fldigi 3.22.00 Linux issues --Debian Wheezy compile

I see a similar/identical problem has been posted for the Mac version,
but for the sake of completeness here's what I found over the weekend
with a compile of 3.22.00 on Debian Wheezy.

I ordinarily run fldigi with an undocked panel for the Signal Browser.
After the yellow/RX text panel gets populated with a few rows in the
main window, a ghostly vertical scrollbar on the left side of that panel
appears.  Upon further exploration, it was a docked Signal Browser.  I
pulled the panel open wider, and found it's a smaller repeat of the
undocked window I'm ordinarily used to.

When I closed fldigi, and later re-opened it, that docked Signal Browser
panel shrunk back again to minimum size and the ghostly vertical
scrollbar reappears, unless you enlarge that panel again.  If you don't,
the vertical scroll bar tends to obscure the first 1-2 character of all
text in the yellow RX panel, an irritating situation each time you
restart fldigi.

Perhaps the fix involves the following:

1. Is there a way to undock the Signal Browser altogether?  I see that
you can change the level of controls, but not the Signal Browser
2. Ensure that the settings for undocking, or at least the size of that
docked panel, are saved when the user quits the application.

73 / KD0KZE
Paul Bramscher

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New Flrig Problem

I can't get it to work properly at all, on either computer!  1.3.16 works fine on both, but 1.3.17 every time it polls it sets all the sliders to 0!  I'm running a TS-570 with an RT-Systems USB Serial cable that works fine with the previous versions on both windows and linux on both computers! It also won't remember the frequency the radio was left on and wipes out the memory settings! I have tried changing every setting there is independently with no luck, the only thing I can do is turn off the polling, which means I may as well run the old version! Anyone got any ideas?

Posted by: steve.frodo.5632-/1bC63wxbnBWk0Htik3J/w@public.gmane.org


Trying to set up KISS mode on a Tiny Trak 4

I am trying to set up a Tiny Trak 4 to operate in KISS mode as a packet
TNC.  I have it set up to be a tracker right now.  I have been trying to
talk to it through the terminal in Linux and I am missing something. 
Could someone point me in the right direction? 


David, AC7DS

Posted by: David Holman <aikidave20@...>



Noob question. I just ran across checkinstall. Is there any 
advantage or disadvantage to using checkinstall vs make install 
when building the FLDigi programs for Mint 13 ?

73 Mike kc9doa

Posted by: "Mike Miller" <lists@...>


OS X Yosemite

Until manufacturers get around to releasing new signed drivers for OS X, your device drivers will not load after upgrading to Yosemite.   In order to load the old drivers, you need to execute the following:

From the terminal:
sudo nvram boot-args=“kext-dev-mode=1”
<enter your password when requested>
sudo reboot

This will allow the unsigned drivers to be loaded.  Unfortunately, it allows ANY unsigned drivers to load, including potentially malicious files; so use with the appropriate caution. 

Thanks to Don Agro from sharing this info. 



Dave Wright


“Real radio bounces off the sky"

Posted by: Dave Wright <hfradiopro-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


Re: new sound card from Timewave

> The US Interface link is no good because you have the wrong link. It
> hasn⬢t been USinterface.com in years. Try
> http://www.navigator-interface.com, or better yet simply go to
> Timewave as they manufacture it now.  

The US Interface link is in their own documentation!  As you'd say...  Go Figure?

> I⬢ve owned two of these units, and have used them in all types of RF
> environments, with two different rigs and with multiple computers
> running Linux, Windows (XP/7/8.1) and OS X and never have once had a
> RFI/EMC issue, including RF in the TX audio or PC. Never. Not once. Of
> course, anyone⬢s experience may vary, but I⬢d tend to chalk that
> up to the local (i.e., the operator⬢s) setup/situation rather than
> the device itself.

You probably have much better separation between your shack and antennas.  
Many of us can't have that luxury sadly.

> As far as CE mark, I can⬢t tell you whether they meet the
> requirement or not and it doesn⬢t matter to me as I don⬢t live in
> Europe.  I suspect that since the Navigator has been in production for
> at least a decade, they were likely grandfathered in under any current
> rules, but as I said, I can⬢t speak for that with any certainty.  

There is no such clause to "Grandfather" a product for CE compliance.  That's 
where a lot of small US (and other non EU) companies are failing in that respect.

> --  
> Dave Wright
> www.machamradio.com
> â¬ÓReal radio bounces off the sky"

Indeed it does.   Or off other things...


Dave G0WBX.


Posted by: "Dave B" <g8kbvdave@...>


FLDigi 3.22 OSX Issues

FYI, the font size does not seem to adjust the size of the frequency display, and more importantly the channel listing panel will not stay enabled when the program is closed, even if the configuration is saved.  I am running  OSX 10.9.5 on an iMac.

