Duplicate signals on waterfall and channel window on PSK31 ? [1 Attachment]

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I see this every now and then while operating PSK31, I'll have a strong signal with two duplicate weaker signals on either side,  I will also see duplication in the channel windows.  Today I mentioned that during a QSO and the other ham said same with me.  Here is a screenshot.  I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this.



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Duplicate signals on waterfall and channel window on PSK31 ?

I see this every now and then while operating PSK31, I'll have a strong signal with two duplicate weaker signals on either side,  I will also see duplication in the channel windows.  Today I mentioned that during a QSO and the other ham said same with me.  Here is a screenshot.  I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this.


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ARDOP and Fldigi

Has there been any discussions about incorporating ARDOP (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ardop_users/info) into Fldigi in the future.  ARDOP is designed to replace WINMOR and to support operation on any platform via a sound card TNC program.  Sounds like it could be a great supplement to Fldigi and the EMCOMM toolset.  

Dave Wright

“Real radio bounces off the sky"

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[OT] Re: Lubuntu trouble, help wanted. (Fixed)

Just to say...

It's fixed (for now.)

Many thanks to David Ranch, and Ron W7HD who pointed me in the right 

FYI.   The "Synaptic" package manager can filter on such status as "broken", 
allowing the removal or reloading of the affected package(s), without relying on 
any associated dpendancies actually being intact at the time.

Simple when you know how.

I now have some 10G of free space, instead of a paltry 20 odd Meg (it's only got 
a 16G SSD for a hard drive) and the machine is largely happy again.  (Save, for 
some things that are "confused" because I rubbed out their config files by largely 
emptying my home directory!)

I also know now, to keep an eye on the accumulated collection of old/obsolete 
kernels, and their header file baggage clutter.   It was that (some 3 years 
worth!) that was clogging up the system.   (It seems that Ubuntu does not 
remove obsolete kernel stuff as part of a pushed out system update, that has 
suprised many it seems.   I was not the first, and wont be the last to experience 
the mayhem of a failed update due to "Disk Full" errors...)

I also discovered a usefull collection of odd tools and utilities, under the 
collective name of "Bikeshed".   Expecially the purge-old-kernels script.
(I've only tried that so far, on another Lubuntu laptop.  It worked OK with no 
apparrent ill effects, freeing up a few G of drive space, again a V12.04 OS, that 
has been regularly updated over the best part of 3 years...)

Someone else (not on this list) also mentioned "Janitor"
(Not tried that yet.)

However, to counter the above, this needs to be reviewed..

(The comment about Adobe Flash is moot.  Most modern browsers now support 
HTML5, that can do much of what Flash did for sites like Youtube and websdr etc 
with much less potential secruity issues, perhaps...)

There are also mentions to other similar tools, some better than others, but as in 
all things, not to be used blindly.   The same holds true for similar tools on other 
OS's of course...

This quote: "With age, you won't notice a deterioration in performance. This 
translates into a reduced need for spring cleaning activities."   May be true in 
essance, but when trouble hit's, it's like running into a rockface at full speed.   
Instead of wading through slowley increasing depth of mud over time.


Thanks Ron and David.


Dave G0WBX.

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CW Operation with the SignaLink

I have posted a file to the FILES section of this group explaining how to configure a SignaLink USB to key a radio in the native CW mode for CW operation when using FLdigi.  Using the SignaLink in this manner allows taking advantage of the unique CW features of the radio that are not available when operating CW in the AFSK mode.

Incorporating this capability requires the purchase or fabrication of an inexpensive interface cable configured for CW operation.

73 - Jim  W5ZIT

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linuxham | 26 Aug 20:53 2015

New file uploaded to linuxham


This email message is a notification to let you know that
a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the linuxham

  File        : /Signalink CW Operation.pdf
  Uploaded by : w5zit <w5zit@...>
  Description : SignaLink USB configuration for native CW radio operation

You can access this file at the URL:

To learn more about file sharing for your group, please visit:


w5zit <w5zit@...>




Lubuntu trouble, help wanted.


