Dave B | 17 Apr 11:04 2014

Re: Opinions please

> 1.7. Re: Opinions please
>     Posted by: "Michael Wrenn" michael.k5wrn@... k5wrn
>     Date: Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:48 am ((PDT))
> As a long time Linux user and work time Windows user, I am biased,
> however I don't feel that the Unix file structure should be changed to
> accommodate the Windows platform.
	<Snipped again>
> Seven Three,
> Michael - K5WRN
> http://www.qrz.com/db/K5WRN


As far as I can see, since XP.  MS seem to be moving themselves towards a 
directory structure, not unlike some *nix's.

That is one of the major headaches for people moving from XP to "whatever".  
They often loose the plot, and Windows too by defalt tries to be helpful by 
hiding what MS think the user will not want to see.   Plus, there are now some 
other features in 7 and 8, that are somewhat like *nix's symlink behaviour.

You can freely add (link) more folders to your "Library" of documents, music, 
pictures and so on, for one.

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linuxham | 17 Apr 01:42 2014

New file uploaded to linuxham


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w1hkj | 16 Apr 12:52 2014

Opinions please

I am rewriting the code which detects where the application executable is located.  The purpose is to make it easier for the user to create a USB drive (thumb or otherwise) which can be used to isolate the NBEMS suite from the host computer.  The NBEMS suite consists of fldigi, flarq, flamp, flmsg, flrig, flwrap, fllog and flwkey.  When first started the application will check to see if it was started from the directory "FL_APPS."  It it was then all of the relevant files directories will be placed in the same directory, i.e. ".fldigi," ".flrig," etc.

The question is whether it might be useful to abandon the hidden directory (leading dot) on Linux and OS X and replace the name with the same used on the Windows port; i.e. "fldigi.files," "flrig.files," etc.  This might make it easier for Linux tyros to find the configuration files when it becomes necessary to either edit or delete them.  Many long term Linux and OS X users, including myself, create a visible link to the hidden directories to avoid having to set the directory GUI to always show hidden.

I can include a programmatic renaming of the hidden directory the first time that the application finds it.

73, Dave, W1HKJ


Dave B | 16 Apr 12:51 2014

[OT] Re: New Linux Distro Needed

> 1.13. Re: New Linux Distro Needed
>     Posted by: "Charles Brabham" n5pvl@... n5pvl
>     Date: Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:38 am ((PDT))
> Sandboxie looked interesting, but I don't see where it will bring
> downloaded files into your XP system safely, usable by the system.
> Linux can do that.
> It would be great for casual browsing, eMail with no attachments that
> you might want to use, etc..
> 73 DE Charles, N5PVL

Off toppic (not Linux) but may be of interest to others, considering this thread...

Sandboxie will let you do anything, even download files seamlessly to your local 
hard drive, internal, external or networked drives too.

But...  The data files themselves (In fact, ANY writes to disk invoked by the 
sandboxed app) though they apear to have been downloaded to (say) 
C:\mydownloads  Will in reality be quarantined somewhere in the 
C:\Sandbox\[username]\drive\... etc structure.

Easy to recover (copy/move) out of the sandbox if you trust what you 
downloaded, and more importantly, where you downloaded it from.   It also 
provides (if you want) an instant file recovery feature once the file has finished 

From a windows explorer session, you can "reach into" the sandbox, the right 
click to run an AV scan on the file, assuming you have an uptodate AV that 
gives you that facility (most do now, even MSSE.)

The files are there for you to recover, if you wish.   Or to be safely deleted if 
you rake the s'box clean.

It's also quite a good tool, to see just what dross a website does impart on your 
system, but as in all things, if you do download something that could 
compromise your system, then examining or running it wherever could still do 
the nasty on you.   Sandboxie does warn you of such things if you try.

I've also run program installers in it (it also provides a "right click, run as" 
function, so you can force anything to run in the sandbox) to see what changes 
they do to the system, when something has stomped all over some critical 
system files on another system.   (VB6 created apps typically.)

The advantage of Sandboxie, is that you can rake it clean when you want, and 
ALL traces of what you did vanishes!   Cookies, logs etc, plus any malicious 

Take a look and try the free one, what have you got to loose?   You'll probably 
end up paying the small fee for the much more flexable version, to use it 
permanently, once you understand how and what it does.   No XP system should 
be without it now, plus you can default the browsers to run in it, however they 
are invoked.  (Paid for version now only, sadly.)

