Richard Waid | 1 Apr 01:07 2011

GroupServer 11.03 — Pineapple Snow at a Child's Party

The team at OnlineGroups.Net is pleased to announce the release of
GroupServer 11.03 — Pineapple Snow at a Child's Party. Pineapple Snow
is now available from:

Changes in this release concentrate on a new Change Email Settings
page. The the release notes contain more details on the changes that
have been made:

GroupServer is written in Python utilising the Zope and the ZTK framework.
We believe that GroupServer has the ease of use of web based groups such
as Google Groups, the administrative freedom of mailing list managers
such as Mailman, and the developer-freedom of open source software
with the GPL Licence.

A feature comparison is available:

We are now looking forward to the next release: GroupServer 11.04 —
Slushy Followed by a Pounding Headache. Details of what we are planning
in each release can be seen on the GroupServer Trac site:

If you wish to report a bug, please do so here:

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Michael Ströder | 1 Apr 13:10 2011

New mailing list for python-ldap


The old SF mailing list python-ldap-dev was shut down today.

I'd be happy to see you on the new mailing list for under the umbrella of

List info here:

All announcements, discussion and support related to python-ldap can be posted

Ciao, Michael.



        Support the Python Software Foundation:

Geoff Bache | 1 Apr 22:19 2011

PyUseCase 3.5: GUI test tool written in Python

Hi all,

PyUseCase now includes support for SWT/Eclipse RCP, using Jython and SWTBot.
This is alongside earlier support for wxPython, Tkinter and PyGTK.
There are also a
fair few enhancements to the "shortcut" mechanism for test refactoring.

Full details are in the ChangeLog in the download.

Geoff Bache

A bit more detail:

PyUseCase is an unconventional GUI testing tool for PyGTK, Tkinter,
wxPython and SWT
along with a framework for testing Python GUIs in general.

Instead of recording GUI mechanics directly, it asks the user for
descriptive names and hence builds up a "domain language" along with a
"UI map file" that translates this language into actions on the
current GUI widgets. The point is to reduce coupling, allow very
expressive tests, and ensure that GUI changes mean changing the UI map
file but not all the tests.

Instead of an "assertion" mechanism, it auto-generates a log of the
GUI appearance and changes to it. The point is then to use that as a
baseline for text-based testing, using TextTest.

It also includes support for instrumenting code so that "waits" can be
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PySide 1.0.1: Python for Qt released!

Hi folks,

this is a minor release of PySide, essentially bug fixing.
So many bugs were smashed that our shoes are now useless.
Here's the links for the tarballs:


And here's the list of fixed bugs:

387 Some code snippets still not ported to PySide docs
532 QNetworkSession documentation formatting broken
540 Duplicate entries in QRegExp docs
685 The second arg. of QObject.findChildren doesn't have a default
value and doesn't support regexes.
690 installer installes bad packages on mac
693 Heap corruption or double free reported on program exit
694 QWebPage::extensions need injected overloads due to required casts
on C++ version
696 Python 2.7 will crash if passing non existing self.var to QMenu constructor.
699 PySide.QtCore.Property doesn't throw a TypeError if the first arg
isn't a PyType.
702 doesn't work in RHEL6 x86_64
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Sebastian Hilbert | 2 Apr 21:15 2011

GNUmed 0.9.0 released


GNUmed 0.9.0 has been released.

GNUmed project builds free, liberated open source Electronic Medical Record 
software in multiple languages to assist and improve longitudinal care 
(specifically in ambulatory settings, i.e. multi-professional practices and 



        NEW: use much enhanced, file-based FreeDiams API
        NEW: support primary provider on patients along with configurable 
        NEW: support array of contextual FKs per inbox message
        NEW: support dicomscope as DICOM viewer
        NEW: support summary field on health issues and episodes
        NEW: translate database strings from within client and contribute 
        NEW: simplistic coding systems browser
        NEW: cloning of workplaces
        NEW: hook "post_person_creation"
        NEW: placeholder: "emr_journal::soap//%(narrative)s//255//tex::9999"
        NEW: LaTeX template: chronological EMR journal
        NEW: placeholder: "free_text::tex//<purpose>::9999"
        NEW: LaTeX template: generic free-text medical statement (English and 
        NEW: full manual management of substances/drug components/branded 
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Jessica McKellar | 3 Apr 20:01 2011

[ANNOUNCE] Twisted 11.0.0 Released


On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I am honored to announce the
release of Twisted 11.0.0.

