bugzilla-daemon | 3 Sep 00:40 2008

[Bug 2409] Look for glade files in the same directory as their script.


Kiko <kiko <at> async.com.br> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |kiko <at> async.com.br

--- Comment #9 from Kiko <kiko <at> async.com.br>  2008-09-02 19:40:27 BRT ---
I wonder if this goes upstream to
https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kiwi/+bug/40177 since they are
monitoring this site's plugins.


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khiraly k | 4 Sep 11:17 2008

Application crash when launched on windows xp in no console mode (application.pyw)


I use gazpacho on windows xp. I launch in no console mode to eliminate
the ugly cmd window.
I launch 'launch-gazpacho.pyw' file.

When I quit gazpacho (window close button or file-quit) it crash with
the following exception:
  File c:\python25\lib\atexit.py, line 24, in _run_exitfuncs
    func(*targs, **kargs)
  File C:\Python25\lib\logging\__init__.py, line 1354, in shutdown
  File C:\Python25\lib\logging\__init__.py, line 731, in flush
IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

If I launch gazpacho with console, it does not crash.
I was hunting down this bug for two days.
If I comment the gtk.main_quit() line in  gazpacho:
gazpacho/app/app.py -> _quit_cb, it does not crash.

The real bug is in the kiwi/environ.py:
from kiwi.log import Logger

IF I eliminate this logging behaviour, the gazpacho application does not crash.
So if I replace this line (environ.py:38):
log = Logger('environ')

With this:
# log = Logger('environ')
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bugzilla-daemon | 8 Sep 06:57 2008

[Bug 3788] New: Don't show a column in an ObjectTree/ObjectList


           Summary: Don't show a column in an ObjectTree/ObjectList
           Product: Kiwi
           Version: SVN trunk
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: (unset)
          Priority: (unset)
         Component: ObjectList
        AssignedTo: jdahlin <at> async.com.br
        ReportedBy: miguelangel.garcia <at> gmail.com
         QAContact: kiwi <at> async.com.br
   Estimated Hours: 0.0

You can hide a column initially, but user can check it as visible. I want to
have an internal column, used for sorting and filtering (well... filtering in
the future). But I don't want the user can see it.


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George | 11 Sep 19:38 2008

ANNOUNCE: kiwi 1.9.23

Kiwi is a PyGTK framework for building graphical applications loosely
based on MVC Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Allen Holub's Visual proxy
[1]. Think of Kiwi as a high-level, object-oriented layer built on
Its design is based on real-world experience using PyGTK to develop
large desktop applications, which use many concepts common to most
graphical applications: multiple windows and dialogs, forms, data
persistence, lists and high-level classes that support domain objects


Grab the latest sources from:


What's new since 1.9.22?

  * Added support for multiple colors in ColoredColumn (Ronaldo Maia)
  * Fixed glade-3 plugin (Johan Dahlin)
  * Minor bug fixes


* An MVC-derived framework of classes:
  * Views, which represent the graphical display
  * Controllers, which handles user interaction with the widgets
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Thomas Guettler | 12 Sep 15:38 2008

TreeView with load on demand


can someone point me to a treeview example which loads
the data of the subtrees on demand? I want to write
something like a simple file browser.