Omer Zak | 26 Apr 08:24 2008

[SUMMARY] Python IDEs, GUI builders and debuggers

Few weeks ago I asked about experiences and recommendations concerning
Python IDEs, especially for working with wxPython.
The following people replied and I thank them: Tal Einat, Udi Bauman,
Alon Levy, Avishay Cohen, Nimrod Steinbock, Meir Kriheli, Simon Robins.

The following is a summary of the collective wisdom.

1. To learn wxPython, the following resources are available:

* has videos and tutorials.
* The wxPython demo is good.  In Debian, it is available from
wx2.6-examples package.
To use it, install the package, and then read the
file /usr/share/doc/wx2.6-examples/examples/README.examples.
After reading the file,
run /usr/share/doc/wx2.6-examples/examples/ to be able
to run the demo.
* The book "wxPython in action" is not great but nice and good enough to
get you going.
* "The wxPython tutorial" from is good as
* "The wxPython Linux Tutorial", another wxPython tutorial, exists in
* wxWidgets 2.8.4 reference is available from
* wxPython reference is available from

2. GUI Builders

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