Firstly sorry for the polution, but my little Acer One ZG5 running Lubuntu 12.04 
LTS that I use for portable/mobile digimode (Fldigi, QSSTV and HF/VHF APRS 
etc) has a problem.

Long story short.

All was working very well, until a recent system update that failed (multiple 
times!)  As a result of what I found out later to be a "disk full" problem.    It was 
trying to unpack a 70Meg archive (involving the kernel) while there was less 
than 20Meg of available space available!

(You'd think that a sanity/free space check would be done first!   It seems this is 
not an uncommon problem!)


I've moved a load of stuff off it, and have spent hours manually removing most 
of the old kernels, and now have over 50% of the main volume available again, 
so updates sort of flow again.
(The machine has the 16G SSD, and 1.5G of RAM.)

But...   There is one of the three remaining kernels (not the current booting one) 
that has a header mismatch problem, that stops dead many tools that check for 
dependancies all being correct etc.

And the suggested "sudo apt-get -f install" fails to fix it too.

So, I need some help please, as to the best way to manually tidy the thing up.   
I've tried the "purge-old-kernels" script in Bikeshed, but that stops before it's 
done anything due to the above problem.

I'd flatten it and put 14.04 on, but I see that's PAE required now, and AFIK the 
Acer One ZG5 with it's Atom CPU is not PAE capable, so I need to keep 12.04 
going for a while yet.

It's booting cleanly again now with kernel version, but is falling 
over with   sudo apt-get check   (etc) showing:-   (Manually transcribed to this 

The following packages have unmet dependancies.

	linux-generic : Depends: linux-image-generic (= but is installed

	linux-headers-generic : Depends: linux-headers- but it is 
not installed

E: Unmet dependancies.  Try using -f.

(That as earlier fails too.)

uname -r shows that is in use.

dpkg -l | grep linux-image-

shows that I currently have , and kernels available.

Replies, hints and questions for more info OFF LIST/DIRECT please.


Dave G0WBX.

	both arrive here.


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Wiki page update

I did add the W10 audio issue page to the wiki.

There is one issue in that I’m seeing the path on the link:

Windows 10 audio issue fix

	• Documentation/HOWTO/Windows_10_audio_fix 

Obviously I’m doing something wrong here. But its getting late, and my brain is rebelling against the
idea of thinking at the moment. If you know of anything obvious I did wrong, let me know - Thanks much.

-73 Mike N3LI - 

Posted by: Michael Coslo <mjcn3li@...>


Windows 10 audio issue on wiki

Good evening all,

There’s an update on the Windows 10 pulse audio issue on the wiki pages at:


Hope this helps.

-73 Mike N3LI - 

Posted by: Michael Coslo <mjcn3li@...>


fldigi, was & nvis

I'm new this summer to LoTW and have been working toward WAS, 20m,
digital only.  I managed to get a confirmed fldigi PSK-31 QSL only about
15 miles away (possible ground-wave propagation?), and only have a
handful of states remaining.

However, as I expected, I'd have trouble in about the ~50-300 mile range
from neighboring states with a G5RV and TS-590S.  I've left WSJT-X and
JT-65 monitoring all day many times, with pskreporter.info, and I get a
doughnut-shaped hole with my QTH in the middle.  Some poor conditions on
20m lately isn't helping.

That said, which (if any) modes available on fldigi might be reasonable
to attempt NVIS?  I'm willing to swap in an NVIS-capable antenna if
there's a promising digital mode to work closer in on 20m.

73, KD0KZE / Paul

Posted by: Paul Bramscher <pfbram@...>


can't select port audio or pulse audio?

I installed pulse audio and can play sounds and have mic input.  But 
FLDIGI will not let me select either box under configurations, audio.  
The choices are gray and not selectable.  Any ideas?


Posted by: Lloyd <xr250@...>