New fldigi-compatible XML-RPC rig controller

    Just a quick shout out to the fldigi team here, you might be interested to hear about a new kind of rig controller I've been working on over the last couple of months: it is called Wizkers:Radio and is compatible with the Elecraft KX line - KX3, KXPA100, PX3, even the XG3 -.

     This is a full blown rig controller with quite a few unique features, such as graphing of many operating parameters (voltage, current, TX power, temperature), a full working KX3 front panel in the app, extended configuration capabilities, and, and this is a first, compatibility across MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks and Android.

    Read more about it at: http://wizkers.io/wizkersradio

     I am mentioning it here, because I recently added support for XML-RPC to it, so that it can be a rig controller for fldigi. It already supported the hamlib "rigctld" protocol, but it is not nearly as good as the XML-RPC layer which is really nice to work with.

     Anyway, this is not a competitor for flrig, since it is very specific to the KX3 for now, but I wanted to say thanks to the fldigi team for creating those nice API endpoints! If would actually be nice to make it possible to select the address of the XML-RPC server from the fldigi UI. This is already possible from the command line, but it would be easier in the settings. In a situation where Wizkers:Radio is running on an Android tablet, this would be a lot easier...

    Let me know your thoughts!


PS: oh yes, of course, Wizkers:Radio is open source, you can find all the info on the wizkers.io site and github.

Posted by: Edouard Lafargue <edouard-dvPAIgKvi5+LwutG50LtGA@public.gmane.org>


TS-590SG for digital linux Fldigi help

For best results when using fldigi linux: Which cables gives the best results when communicating between radio and computer?
ONE cable or all three???
The book is not really clear on this.

Posted by: Richard Dowty <w7eet-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


Fldigi + RIGblaster Plug & Play = All 3 LEDs are on!


I try to use a new 'RIGblaster Plug & Play' on a laptop running Wheezy 
with fldigi from the Wheezy repository. And whenever I start fldigi all 
three LEDs on the RIGblaster are lit and stay on constantly. (PS: There 
is no radio attached to the RIGblaster at all. The above setup is 
intended only for a conference seminar & display, where no ham gear will 
be used.)

Interestingly, when I use the same RIGblaster with the same version of 
fldigi, but on a desktop computer running the same version of Wheezy, 
everything is fine (I mean, after some initialization only the Power LED 
remains on). On the other side, if I test the same RIGblaster on the 
laptop above, but in the virtual box running Win XP and by using WMR 
test utility (or whatever the name of that utility) it also works nice. 
So I wonder what might be wrong with Wheezy/fldigi setup on the laptop? 
I tried to remove fldigi completely, reboot, and reinstall it from the 
repository again, but it behaves the same as described. Any idea?


Misko YT7MPB

Posted by: Miroslav Skoric <skoric@...>


FLDIGI on Raspberry Pi With OmniaSDR

Hi - I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian Jessie and an OmniaSDR QRPp radio. This weekend I installed FLDIGI by doing sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get install fldigi. All ran with no problems. However, it looks to me like fldigi is not using the current version of Hamlib. I say this because I also have WSJT-X 1.7 installed and that process also installed Hamlib 3.1 with it. In Hamlib 3.x there is a rig number 2517 (AE9RB   Si570 Peaberry V2) which is actually the OmniaSDR rig that I have.

However, that rig is not shown when I bring up fldigi. During the install I recall seeing a line zip by on the terminal with something about Hamlib 2.x.... If I go to a terminal session and enter rigctl -l I see a LOT of rigs that do not appear in the fldigi drop down box, and number 2517 is one of them. If I enter rigctl -V it tells me Hamlib 3.1 ~git.

So, (1) did I do something wrong when I installed fldigi, and (2) how can I get fldigi to use the hamlib 3.x files so that my OmniaSDR is picked up?

Thanks, Jim / W6JHB

Posted by: w6jhb-BUHhN+a2lJ4@public.gmane.org


PSK reporting feature in fldigi

Heh folks, wn1z here in CN90...

Am running fldigi under Raspbian linux, and have the "spot" feature turned on. This is for psk-31. (I have no 'rig control' and so i set the operating freq manually, usually 14.070.)

I see in the underlying Terminal window when it sends a spot to pskreporter.

But it sends: freq=0

Is that normal? Yesterday a couple of my spots showed up on pskreporter.info as very dark grey blobs (not yellow for 20m), then soon disappeared, and my further reports after that would not show up on the website at all.

Making me wonder if the freq=0 is causing my reports to be discarded by pskreporter.info.

With a different setup (wsjt-x with a windows tablet and a different radio) my jt-65 reports are getting thru okay.

I haven't tried fldigi on psk-31 with the windows tablet yet. That will be my next test.

Thanks for comments.


Posted by: Orrin Winton <orrin.winton-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>


fldigi FFT doesn't work [1 Attachment]


just got fldigi up and running on Linux Mint 17.3 ... but:
The waterfall (and its underlying FFT) doesn't work correctly. Please see attached screenshot.
Independently which frequency I whistle, the maximum is at 300 Hz an exponentionally falling amplitude towards higher frequencies.
I installed Audacity for a test of the OSS audio system. Recording and playback work perfectly there.
So I assume that the problem is somewhere in fldigi ... but where?


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Posted by: spamfi-bGfVpndWla9DPfheJLI6IQ@public.gmane.org


Arm8 64 and wsjtx

Does anyone have wsjtx working on an arm 64bit ?

I seem to lock before gui screen ....

Posted by: MIKE DURKIN <patriot121-uAjRD0nVeow@public.gmane.org>


CQRLOG 2.0.0 has been released

We have probably the longest changelog ever. There are already all
features I wanted in 2.0.0 that is the reason I decided to not use
1.9.x anymore. There are a few very interesting features.