Highlights include:

 * a new templating system in Twisted Web, "twisted.web.template",
derived from Divmod Nevow.
 * improved behavior of subprocess spawning on FreeBSD.
 * the 'twistd mail' plugin now uses the endpoints API, providing a
more consistent command line and compatibility with endpoint plugins.
 * twisted.plugin no longer emits a confusing traceback when it can't
write a cache file.

and numerous other bugfixes and documentation improvements. For more
information, see the NEWS file.

Download it now from:


or install the 'Twisted' package from PyPI.

Many thanks to Glyph Lefkowitz and Jean-Paul Calderone for
sanity-checking the pre-releases and release, and to the enthusiastic
PyCon 2011 sprinters who annihilated dozens of tickets. Thanks to
*everyone* who contributed tickets, patches, documentation, reviews,
buildbots, feedback, and assistance to fellow users and developers
leading up to this release. It is truly a group effort.
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Fabio Zadrozny | 4 Apr 17:39 2011

Pydev 2.0 Released

Hi All,

PyDev 2.0 has been released

Details on PyDev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights:


* TDD actions on Ctrl+1

* Improved code coverage support

See video at: with these improvements



 * It's possible to pin a test run and restore it later.
 * Errors that occur while importing modules are properly shown.
 * It's possible to override the test runner configurations for a given launch.
 * The Nose test runner works properly when there's an error in a fixture.

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Laura Creighton | 4 Apr 22:15 2011

PyPy Gothenburg Post-Easter Sprint April 25 - May 1 2011

PyPy Göteborg Post-Easter Sprint April 25 - May 1 2011

The next PyPy sprint will be in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a public sprint, 
very suitable for newcomers.  We'll focus on making the 1.5 release (if
it hasn't already happened) and whatever interests the Sprint attendees.

Topics and goals

The main goal is to polish and release PyPy 1.5, supporting Python 2.7
as well as the last few months' improvements in the JIT (provided that
it hasn't already happened).  Other topics:

- Going over our documentation, and classifying our docs in terms of
  mouldiness.  Deciding what needs writing, and maybe writing it.

- Helping people get their code running with PyPy

- maybe work on EuroPython Training, and talks

- Summer of Code preparation


- any other programming task is welcome too -- e.g. tweaking the
  Python or JavaScript interpreter, Stackless support, and so on.

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Chris Calloway | 5 Apr 00:11 2011

Toronto PyCamp 2011

The University of Toronto Department of Physics brings PyCamp to Toronto 
on Monday, June 27 through Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Register today at

For beginners, this ultra-low-cost Python Boot Camp makes you productive 
so you can get your work done quickly. PyCamp emphasizes the features 
which make Python a simpler and more efficient language. Following along 
with example Python PushUps™ speeds your learning process. Become a 
self-sufficient Python developer in just four days at PyCamp! Pycamp is 
conducted on the campus of the University of Toronto in a state of the 
art high technology classroom.


Chris Calloway
office: 3313 Venable Hall   phone: (919) 599-3530
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599


        Support the Python Software Foundation:

Pierre.RAYBAUT | 6 Apr 11:38 2011

[ANN] guiqwt v2.1.0

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that `guiqwt` v2.1.0 has been released.
Note that the project has recently been moved to GoogleCode:

This version of `guiqwt` includes a demo software, Sift (for Signal and Image Filtering Tool), based on
`guidata` and `guiqwt`:
Windows users may even download the portable version of Sift 0.22 to test it without having to install anything:

The `guiqwt` documentation with examples, API reference, etc. is available here:

Based on PyQwt (plotting widgets for PyQt4 graphical user interfaces) and on the scientific modules NumPy
and SciPy, guiqwt is a Python library providing efficient 2D data-plotting features (curve/image
visualization and related tools) for interactive computing and signal/image processing application development.

When compared to the excellent module `matplotlib`, the main advantage of `guiqwt` is performance: see

But `guiqwt` is more than a plotting library; it also provides:

  * Helper functions for data processing: see the example

  * Framework for signal/image processing application development: see

  * And many other features like making executable Windows programs easily (py2exe helpers): see

guiqwt plotting features are the following:
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