tcltk field day client/server application

It's been years since I managed a field day logging operation.  I wrote a simple tcltk application to support a multi station operation.  Both the client and server can run on Linux, OS X, or Windows.  The above is on a Linux Mint 13 system.  KK5VD (a convenient call sign) connected over the LAN from a Mint-15 system.  tcltk is a scripting language, so all of the source is also the actual executable.

Server data is saved in a flat data file:


If you're interested in playing with this application you can download it here:


73, Dave, W1HKJ


Re: [linuxham] FLdigi Contest mode Cabrillo files

I'm new to the forum but have y'all tried using QT4Wine to run your Windows logging apps on your Linux boxes?

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2014-06-14 16:00 GMT+02:00 Michael Coslo mjcn3li <at> gmail.com [linuxham] <linuxham <at> yahoogroups.com>:

Linux badly, I mean badly needs the equivalent of N1MM contest logger.

I see people trying contesting in programs like HRD, and fldigi, and I cringe a little.

Also, as the chairman of the PAQSO party, I've seen the amazing inconsistency of so-called Cabrillo files from all the programs out there.

If I could just talk the N1MM people into making a Linux version, life would be good.

I never tried it, but OK1CQR Petr is trying to develop a contest software for Linux. 
Still in alpha version, but premises look good.


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Switch soundcard and set volume with pacmd and pactl - anybody got it working?

I am trying to make my Linux box switch to a second sound card and set the microphone and speaker volumes to send out the correct level of audio signals to my transceiver. 

My late model Ubuntu box of course uses pulseaudio. Pulseaudio sort of replaces and overlays the older Alsa sound utility. Pulseaudio has two utility programs Pacmd and Pactl that seem like they ought to control the sound card and volume levels.

Has a person on this list got the utility programs pactl and pacmd working and controlling their sound cards yet? 

Could you please post any command lines or script texts that show how you got it working?

So far, I added myself to the "audio" group because that was suggested in an old Pulseaudio website FAQ article.  The command is sudo adduser myusername audio. Log out and log back in to see the new group when you run groups.

So far, I figured out that my external USB sound card dongle is "sink 0" and "source 0" but something is happening about the device names and numbers that I just can't figure out. Anyhow, I can switch sound cards with pactl set-default-sink 0 but I can't figure out how to set the microphone and speaker volume for this sound card.

The terminology used by pulseaudio is kind of rubbery. In particular, the second USB sound c ard dongle has either a speaker or headphone output. What is the pulseaudio name for that specific point and how do I reduce the signal level or voltage going out that connection with a command line command.

It appears the fldigi is connecting just fine to pulseaudio with the  Sound-->Pulseaudio server selected and nothing entered in the server field on the same line. So I am mostly  stuck with setting the output volume levels. I need to reduce the output volume levels going to the transceiver to prevent the radio from being overdriven and made non-linear.

So thanks for a reply.

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Possible converts...

Hi all,
I have two possible Linux converts...  Someplace a kind fellow is
putting out a CD for Ham Ops to test things under Linux...  Can someone
point me at that URL please?  It is a CD built for Hams and Linux.  

Thanks and 73's,
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for MixW support see;
for Dopplergram information see:
for MM-SSTV see:

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Stranger in a Strange Land

I was given a PowerMac G5 running MacOS 10.5 Leopard.
So of course I installed fldigi and flrig and friends, and learned
how to install the usb driver to make the IC-7200 play with them.
But I'm going crazy trying to find the right mouse button.  So
in flrig, for instance, how do I click on the frequency to get it
to go down?

Jim I'd rather be using Linux W6JVE

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FLdigi on Linux mint 17

I upgraded my desktop to Linux mate 17.
I had to do a fresh install a of all of the FL*** software.
I followed the documentation at 
but I was having a issue with the installation not completing due to a 
missing file. libxmlrpc-c3-dev

Using Google and Bing I found out that I needed to add a universe repository

as soon as I added it to the sources list bingo I was able to install 
the software.

If this has already be address I apologize in advance.

Mike - N3BSQ

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perf file for FLDIGI

I need to wipe out my config file on my MAC running FLDIGI under QSX 10,9,3. I had the location of the perf file written on a lost paper. 
Thanks in advance. I am not using Linux.
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moving FL***

what is the best way to move my configs for my FL*** software to a 
different machine.  I am still using Linux mine but am putting on a 
better machine.


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DX-Spider (cluster) on Ubuntu 14 LTS

I have downloaded, built and installed spider dx-cluster version 1.55.
I started the cluster without problems (except that the US database
doesn't even attempt to load), but when (in another terminal window)
I try to run the "client" program, I get the following:

$ pwd
$ cd ..
$ ls
Changes  CVS            filter      INSTALL    mrtg     SpiderConsole  txt
cmd      cvsupdate      gcommit     LICENSE    msg      spider-web
connect  cvsupdate.bat  Geo          local      perl     src
contrib  data           gtkconsole  local_cmd  scripts  techdoc
COPYING  examples       html        local.cmd  sgml     TODO
$ cd src
$ ./client
Must have at least a callsign (for now)
$ ./client m3wuc
Error on connect to port 27754 (111)

Can anyone help?

73 and thanks in advance!

Dave G4CLI
Dr David J Sadler-Lockwood G4CLI
Secretary, Web Master and Node Keeper
Wakefield & District Radio Society
GB2RS Newsreader
Member of the RSGB Training & Education Committee

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This is a somehat radical proposal re: QSL proof

A lot of hams are living on fixed incomes and do not contest, collect cards, etc., but still enjoy casual digital communications as long as it doesn't start turning into a new job.

I'm tossing this idea into the aethers: that we exchange a standardized line of text that serves as a QSL "card" that we roll as part of a digital QSO, making paper cards or membership somewhere unnecessary.

I know this removes the "romantic and exotic" part of the hobby a little, but we still have our Q-R-Zed pages..

Offered on behalf of those born a little slow, or a little slow due to age. 73 de dave/kd6il

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