Re: fldigi don't start anymore

Try starting fldigi from the command line and see if there are any errors that are displayed.

Geoff, NW7GM
Seattle, WA

On Aug 11, 2014 10:22 AM, "vliegendemuis-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org [linuxham]" <linuxham-hHKSG33TihhbjbujkaE4pw@public.gmane.org> wrote:

using Linux Mint 16

Initially, after download and installing, fldigi did start up.

Then I wanted to install a FTDI USBtoSerial adapter.

I did configure it in Minicom.

After that fldigi won't start, it only shows a quick flash of a window and then disappears.

Anyone has a clue ?

tnx de Marc, ON3MSP

Posted by: Geoff NW7GM <geoff.nw7gm-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


[Kenwood TS-590S] Misc RTTY and Digital Questions

The following is a copy of my posting to the Kenwood TS-590S reflector regarding and number of questions raised about RTTY and digital modes that may be of interest to new fldigi users. Yes, I know most of this is covered in the manual but from the comments it was obvious many have read but forgot some of the good stuff.  

Again, TNX to Dave W1HKJ and the fldigi development team for a great digital application that keeps getting even better.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Misc RTTY and Digital Questions
Date: August 11, 2014 at 9:14:54 AM CDT

*** quote marks cut for reading ease ***

I changed the subject because a number of RTTY and digital questions have been raised and some had multiple topics in the same message. I will try to address some of the confusing topics.

Regarding AFSK vs. FSK many of the radios in use today were designed before the advent of sound card technology and the designers at that time assumed all RTTY would be FSK so they put an FSK mode button on the face of the rig and optimized the filters for FSK. In the old manuals you will see a few comments about AFSK associated with HF Packet.  With the advent of the sound card technology, users put the older radios in USB and found they do not have access to the FSK RTTY filters so they stay with FSK. I know one user that receives FSK on VFO-A and transmits on VFO-B in AFSK. His reason for doing this is because his logging program is keyed to rig frequency display. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

We do not have this issue with the Kenwood TS-590S. It has a full range filtera when you have the TS-590S in USB DATA mode. Note I said USB DATA mode and you will find the IF FILL button is your friend for digital modes in USB DATA.

In the old days the RTTY Mark was king and all RTTY QSO’s were logged at the Mark frequency and this was adopted as the standard and it is still in practice today. Today we still log and spot RTTY QSO’s based on the Mark frequency - even in AFSK.

In fldigi the Mark is the green track on the waterfall and red track is the space.  Also, in fldigi there are two frequency displays. One for the rig Dial frequency the other is the Operating or QSO frequency. When you have fldigi in RTTY mode, the Mark (green line on the waterfall) is the QSO frequency and that is also the frequency that is logged.  In other digital modes the QSO frequency is the centroid (center) of track on the waterfall display.

The difference between the rig’s dial frequency and the QSO frequency is the determined by the user selected “Sweet Spot” in the fldigi (Misc/Sweet Spot) configuration panel.  I use 1000 because it easy to mentally subtract by 1. For example, if i see a spot on the cluster that says there is a RTTY station I want to work at 14087.5, it easy for me to spin the VFO to 14086.5 (down one) and start looking in the waterfall. If I see the tracks on the station down a little I mouse select the tracks and fldigi starts printing to the screen. i then use the fldigi QSY button to bring the station to the sweet spot.  The reason I want the station centered at the sweet spot is so my transmitted signal will sound right.  With regard to   the term sound right i am sure you have heard some weird sounding CW and RTTY signals on the bands. This is caused when an operator transmits outside the sweet spot. Using the fldigi QSY button centers the rig VFO to where you are receiving - and the transmitter follows. Failure to center causes your transmit to be off resulting in weird sounding signals. 

I could go on but don’t want to bore people with unwanted nitty-gritty details.  The bottom line is the TS-590S is a great radio for sound card AFSK RTTY and digital modes because we can optimize the filters where we needed. Users with older rigs may have to use a 1500 sweet spot because they are stuck with fixed Rx filters.

Get to know how the TS-590S IF FIL works. It is one of the best features in the rig for digital modes.

73 Dick AA5VU

PS: Years ago I ran FSK for RTTY but now that I have learned the correct way to use AFSK, I no interest in going back to FSK.

Posted by: Dick Kriss <aa5vu-fOdFMYwuEsI@public.gmane.org>


OT: FT-847 and Memory Channels

Can anyone tell me definitively if the Yaesu FT-847 stores HF channels 
with (or as) an alpha-numeric display?

I know in satellite mode it is possible, but I cannot figure out if it 
does on the HF side or not.


