Ron Klein | 15 Jun 10:05 2016

Looking for a lecturer for an intro to Python course


I work in a nice company named Leadspace.
While most of the developers' work here is done in Java/Scala (and also node.js), we want to expand our toolbox and learn Python.
Our goal for the near future is to use Python for lightweight tasks, where short development time takes precedence over program performance.
For such purposes, we would like to focus on Python's syntax and modules (standard modules like itertools, csv and json, as well as installing external modules like db connectors, 7zip etc. using pip).
If any of you know a good lecturer (or you are one yourself!) to give such a course (should be at most 2 days, including in-class exercises and homework, not necessarily consequent days) - I'd be happy if you'd connect him/her to me.
We'll take care of the classroom organization and logistics, the lecturer should only prepare the course and the exercises.
There's no need for a formal, printed materials, as the web offers all we need.
[Also, no need for a so-called-formal-certification]

My contact details (if, for some reason, you missed the "from" header of this mail): ron [at] leadspace [dot] com

Thanks a lot!

Ron Klein
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Amit Aronovitch | 23 Mar 00:00 2016

revamping the python-il website and other community stuff

Hi all,

As you might recall, this community still has some web resources online (a static site and a wiki, under domain) which had been static for many years and are mostly outdated.

The upcoming PyCon event will inevitably get some traffic towards them, so making them more up-to-date (or off the air entirely if it comes to that) becomes a little urgent. However, I am having trouble finding the time to do that (especially since I got myself involved with PyCon organization), so help would be appreciated.

As first step, I moved the repo of the site to git and github (seems like that's where the herds are grazing these days): (PR's are welcome).
Also, I have created a task-list on Hamakor's new owncloud server (contact me or shaib if you wish to join. Meanwhile we can use mail).

Upcoming tasks:

1. Replace the logo.
   While I am quite fond of the current logo, I recently learned that it might not comply to the PSF's trademark policy. To avoid issues, the logo should be either unrelated to the official Python icon, or include the original icon's shape in a complete and separated form.
   In upcoming week I intend to either replace the logo with some simple alternative, or remove it completely. If you have ideas - please discuss here.

2. Put a banner/ribbon or other prominent link pointing to PyCon-IL

3. Update styles, add images. In particular - if you have photos from PyWeb or other Python-related community events that I can use, that would be much appreciated.

4. Consider usage for the - continue as is (add some new contents), replace with some other wiki, dump it?

5. Ideas for new content (aggregators from social media? host a little blog for the community?)

Again, help/ideas would be appreciated (without help, I will probably not get beyond 2 above, and it is crucial to get some progress before Pesach).


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Shai Berger | 15 Mar 22:49 2016

Fwd: [pyweb-il:5560] Pycon IL registration is open!

Apologies for cross-posting; we don't do this much, and we want to reach as 
many people as we can.
From: Noam Elfanbaum <noam.elf <at>>
Subject: [pyweb-il:5560] Pycon IL registration is open!
Date: 2016-03-15 21:22:49 GMT

Hi all,
Finally, Pycon Israel 2016 registration is open to the public! Sponsors reaction to the conference was great (almost all the sponsorship slots are already taken!) hence the tickets are (very) reasonably priced at 250 NIS until April 2'nd, and 350 NIS afterwards.

On the keynote speakers list, some major contributors to the Python community approved their arrival: The creator of NumPy and SciPy, Travis Oliphant. Straight from Pycon 2015, the author of the collections and itertools modules,  Raymond Hettinger. Last but not least, are Ola Sendecka and Ola Sitarska (aka The Olas), founders of Django girls and members of Django core team.

There are some more great surprises we will announce soon, you can follow us on Twitter to stay up to speed. The number of tickets available is limited, so if you want to go,  don't wait too long!
Noam Elfanbaum

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Amit Aronovitch | 7 Mar 20:36 2016

Who is the owner of the python-il Google-Group?

Hi all,

List maintenance issue: Sorry to bother you all, but I need to see if I can contact the owner of that google group.
I mean the group at!forum/python-il , NOT the mailing list.

If you know anything about it, please contact me. If not, you can skip the rest.
If not, but still want some explanations, read on.


* It appears that there is a Google Group named python-il (had been there for several years I think).

* The group has bi-directional redirect to the python-il mailing list ( <at> hamakor), but shows a considerable amount of spam as well.

* Joining the group brings me the "admin" interface, but it does not let me see the members list.

* I suspect that this group had been generated by one of our subscribers (i.e. someone subscriber feeds their email into this group),
   for the benefit of those who prefer reading it this way.
    There is no problem with this forward per se, as this list is already public, archived and searchable.
   However, it appears that the person in charge does not clean up the spam properly (which bothers me because searches might lead
   to the group instead of the other archives, and people following the results have to encounter the spam).


 a. Try to reach the person in charge, ask them to filter the spam, or give someone else the permissions to do so.

 b. Failing that, try to contact google and have them remove the list (I don't mind if anyone sets up a new one, as long as spam is filtered,
     and I can contact the list moderator when needed).


