Darrel Smith | 25 Mar 00:30 2014

Another Flmsg Problem

When testing flmsg someone who is using the other operating system discovered that changing the
precedence does not work. On my Lubuntu at Mac systems it worked fine.

Darrel, VE7CUS

sv9zp | 24 Mar 21:40 2014

Fldigi setup

Can anyone tell how to setup Fldigi with my PK232MBX modem?

John Williams | 24 Mar 16:36 2014


I am noting a crash that occurs on .77 and .78 levels, but cannot seem 
to tell why. My normal behavior is to leave fldigi running on m Windows 
XP SP3 system overnight using psk31 modem on 20M.  I run it in 
conjunction with HDSDR using virtual cables. There have been times when 
it runs for days between forced windows reboots.  Now, more often than 
not fldigi is gone and hdsdr is still running when I check in the 
morning. No windows crash message or any other debug dialogs on the 
screen. I looked at the fldigi log to see if it left a crash message but 
it only had the new init messages. Where can I look to see why the crash 
occurred. Will try it on .79 to see if anything changes. If necessary I 
can run it under a debugger with appropriate instructions. Not that 
familiar with Windows debuggers.




John Williams

KE5SSH - ham since 2007
WQKA523 - GMRS for family use on the farm

Ed | 23 Mar 19:25 2014

TT Eagle

Anyone using a TT Eagle with fldigi, if so can you let me know what you 
are using for a soundcard interface. I just can't get my SignalinkUSB to 
play nice.



Charles Brabham | 23 Mar 16:34 2014

New article "N5PVL Setup Images" at the SGARN Forum

N5PVL Setup Images


Note that this article is chock-full of screen-shots depicting my FLDIGI 
and FLAMP setup for the nightly SGARN multicast transmissions.

If you have a slow computer or a slow internet connection, beware.

If you are interested in being a SGARN Server SYSOP and wonder how to 
get set up, this is a "Be there or be square" article that you will not 
want to miss.

SGARN servers are needed in the USA... One to the East, one to the West, 
and one in the North-Central area, around the great lakes should, in 
addition to my South-Central station, cover the entire continental USA, 
plus Canada and most of Mexico - quite well.

Actually, SGARN servers are needed around the world. I emphasize the USA 
because that's where I live, and because three additional stations in 
the US would serve to illustrate the networks usefulness, encouraging 
similar efforts around the globe.

The long-term goal at SGARN is global coverage, not just in major cities 
but literally everywhere. If a ham in the middle of the Sahara whips out 
a laptop and an HF receiver, he should be able to get the latest ARRL 
bulletins, plus any additional ham news for north-central Africa.

This will naturally tend to follow after a demonstration of the 
(Continue reading)

maserowik | 23 Mar 02:25 2014

Beagle Bone FLDigi

I have tried to follow the instruction to get Ubuntu and FLDigi loaded on the BBB

I was able to get the Ubuntu loaded on the system but having issues with getting the FLDIGI loaded.  when I follow the instruction located at


When it do to the cd  /usr/local/src I am getting access denied.  I the issue sudo su and it appears to run.  When fldigi finished installing I try to launch it and getting access denied.

anybody care to shed some light as to what I may have done wrong?


Mike - N3bsq


Darrel Smith | 22 Mar 21:59 2014

FLmsg crashing


If you hit the HX button on flmsg 1.1.34 the program quits. I have tried it on windoze and Mac.

Darrel, VE7CUS

w1hkj | 22 Mar 21:33 2014

fldigi-3.21.80 posted


Version 3.21.80 * Maintenance release

   clang compatibility
     * correct istream return value
     * move tr1 to std

   FreeBSD nitems
     * Collision between Fltk-3.0 and FreeBSD system corrected
       in associated fluid definition file.

   Cabrillo time off
     * Limit to HHMM.  Logbook records to HHMMSS

   Change Fl_ListBox
     * Change to Fl_ComboBox for various controls
       which may require user entry.

   Restore Fl_Choice
     * Sound card device selection

   Olivia select fix

   fluid update
     * Prepare confdialog.fl for KISS implementation

     * remove read only attribute for input control

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Charles Brabham | 22 Mar 00:15 2014

New Article on HF Propagation at SGARN

SGARN HF SYSOP Propagation Notes


Shows how to use IPS HF HAP Charts from the Commonwealth of Australia Bureau of Meteorology to determine the optimum hours for SGARN multicast transmission for a given frequency and location.

The article is written for SGARN HF Multicast SYSOPs, but may be  of interest to all amateurs.

73 DE Charles, N5PVL


Dave B | 20 Mar 12:29 2014

Re: Linux Replacement for MS Outlook

> >However, I've been told that getting that going (Lazarus and FreePascal on
> Linux)
> >is less than straightforward.
> How hard can it be?
> sudo apt-get install fpc
> (which should install Lazarus as well)
> Free Pascal works fine and dandy under Debian 6, I used to compile the free
> version of Puff. 
> Andy
> MM0FMF 		 	   

Have you tried that lately?   FPC is a command line tool, it does not need 
Lazarus to be used.  (Lazarus is a GUI based IDE)   Plus the latest version of 
FPC is not compatable at present with the current release of Lazarus itself.

I think the subject has been done, and drifted somewhat.


Dave G0WBX.

(I've still got the DOS version of PUFF somewhere.)

Charles Brabham | 20 Mar 03:05 2014

N5PVL SGARN Multicast Schedule

Call: N5PVL
Locator: DM80di
Frequency: 10.142.0 - 10.142.2 - 10.142.4  USB ( One of these, depending on ongoing activity on frequency )
Time: 0200-0600 UTC
Mode: MT63-500L
Content: ARRL Bulletins, SGARN Txt and HTML  - Emergency information during emergencies

Note: The best way to utilize this server is to get set up when it starts, then let your system listen overnight and see what you have in the morning. The first hour is usually subject to interference that drops off later on.

Note about N5PVL Station:

This first SGARN multicast station exists primarily to prove the concept of HF multicast distribution. It is a modest station with a standard 100 watt ham rig (TS-450sat) and a 20/30m fan dipole at 18 feet. The station is located in Alpine Texas, surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Despite this, signal reports have come in from Maine to Oregon, from Missouri to North Carolina. The north Carolina station, with a vertical antenna has reported 100% copy of all files consistently, every day. ( Must be a gap between mountains in that direction. )

So, though the N5PVL station does not provide national coverage and is not intended to do so, it has proved that HF multicast distribution is a viable concept. - And that a small number of SGARN-compliant HF stations (3-5) can realistically be expected to provide full coverage of the continental United States, along with northern Mexico and southern Canada.

What is needed now - are a few more server stations. Contact N5PVL if this sounds interesting to you.

73 DE Charles, N5PVL