OTUSB Firmware Versions

I recently purchased an OTUSB and it arrived with version 56635 of the firmware installed.  looking on the web I see version 56412.  Can you tell me what the difference is between these two versions and where the file for 56635 can be located.


Stan - K5SGS

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Argent is moving!

Hi all,

Our office/warehouse has been slowly getting more crowded over the 
years, and with a sudden growth surge in the last several months the 
place is just too small for us to work there effectively any more. We've 
leased a much larger place just down the street and the move is already 
in progress.  Shipping and customer support might be lagging a bit this 
week, and maybe next week, too, as we work to get everything moved 
over.  Even when the move is done and we're able to work more 
efficiently we'll probably still be a little swamped for several more weeks.

In other news, the sensor assemblies for the ADS-WS1s got caught up in 
the Long Beach dock strike and their arrival at the port was pushed back 
from 2/15 to 3/21.  They're just sitting there at anchor (on the NYK 
Apollo if you want to follow it on AIS) and unfortunately there's not a 
thing we can do about it and WS1s will continue to be out of stock until 
the parts come in.

Effective next Monday our new shipping address will be 1121 Tama Ln. 
Suite B, Santa Maria, CA 93455.  We'll be updating the information on 
the website when the move is done, but if you're sending anything in for 
repairs in the near future, you should check with us first to make sure 
it doesn't get delayed going to the wrong place.



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T3 mini support for MX146?

Does the T3 mini have support for the MX-14[56], specifically code to
interface to the radio and set the frequency?


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OTUSB ACK commands over the air but without any data


Have a OTUSB working great but if I issue an INFO, VOLTAGE or VERSION command all I get back in an ACK packet then a packet which makes no sense.

[0L] KD4LPU-1>APWW10,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1::KD4LPU-11:CMD VOLTAGE{LT} [0] KD4LPU-11>APOTU0,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2::KD4LPU-1 :ackLT} APRS Message for "KD4LPU-1", BALLOON, Open Track ackLT} [0] KD4LPU-11>APOTU0,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2:: APRS Message for "", BALLOON, Open Track

Why does it not answer with some data?

Thanks for any help.



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Opentracker USB: WA8DED compatible?


Does the OpenTracker USB is compatible with WA8DED Host-Mode?


Rpi Xastir T3 won't RF digi



I got a R Pi for xmas and finally got around to booting it up.  Building an igate was to be my first project.


I used the excellent instructions on the OT user group for setup and the Igate is working, but my RF digipeater has ceased working.


I’m using a Tracker 3, Raspberry Pi B+, an old Icom 28H 2M radio, and a usb connection from the T3 to the Pi.  The digi has been running non-stop for a couple of years as N4KDJ-1.  The new Igate is N4KDJ-2.


In Xastir when I set up everything both the TNC and Internet show as “UP” and if I hit “transmit now” the T3 red lights come on indicating transmit.


I drove N4KDJ-9 around the block and see that my APRS.fi data came from N4KDJ-2, but I got no packets of my position on my Nuvi 350 during the short trip – thus the digi isn’t transmitting via RF the location packets from my -9 mobile station.


I originally kept the T3 as my -1 station and setup Xastir as -2, per the T3 manual, but when I went back to check otwincfg I saw that Xastir had changed the station -2 and the path to “CQ”.  T3 fi rmware is current.


I see some mention of KISSUSB ON, but cannot find out how to set that mode – it isn’t in the T3 dropdown mode box.  I set it to KISS 9600 and checked autobaud.  In Xastir I followed the instructions and set up as Serial TNC.  I did try Serial KISS, but then I couldn’t get it to transmit with the transmit now button.


Since it is working as an igate and the transmit now button appears to work, I’m encouraged, but would like to get the digi side working correctly.


Has anyone successfully set up an igate, digipeater wit h the T3, Pi running Xastir?  Your help would be appreciated.


Thanks and 73,


Keith, N4KDJ



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GPS for Opentracker USB

Hello ,

I am new to this group and also on APRS. I have setup a Digi and Igate in Bangalore, India. I ordered the Opentracker USB today and would like to know which is the GPS that will be suitable for the OT USB. Please provide some internet links to the GPS being suggested.
Nitin [VU3TYG]

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Simultaneous KISS and tracker

I think I've seen this mentioned before, but I'd like to revisit it.

Can the T3 operate as a KISS TNC while it's also simultaneously operating as an APRS tracker?

The situation I'm envisioning is that the T3 would get GPS data on one of the COM ports, assemble APRS position report packets using the T3's internal beaconing routines, and key the radio to transmit them. At the same time, a computer connected to the TNC in KISS mode could monitor the packets the T3 was decoding and occasionally key the radio to send an APRS message, object, etc.


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Messaging Anomaly Tracker2/Nuvi350

I'm getting continuous messages with a single character, Y with an umlaut, displayed on my Nuvi 350.  Occasionally the Nuvi resets and then the touchscreen doesn't work.  None of this happens with the Tracker 2 disconnected.  I'm thinking the Nuvi got overheated on the dash and the FMI input is somehow affected.  IT is also the least expensive thing to replace in a "change parts until it's fixed" mode troubleshooting exercise. 

Any suggestions on what this might be?  Any active components in the FMI cable?  If so, which end, GPS or T2?



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Does anyone know what the current draw is for the t3-micro?
This is the original board

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Has anyone any experience with this little transceiver module?  DORJI DRA818V.

Specifically, interfacing with the T3-Mini.


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