Joel - W4JBB

Posted by: Joel Black <w4jbb@...>


Program cable not found

I installed chirp tried to get data from radio (IC208H) it could not find dev/ttys0 

Posted by: sunchasernc-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org


Ubuntu and RigBlaster Pro Not Keying

Kind of at my whits end. Installed Ubuntu 14.04 Lts. Using a rigblaster pro I can't get the radio to key up. I suspect it's a cabling problen then again I don think so. I have used the windows setup with no problems. So this is what lead me hear. Also this is a USB to Serial converter as there is no serial port on the laptop. Any ideas?
using lsusb this is what I get.
Bus 005 Device 002: ID 067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port

Thanks is advance


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Fldigi Port Audio Error: Invalid number of channels

I am trying to run both Fldigi and MARS-ALE at the same time in a Win7 
VM on my Mac. Both of them use my USB sound card.

Am I getting the Port Audio error because I cannot use the sound card 
for two different applications?

I am still playing around, but I could have sworn I have used the sound 
card simultaneously for two different apps before.

They say the mind is the second thing to go...

Joel - W4JBB

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Fldigi and Android

​I think if Fldigi (the best program for digital comunications on linux) run on android i and a lot of people could be use on te movile operation​ i am not a programer, it´s very dificult the portability the linux to android? i love this program


Posted by: Juan omitawe <omitawe-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


Tlf special version for WAEDC (QTC support)

Dear HAM's,

The Tlf developer team pleasure to announce the Tlf special
version, which supports the WAEDC, and its special feature, the
QTC traffic.

Key features:
* send and receive QTC blocks
* key bindigs for QTC traffic (CW messages)
* at send directions, Tlf generates lists automatically,
  including exclude of current station callsign
* bandweight multipliers for correct scoring
* QTC capable stations (if you received from or sent to QTC
  from/to a station) will be showed on bandmap
* number of QTC's showed on "worked" window, you can see, which
  station has QTC, and how many
* full network support: Tlf support multinode mode (stations for
  multiple TRX's), and QTC traffic will replicated too. If an
  operator exchanges QTC with a station, the another nodes will
  see that.

You can catch it from here:


Please note, that this is a beta version - in the next few days
we will fix the occured bugs, so if you want to use that,
download it at last day before contest (this weekend).

Here is the "official" repository:


And here is the ZIP version, which certanly will change:


All source package contains a small readme, but if you have any
question, don't hesitates, drop an e-mail to me!

I would like to say thanks to Thomas (DL1JBE) for
mentorship, Fabian (DJ1YFK) and Fred (DH5FS) for ideas.

73, and GL on the contest!


Posted by: Ervin =?utf-8?Q?Heged=C3=BCs?= - HA2OS <airween@...>


Android app sites

I'm looking for a place to download free Android apps that that 
the "Play Store" won't allow because my device is not 
compatible. In particular Navfree USA and Map Factor. 

I got "You Are Here GPS" from the developer and it runs and 
displays NMEA data from my USB GPS. Google said that was not 
compatible with my device, but seems to work fine.

Mike kc9doa

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Flrig not working with FLdigi Waterfall runs SLOW then FAST then SLOW again

Running fldigi v 3.21.83 and flrig 1.3.16 on a MacPro, 16GB RAM interfaced to an IC-756ProIII via microHam Digikeyer using a Radio Shack USB to Scanner cable for rig CIV.

Everything was working great.  I tried to send a test message and no transmit.  Clicked on flrig TUNE and it keyed the rig, clicked on flrig PTT and rig keys.  Now I can't seem to get fldigi to key the rig at all to send message.  I click on TUNE on fldigi and the waterfall shows the dark red line like it is keying the rig but nothing from the RIG.  I can send a test message the waterfall show the message going out but no transmit / rig not keyed.  There does not seem to be any communication between flrig and fldigi.  I have XMLRPC checked.  /dev/cu.usbserial-20-546 is set 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, echo, CIV-6E, PTT via CAT.  I'm dead in the water now - what have I missed?

Noticed this morning during my morning net that fldigi waterfall would slow down to a crawl then quickly go into FAST mode for 2-3 seconds then back to Slow.  Brought up the Activity Monitor and was trying to figure out what process was causing this phenomena.  fldigi CPU time would go from 20-40% to 145% and number of idle wake ups would jump from 1,300 to 11,790 then back again.  fldigi usually runs about 20% with 7,000 idle wake ups.  Started shutting down other apps to try and determine if another app was causing this issue threads remained constant as expected.  T here are no signals being processed.


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FYI: Introduction to Linux | edX

For anyone wanting to get started or even hone their * nix skills, this 
is a take at your own pace, free (to audit) intro to linux course that 
just started Aug 1, 2014



GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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