No affiliation, just a more than happy user for many years, as are many friends 
and family I've shown it to.   Including one who likes the "darker corners" of the 
interweb.  I've not had to clean and rebuild that PC for over 3 years bnow, since 
installing SB onto his "personal" XP PC!.   I consider that a job well done.

A MUCH More detailed description and info about it can be found at:-
Then scroll down to episodes 172 and 174.

Of course, if the system is already compromised, nothing will help you, untill 
you fully clean the system first.


Dave G0WBX.

miscwrc | 16 Apr 04:06 2014

Re: New Linux Distro Needed

I did try to get people on board with OS/2 with various versions of OS2NOS and PMNOS.

Walt - kz1f


Michael Coslo | 16 Apr 04:05 2014

More success

I just completed my second Linux install on a Chromebook.

What has me excited, is that I installed it, added the Kamal repository, downloaded and installed the
software, added myself to the dialout group, made sure the drivers were correct, and started FLDigi,
entered the information it needed, and boom - it worked.

Maybe there’s hope for me yet! Thanks to all who’ve helped me.

	- 73 Mike N3LI -

Dave B | 15 Apr 17:46 2014

Re: New Linux Distro Needed

The only way I can see this working...

Is to run the existing install of XP as a guest in a VM, hosted on a much faster 
machine, itself running a version of Linux, BSD, OSX or even a later Windows.
Possibly as a drive clone real to virtual, or just use the orignal drive installed as 
a second physical drive, as the boot target for the VM.

Of course, there will be some driver issues, but XP is actually quite good at 
sorting out a lot of that by itself, so long as it can phone home when it boots, 
and the VM emulates relatively standard sound and video systems etc.

The HOST system would have to act as a network filtering/proxy for XP's 
external network traffic, doing full content filtering etc on the fly, to keep the 
bad guys out.

Possible?  Yes.    Likely?  I doubt it.    Free?  Dream on!

spx   Comes close I think.   No personal experiance though.)

Oh.  As to Windows 8.x will run most if not all XP programs.  Not entirely true.  
Some older business software still has 16 bit components, that will not run on 
8.x in any way shape or form.

The much vaunted XP virtual machine, present in the "Pro" versions of 7 and 8, 
is severly hog-tied in it's abilities.  You will have great dificulty getting to any 
real (or USB) COM ports in a sensible way, even getting reliable access to 
shared network volumes can be "problematical" for the XP VM.

Yes, a lot of later windows programs can be made to work OK on 7 and 8, but 
it's often a bit of a struggle at first, plus there are subtle differences even when 
you do get them working.

Bite the bullet.   Either buy a new up-to-date Windows PC, (or Apple box.)   Or, 
put a good free OS (a recent Linux etc) on existing hardware.

As someone else has said, the transition from XP to 8 is not painless (even with 
Classic Shell.)  Going from XP to Xubuntu or Mint would be about the same 
overall, but take a little longer.   Most people who just surf, email and watch 
YouTube, trawl fbook, or twatter etc, will have no problems at all.

Specific games players, will always need a native OS on bare metal, or a truly 
awsome piece of hardware to run a similarly awsome VM on.   But they will 
probably prefer to run whatever version of Windows they can natively on the 
same hardware, and get even better performance.   Security notwithstanding.

The *need* to run specific apps (Sage Accounts etc) needs another aproach.  
That's where a VM can shine, especially if there are no later OS compatable 
version of said app' to be used.   (Heck, we are running SmartWare in DosBox 
on Win7 pro at work!)   But, again, that will not prevent the guest OS from 
becoming compromised if you still let it run wild out on the general WWW via 
the guest, unless you fully filter the network traffic on the fly.

For those who like online games of the mind numbing type (effing candy crush 
and all the casino emulators etc) probably a google chromebook, or some other 
Android device would suit them better.   Or an iPad!

Horses for corses, you pay your money, and make your choice.   There is no one 
size fit's all solution.

Lets get back to what a ham needs from Linux.


Dave G0WBX.

