flrig v1.3.16 Win8.1 Memory

I think I may have found a small obscure bug in flrig v1.3.16.  

Configuration: IC-756ProIII (with frequencies loaded in Memory), flrig v1.3.16, Windows 8.1 (digikeyer interface).

I was trying to transfer the memory frequencies/mode (one at a time) by selecting a new frequency from radio's memory and ADD to memory table in flrig.  I could do this maybe 5-6 times in a row and flrig crashes consistently. Memory table is empty when flrig is reinitialized.  Now if I add one frequency and type something in the comments area then add the next and type something in comments it will work great no crash and it will retain the data in the table.


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windows 8

I purchased a new computer with windows 8 and cannot unlock the boot from a cd dvd or usb device.

The best buy geek squad are not allowed to help me how to do it. Help please

Warren wb4ahd 

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Dumping Windows... Maybe

Hi all,
I assume most of you are using FLDigi for your linux boxes...  Is there
a way from a spot list, to get FLDigi to change the radio's frequency,
fire off a macro, and enter all data from QRZ into the log by just
double clicking the spot?

I am looking to replace MixW, and it has so many little cool things that
I want to be sure FLDigi has most of them...  I need a macro that gets
fired off if I change modes...  Can FLDigi do this?

Not looking to start a argument about which is better here, just getting
my ducks lined up before I start down the path of dumping Windows, and
MixW.  The only reason I have kept Windows is MixW...

Thanks and 73's,
For equipment, and software setups and reviews see:
for MixW support see;
for Dopplergram information see:
for MM-SSTV see:

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Newbie Questions, Part II (No RF Out)

I installed FLDIGI (3.21.83) on my iMac last night. I'm running OS-X 10.9.5 and am connected to an Elecraft K3. I use the Elecraft-supplied Serial-USB cable. I'm using a Tascam US-125M external USB sound card. This combination of radio, computer, and sound card have been working perfectly using WSJT-X and cocoaModem for JT65, JT9, PSK31, and RTTY. 

After a lot of fumbling around, I figured out that I needed to install Hamlib on the iMac, which I did and was then able to get FLDIGI rig control working. I have the K3 in Data-A mode, as I do with the other applications. When I enter some text in the FLDIGI lower box and press the T/R button, the K3 goes into transmit (red light turns on), the text I entered changes, character by character from black to red, but there is NO RF output. Pressing the T/R button returns the K3 to receive mode. I've tired this with the K3 in VOX and PTT - doesn't matter - either way I get no RF. Receive seems to work fine - I am getting very good decoding on PSK31 signals on 20 meters. I just am not able to send RF out.

Second problem - call lookup not working. I'm a paid QRZ.COM subscriber and have set up the Web tab / Call Lookup with QRZ.com with my userid and password. When I see a call in the decoded area I double click it, the call is populated in the white "Call" area at the top of the screen, but nothing else happens. 

Any ideas on these two issues?

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No fldigi output on HF

I run a Mac. Mavericks OSX v10.9.5. I have been running OSX for many versions including this version. Today, I don't seem to be putting out a signal on HF. 

VHF is working fine I tested it with PSK31. But PSK31 on HF is not putting out a signal.

I played with some settings on the radio (Icom Ic-7000) but have returned them all to their original settings. The transmitter kicks in, the Tx light comes on, but there is zero meter movement, and a stand alone SWR meter does not move.

SSB, CW, RTTY all seem to work but not PSK31. I use a home-brew audio interface and an Icom CI-V cable for PTT, these have always worked before. And they still do on VHF.

What did I do? Anyone have a thought about this?

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How to link FLDIGI to my IC718

I'm having a terrible time getting FLDIGI to liink up to my Icom IC718 for rig cotrol and just to transmit. I remember having the same problems with this program using Windows, but eventually figured it out. No luck with this new OS. I have a few freinds that are Linux users but don't have the same setup like mine. Please be gentle.

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Lubuntu upgrade failure (sort of)


As an experiment as much as anything, on a non critical PC, after kicking Lubuntu 13.whatever LTS to do all it's incremental updates, I was left looking at the announcemnt re Ubuntu 14.xx LTS is out.

After a clean boot to make sure all was well, and checking that there was nothing I "Needed" to do on it anytime soon, I kicked off the "Upgrade"...

After many hours (mainly because I walked away and left it, but found it needed a few confirmaiton inputs from me) it completed, so I let it reboot.

Well, it seems to boot cleanly, asks for the password that it accepts, and eventualy settles down, but to a black screen with just a mouse pointer, that moves about, but otherwise doesn't do anything.

No desktop background, no toolbar, no icons/links.    But, if you momenteraly press the (hardware) power button, it does an orderly shutdown just fine.   From the flickering telltale lights, the wifi is working too.

Other than try and find a non PAE install of 14.x that fits on a CD and do a clean install from scratch, is there any practical way to recover a working desktop?    I know the passwords, but had not specifically set it up to be ssh'd into from the LAN.

I was expecting to need to perhaps rebuild stuff like the Fl-suite from sources, and a few others, but this is odd.

Ideas anyone?   Before it gets flattened and wiped with something else?   (Yes, I have looked at the Ubuntu support list, clear as mud!)


Dave G0WBX.  (Off outside while the weather is nice.)

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Newbie Question on FLDIGI and Mac

I joined this group because I am hoping that in addition to the Unix theme, it is related to the Mac OS-X users, too. If not, please excuse me and point me in the right direction!

I currently am running OS-X on a 27" iMac. I use WSJT-X for JT65 and JT9 and have been using cocoaModem for PSK31 and just recently, RTTY. CocoaModem works OK, but I was told that FLDIGI offers a lot more flexibility. I also have been using MacLoggerDX for several years and like it a lot - it really suits my needs.

My question is: can FLDIGI be used to (1) pass a call to MLDX and tell it to lookup the call on whatever system the user is licensed for, and (2) tell MLDX to log the contact? I currently do this in MLDX via macros that run Apple Script commands.

Thanks, Jim / W6JHB

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SGARN Multicast Problem (hopefully) Resolved

It looks good on this end. Will be on tonight, would appreciate signal 

Call: N5PVL

Locator: DM80di

Frequency: 10.142.0 or possibly 10.142.2 - 10.142.4 USB +1000 ( One of 
these, depending on ongoing activity on frequency. )

Time: 0200-1000 UTC

Mode: MT63-500L

Content: ARRL Bulletins, SGARN Txt and HTML - Emergency information
during emergencies.

Note: The best way to utilize this server is to get set up when it
starts in the evening, then let your system listen overnight and see
what you have in the morning. The first hour is usually subject to
interference that drops off later on.

Note that by tuning in for the SGARN overnight multicast, you not
only get the latest ARRL bulletins but an idea of overnight
propagation conditions on 30 meters.

More information and details about monitoring SGARN multicasts at:


Comments and reception reports always appreciated.

73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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Linux GPS time update program

I have heard that digital modes like JT65 and JT9 need extremely accurate time. What linux utilities will do this online and also using GPS in the field?

Ron - KA3PSO

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The SGARN multicast transmissions on 30m will be off the air for at 
least a few days, maybe a week due to soundcard issues. If I have to 
order a new soundcard, it might take a week to get back on the air.

Will send a notice when I'm back on 30m.

73 DE Charles, N5PVL

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