Federico Di Gregorio | 16 May 11:09 2004

RELEASE: psycopg 1.1.12

Hi *,

here we are with psycopg 1.1.12. I don't usually give names to psycopg
releases but this one _had_ to be named "martin, you won't have this
package" (hi martin!)

psycopg 1.1.12 can be downloaded from its home page on the initd.org
website or directly from


new in this release (see NEWS and ChangeLog files for full changes):

* Fixed nasty segfault/deadlock in switch_isolation_level.

* Now the PostgreSQL TIME type is correctly converted to a DateTimeDelta
  instead of a DateTime. This is much better because you can now add two
  times and a time and a date.

* Added an "sslmode" parameter (look at PostgreSQL documentation for
  possible values.)

* .execute() now rise the right exception if called with a wrong
   tuple/dict. Also, %% in queries does not raise an exception anymore.

* Updated RPM specs (thanks to Mark McClain we now have updated RPMs on
  initd.org too.)

have fun,
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Federico Di Gregorio | 21 May 11:09 2004

RELEASE: psycopg 1.1.13

Hi *,

psycopg 1.1.12 had a serious problem in ZPsycopgDA that made impossible
to add new connections. With many thanks to Hiroyuki SHINDO that
reported this bug here is psycopg 1.1.13 that fixes the problem.

download from:


have fun,


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