Thanks, Ron


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New FLDIGI/BPQ32 Combo

Note that the new version of FLDIGI includes a KISS connection to BPQ32 
that allows use of a variety of digital modes with the BPQ32 node, BBS, 
APRS and Chat functions.

For the latest version of FLDIGI, go to:   http://www.w1hkj.com then go 
to the Download page and choose the version for your OS.

A manual in PDF format for the new version of FLDIGI can be found at: 

The latest version of BPQ32 can be found at: 

The FLDIGI/BPQ32 combo utilizes a number of 8-bit modems, most notably 
MFSK32, PSK250 and quite a few others including the new 8PSK modems. - 
You'll know if you've tried to use an unsupported modem as it will not 

It is left up to the user to avoid illegally running modems that operate 
at more than 300 baud on HF.

I have a FLDIGI/BPQ32 station on the air daily after I get up in the 
morning until 0130 UTC  (8:30pm central)  when I change my system over 
for the nightly SGARN multicast transmission.

Look for my beacons on 10.145.5 USB +1000 in MFSK32 mode, call N5PVL to 

73 DE Charles, N5PVL

Posted by: Charles Brabham <n5pvl@...>


Re: new sound card from Timewave

> Re: new sound card from Timewave
>     Posted by: "Dave Wright" hfradiopro@... hfradiopro
>     Date: Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:02 am ((PDT))
> This is the former US Interface Navigator which ceased product a
> couple of years back. Timewave bought the design and rights from US
> Interface and has continued selling it. It costs a bit of $$$, but is
> worth it: integrated sound card, CAT, PTT, WinKey and true FSK all on
> one USB cable; GREAT support for Linux (plug it in and it just works),
> OS X (fully supported drivers), and Windows (fully supported drivers);
> built like tank; cable diagrams are provided so you can build your own
> to save $, or you can buy pre-made direct from Timewave.
> This is a great product with a long history of excellent performance. 
> 73
> --  
> Dave Wright

Costs "a bit of $$$"?   Nearly $350 US!

As to "This is a great product with a long history of excellent performance."

And a lot of RFI/EMC issues, in regards to RF getting into the TX audio, and/or 
back into the PC.   Just like other similar gadgets suffer from.   As some would 
say, classic "Pin 1" trouble.   (Amazing, when you consider the intended use and 
environment to be used in...)

Oh...  And you need to do heck of a lot more than just use lead-free construction 
to get a CE mark.   No decleration of confomity could be found in the on-line 
copy of the manual, as is legaly required to be marketed and sold in Europe.

The link to  www.USinterface.com  on page 28 is bad.  Its just a blank page.

Nuff said.

Dave G0WBX.
(I do have one of the Timewave Antenna Noise Canceling devices.  It works very 
well when needed!)

Posted by: "Dave B" <g8kbvdave@...>


Re: new sound card from Timewave

I guess I need to apologize to someone for my previous post.

From the way I read the earlier reference to the Timewave interface, It sounded like someone was trying to share the new digital interface to the group and I read their comment as being frustrated about not knowing what the price was. All I did was a simple search on one of the many online vendors that sell Timewave products and give them an idea of what one could be purchased for. 

I wasn’t trying to sell or review the product but offer some assistance to a fellow list-group member, if that is contrary to the rules of this group, I’ll just pack my bag and leave the group. I don’t know about the other members but I find it very helpful when someone shares a product (hardware or software) that will actually function on something other than Windoze. 

Eric, W7CSD

Yes, but it only does modulated cw and afsk. This device has a keyer and true fsk circuitry inside of it. My question was what native linux program is there that would allow one to take advantage of those. I do remember that there is flkey which would allow the keyer use, but know of no other rtty program for true fsk use.

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Ken wa8jxm-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org [linuxham] <linuxham-hHKSG33TihhbjbujkaE4pw@public.gmane.org> wrote:

On Oct 15, 2014, at 5:47 PM, Geoff McAlpin geoff.nm7v <at> gmail.com [linuxham] wrote:

If the price for this thing wasn't so high I 'might' consider buying it... I know I could use FLdigi for all the audio modes (including cw and rtty) but what program would one use in linux to use the built-in cw and fsk of the unit? If there isn't one, then it doesn't seem like a good buy, IMHO, for the linux ham.

fldigi runs on linux as well as OS/X and Windows


Geoff, NM7V
Seattle, WA

Posted by: Eric Struble <yahoo-FFn+FugcB13R7s880joybQ@public.gmane.org>


new sound card from Timewave

There is a new sound card from Timewave. It has lots of features. It is both Linux and win supported for OS.

Posted by: Richard Dowty <w7eet-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>