any reason that firmware would prevent telemetry?  Everything else functions properly.  I am trying to figure out what changed that would prevent telemetry from being transmitted.

Chuck / KG5CA

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Re: Opentracker USB

There's an appendix at the end of one of the manuals - either the OTUSB or the T3, I don't remember which - that goes over UIView settings.  Basically you just set it up for KISS mode and make sure you turn off the 'exit kiss' function in the host so it doesn't take it out of KISS mode when you close the program.


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"but it should work with PC-based digi software"  Scott I am not sure what you mean by that. How would I set the opentracker up to work with UI view 32? Or maybe I should use my MFJ 1270 TNC!

Denis ve6aq

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