Brian van den Broek | 8 May 20:44 2005

module won't run in IDLE: puzzling traceback

Hi all,

I'm a hobbyist who posts mostly to Tutor; I'm doing my level best to 
handle this "right". Apologies for any mis-steps. I have googled the 
web and searched the gmane archive of this list for the terms 
asyncqueue and putmessage but did not come up with anything that I 
recognized as relevant.

The problem:

I have a module which, when I run it with IDLE 1.1.1 produces the 
following traceback:

IDLE 1.1.1
 >>> ================================ RESTART 
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\PYTHON24\lib\idlelib\", line 233, in asyncqueue
     self.putmessage((seq, request))
   File "C:\PYTHON24\lib\idlelib\", line 333, in putmessage
     raise IOError

It leaves the program running (attempts to close the shell window 
produce a "The program is still running!" dialog). My environment is 
Python 2.4.1 running on a WindowsME box. Possibly of relevance: 1) I 
run ZoneAlarm, and 2) I often, but unpredictably, get the IDLE 
subprocess error message when attempting to relaunch IDLE after having 
shut it down, and have to kill a running Pythonw process in 
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Bartels, C.L.L. | 23 May 11:49 2005

debugging with idle


I've been using idle for some time now, and I really like it, it is small/clean/comes with the standard
python package and can do most of what I want. Only it's debugging capability is a bit incomplete (or I am not
using it correctly, so correct me if I am wrong), i.e. I use a lot of classes with submembers (which for
example are lists with implicit references to other python objects) etc... And I can't really view them in
the python debugger, it only sais: "class instance at addr xxx" and I cant click it or view deeper into it.
Any ideas on this?

Best regards,
Michael Urban | 31 May 11:16 2005

Triple quoted strings syntax highlighting

I'm new to the list, but there was an
enchancement I was considering for IDLE (and
possibly even writing it myself).

Since triple quoted strings are often used
(perhaps primary used? at least by me) to enclose
documentation for the pydoc generator, I thought
it would be a nice feature if IDLE considered
triple quoted strings seperately from single and
double quoted strings for syntax highlighting

Just wanted to get some opinions and thoughts on
this before I start trying to figure out how to
add this enhancement myself.

Thanks for any input.

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