Dave B | 15 Apr 16:41 2014

Re: New Linux Distro Needed

> 1l. Re: New Linux Distro Needed
>     Posted by: "Kevin Raper" kj4hyd@... icurapossum_hunter2
>     Date: Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:44 am ((PDT))
> On Apr 14, 2014, at 12:47 PM, Charles Brabham wrote:
> > In this case, I am not interested in switching over to Linux. I have
> > stated
> what I, and thousands of other XP users who also do not want to switch
> over to Linux would benefit from - a new Linux distro specifically
> aimed at overcoming security problems brought on by the end of XP's
> support by Microsoft. 
> I think what you REALLY want is an Open Source Windows XP, and your
> with has been Granted!
> Take a look at http://www.reactos.org it is an Open Source OS based on
> Windows NT and will run your existing Windows XP software.
> 73,
> Kevin Raper

Take care Kevin.

ReactOS shows promise definitely, but is not ready for prime time yet, sadly.

They do say quite openly, that a lot of functionality is still missing, and overall 
it's still in Alpha test stage.

It's not that quick either.


Dave G0WBX.

Dave B | 15 Apr 16:32 2014

Re: New Linux Distro Needed

> 1g. Re: New Linux Distro Needed
>     Posted by: "Charles Brabham" n5pvl@... n5pvl
>     Date: Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:47 am ((PDT))
> In this case, I am not interested in switching over to Linux. I have
> stated what I, and thousands of other XP users who also do not want to
> switch over to Linux would benefit from - a new Linux distro
> specifically aimed at overcoming security problems brought on by the
> end of XP's support by Microsoft.



You're not interested in switching to Linux.  But, you want a new Linux distro'?

Sorry, you lost me there...

Puppy, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and similar, will all run happily on most recent, and 
many older XP boxes, with minimal problems.   (Some WiFi systems need 
propriatary drivers, also some video cards, but that's about all.)

Heck.  DSL (Damn Small Linux) will usually boot and run on old DOS/Win3.x 

(If anyone wants some fun, crank up a VM on a modern PC, and install DOS + 
Win3.x.  Now that's one embarrasingly fast system, even more so, if you do it 
on the bare metal!)

If you just want to keep using XP, then do so, but lock down the machine, make 
the browsers default page "about:blank" ininstall Adobe reader, Java and Flash, 
and disable the network.

An isolated machine (whatever OS) is almost as safe as if it's not running at all, 
but will still let you run Fldigi etc.

If you "Have" to access the web.  Then use a sandbox:-
http://www.sandboxie.com/ to run the browser in.

In Linux terms, a Sandbox is much like a chroot jail on steeroids.

Do not use it for email (another route in for the bad guys) or if you do, run the 
mailer in a sandbox of it's own.   (Those of us who still run windows, and knew 
about Sandboxie from a few years back, already have full versions that allow 
multiple sandboxes.)

Lastly, no OS is truly secure.  The weak point is always the user.


Dave G0WBX.
(I now have fewer Windows boxes, than I have Linux!)

w1hkj | 14 Apr 02:25 2014

flmsg-2.0.3 posted


Custom select
     * Added restore of current selection when items are updated.
     * Restored ability to edit/view first custom form in pick list.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Petr Hlozek | 13 Apr 18:59 2014

CQRLOG 1.7.4 released!


I just released new version of CQRLOG.


+ F keys to CW type window added
+ address to RBN server can be changed in Preferences
+ full date (not only year,month) is supported in membership files
+ close the "Status of log upload" window after successful upload added
+ moved to new LoTW url and updated upload routines
+ band button description is editable (Preferences -> TRX control ->
Change default frequencies)

- 6W/MM0NDX was marked as unknown country instead of Senegal - fixed
- after View QSO and CTRL+F2 fields was still read-only - fixed
- QSL information was added to Commend to QSO even if it already exists
- '+' character is now allowed in any field in New QSO window
- log could not recover from a wrong upload of updated QSO - fixed

# '+' as hotkey to add to bandmap function removed, use CTRL+A instead
# any result from ClubLog with 'Skipping QSO' won't stop uploading of the log

Packages on Lauchpad are already created, CQRLOG should be available
in distribution updates very soon. More in Download section -

73 Petr, OK2CQR