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Amit Aronovitch | 7 Mar 19:52 2016

testing 123


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Shlomi Fish | 14 Feb 16:11 2016

Help Is Appreciated for Ongoing Work on PySol Fan Club Edition

Hi all,

as work on PySol Fan Club Edition (= a comprehensive and feature-rich suite of
solitaire/patience card games released as free and open source software under
the GPLv3+) has stalled, some people and I have done some ongoing maintenance
of it on GitHub:


(Note the branch.)

And I'd like to ask you people for help if possible. Feel free to fork the
repository, file issues in the issue tracker, send pull-requests, etc.

Current task list is:

1. Clean up the code including the merging of a lot of duplicate code in the
codebase (especially among pysollib/tk/*.py and pysollib/tile/*.py).

2. Port to Python 3. The first item is a precondition for that to avoid
duplicate code.

3. Implement new features.

4. Make it easier to get up-and-running from source.

5. Fix bugs if any.

Help is welcome.


	Shlomi Fish


Shlomi Fish
First stop for Perl beginners -

You can never truly appreciate The Gilmore Girls until you’ve watched it in
the original Klingon.

Please reply to list if it's a mailing list post - .
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Shai Berger | 19 Jan 21:26 2016

PyCon Israel


זה כבר פורסם קצת במקומות אחרים -- הולך להיות השנה כנס PyCon
Israel. זה הולך 
להיות במרכז (כנראה רמת גן), כנראה יומיים בשני מסלולים,
ומהסימנים שקיבלנו עד 
עכשיו, זה הולך להיות די גדול. עוד יש מקום להצטרף
למארגנים, ואנחנו גם מחפשים 

המתעניינים מוזמנים להצטרף לקבוצת הדיון --!forum/pycon-israel
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Zaar Hai | 9 Nov 09:53 2015

Python tamers wanted

Good day list members,

We here at Kaminario are desperately looking for JavaScript ninjas and Python tamers (not necessary at the same time). Speaking seriously, we are starting new exciting project in the area of Web / Cloud scale, data warehousing and mining using the latest and greatest technologies.

The project is running in startup-in-startup environment - you'll be part of small, agile, 5 member team, while all together being a part of our globally emerging startup company.

Last time I was looking for a job, I was desperate to find such openings at North, so I think it's an opportunity.

If you are up to the challenge and wants to work in great environment in Yoqneam, please send your CV to me.

Here are the job descriptions:

Senior Frontend:
Senior Backend:

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Shai Berger | 24 Jun 01:15 2015

אוגוסט פינגווין

טוב, נו, הסנדלר הולך יחף. הפצתי את ההודעה הזו בכל מיני
מקומות, אבל לא „אצלי 
בבית”, ברשימות הפייתון.

כנס אוגוסט פינגווין יתקיים השנה במכללת שנקר, ביום ששי
7.8. אנחנו עדיין מחפשים 
תכנים והרצאות. אנחנו מתכננים שלושה מסלולים: מסלול
קהילתי, מסלול טכני כללי, 
ומסלול אבטחת מידע, ונשמח לקבל הצעות להרצאות (אם כי כבר
יש לנו לא מעט הצעות).

נשמח לקבל גם עזרה נוספת, כמפורט פה:

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effikal | 14 Apr 19:33 2015

מישרות חדשות-Python


מישרה 1

ר"צ פיתוח פייטון- שינהל צוות של 2-3 מפתחים ( לא אוטומציה אלא פיתוח של מוצרי


זה הפרופיל:


מנהל/ת צוות פיתוח HANDS ON -PYTHON בסביבת  WEB

ר"צ פיתוח PYTHON ( 40% HANDSON)
בסביבת WEB פיתוח   CLEINT/SERVER   
ניהול של 2-3 מפתחים
עבודה אפשרית בבאר שבע או הרצליה




Relevant academic degree (CS/ CE / EE)
At least 2 years’ experience in Python Must
At least 1 year as team leader – Must
Experience in design and development of 
Server and Client side
Knowledge and experience in Linux - Must
Experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, 
JQuery – advantage
Strong understanding of web technologies 
– advantage
Experience with Django framework 
Experience working with Linux 
Experience in design, coding, integration, 
and debugging capabilities



מישרה 2

דרוש/ה ראש צוות אוטומציה ומפתחי אוטומציה- עם ניסיון ב PYTHON


אפשרי  מועמדים עם ניסיון בניהול צוות פיתוח PYTHON


עם ניסיון ניהולי – חובה.


ניסיון בפיתוח מוצרים מורכבים, ב- LOW LEVEL   ומול מערכות הפעלה של LINUX


הצוות הוא צוות שמפתח כלי אוטומציה.







אפי קלמי – מנכ"ל |  אפיק

פתרונות בגיוס השמה ושיווק ישיר



כישלון הוא מצב זמני, הוויתור הופך אותו לתמידי! 




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haim avni | 8 Apr 16:05 2015

Looking for Python Web Developer

I am working with Coolano, a young start up. The company  is looking for a talented programmer to join its team. The company develops Web applications that analyze social networks traffic and other sources of information for its customers. The applications are written in Web2py which is a Python based Web framework (Django's little sister, if you will :-)) and Bootstrap / Angular JS on the client side. We are looking for an individual who can work independently and yet is a team player. The arrangement can be rather flexible - work from home / part time / freelance etc.

If you are interested, please send your CV to me, haimavni <at>

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