CQRLOG now uses callbook to better country recognition. Especially
U.S. callsigns have the problem e.g. KL7AB is not in Alaska but in U.S
Washington state.

Another interesting feature is frequency memories. It's useful for 60M
where we have only a few frequencies allowed.

Next one is a transverter support. You can set offset for each band.
It's very useful for hams who use 70MHz or microwave frequencies.

Launchpad already created deb packages for Ubuntu 14.04, 15.10 and new
Ubuntu 16.04 that will be released tomorrow. Debian users can download
packages from the Download section.

New major version of CQRLOG has aslo new design of the home page. Enjoy!

73 Petr, OK2CQR



Posted by: Petr Hlozek <petr@...>


XML-RPC Request

Hi folks,

Can I make a request for  log.set_country to be added to the XML-RPC 
server on FLdigi to allow
inputting this from a control app? In fact, it would be great if all the 
log.get's could be duplicated
with log.set's.


73 de Jim, W2XO

Posted by: Jim Durham <jimdur@...>


fldigi, flarq posted

at Source Forge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fldigi/files/alpha_tests/

     - fldigi
     - flarq

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Fri Apr 15 13:14:49 2016 -0500

     Suppress dockable macros

       * suppress use of dockable macros
         - creates a minimal vertical pixel height of 411
         - allows use of fldigi on vertically challenged screens
         - user can manually modify the fldigi_def.xml file to
           disable the dockable macro set
           <!-- type: bool; default: true
           Allow dockable macros -->
           set value to false, 0.
         - or disable on the configuration tab for macros
         - the "View/Hide 48 macros" menu item will be hidden when
           DOCKABLE_MACROS set to 0, false

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Thu Apr 14 07:11:22 2016 -0500

     Packet Prep

       * Modify confdialog.fl for later addition of Packet Modem tab

Author: Edouard Lafargue W6ELA <edouard@...>
Date:   Wed Apr 13 15:15:35 2016 -0500

     Portaudio Mono

       * Observed on OS X, fldigi cannot work on audio cards with mono 
         - it requests 2 channels from PortAudio no matter what and 
           will complain if the audio output is only mono.
         - modified SoundPort::init_stream to make sure that if 
max_channels < 2
           sd[1].params.channelCount is updated to max_channels

Author: Robert Stiles <kk5vd@...>
Date:   Tue Apr 12 13:28:00 2016 -0500

     KISS, 8PSK, FLARQ icon Modifications

       * KISS TCP/IP
         - Add TCP/IP KISS interface
         - Add Start/Stop (UDP/IP) and Connect/Disconnect (TCP/IP) option.
         - Add Listen/Bind Option.
       * Operator selectable 4/8/16PSK preamble duration
         - Add code to allow user to change the preamble duration to improve
           throughput when not operating via repeater. (KL4YFD).
         - Add user selectable checkbox on PSK (8PSK) modem configuration
           interface panel for above addition (KK5VD).
      * Update FLARQ icons

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Wed Apr 13 07:38:53 2016 -0500

     FSQ message files

       * Changed # directive behavior
         - save named message to new file
         - append unnamed (callsign) message to callsign file
       * Added date time stamp to each received "call" message
         - user configurable

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Tue Apr 12 13:38:23 2016 -0500


       * auto i/o - Added socket interface to allow separate program to 
         - CONNECT
         - DISCONNECT
         - SEND_TEXT
         - RECEIVE_TEXT
         Allows similarly modified flmsg to send/recv messages using
         flarq / ARQ transport protocol.
       * ARQ reset - force complete reset of all ARQ processes
         - drops link without any indicator to connected station
         - equivalent of stopping and restarting flarq
         - courtesy demands that you inform the CONNECTED station
           to also kill the connection at that end of the link.
         - use Control-Left_click on the "CONNECT / DISCONNECT"
           button to initiate the forced reset.
       * Update ARQ icons
       * Disable auto-open flmsg when flmsg->flarq->fldigi data path
         is active.

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Thu Apr 7 20:59:50 2016 -0500

     focus behavior

       * remove focus grab behavior of FreqControl widget

Author: David Freese <iam_w1hkj@...>
Date:   Sat Apr 2 08:26:15 2016 -0500

     PTT delays

       * Corrected reversed on/off sense
       * Increased max delay to 5000 msec
       * Changed increments to 10 / 100 msec

73, David, W1HKJ

Posted by: w1hkj <w1hkj@...>


Re: QST: Good bye to OS X - Hello MacOS

As I recall Apple came out with Mac OS 10 and called it OS X, then Microsoft created Windows 10 much later. The rumor on-the-street is Apple’s next OS will be 11.?? and so they may drop the “X" and go back to “MacOS" to be in line with watchOS an iOS (for iPads and iPhones).  I have no idea when the name change will take effect but from now on I will try to use “Mac OS” and the current released version is MacOS 10.11.4 and 10.11.5 - 15F18b has been released for beta testing. 

The good news is both version still work with fldigi.

Dick AA5VU

On Apr 19, 2016, at 6:23 PM, linuxham-hHKSG33TihhbjbujkaE4pw@public.gmane.org wrote:

Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:13 pm (PDT) . Posted by: 

"w1hkj" w1hkj 

OS X (ten) and Windows-10 ... much too much of a coincidence.


On 04/19/2016 06:10 PM, Richard Kriss aa5vu <at> att.net [linuxham] wrote:
> The name OS X may soon be changing to MacOS
> http://www.iclarified.com/54818/apple-leaks-reference-to-macos-on-its-website

Posted by: Richard Kriss <rmkriss-fOdFMYwuEsI@public.gmane.org>