Pierre Quentel | 1 Mar 10:54 2009

buzhug-1.5 released

Hi there,

buzhug is the fastest pure-Python database engine, with a clear and
intuitive syntax (no SQL)

The new release 1.5 brings the following improvements :

- introduce a thread-safe version

- introduce a new syntax for record selection :

    record = db(key1=value2[,key2=value2...])

- allow an iterable of records for update


- a Windows installer is provided

Home page : http://buzhug.sourceforge.net/
Downloads : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=167078
Community : http://groups.google.com/group/buzhug?lnk=li

Best regards,

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Bart Spaans | 1 Mar 15:39 2009

mingus 0.4 released

Mingus is an advanced, cross-platform music theory and notation
package for Python with MIDI file and playback support. It can be used
to play around with music theory, to build editors, educational tools
and other applications that need to process and/or play music. It can
also be used to create sheet music with LilyPond. Version 0.4 of
mingus has been released today. A lot has happened since version 0.3:

  + A separate midi sub-package for playing, reading and writing midi
data was added; The reading part is still buggy and should not be
relied upon, but the rest works like a charm.
  + The fluidsynth module now uses the pyFluidSynth bindings instead
of depending on a running server to play notes.
  + A new module named value was added to make dealing with note
durations easier.
  + Added chord substitution algorithms in the progressions module.
  + More functions, updates and bugfixes in the existing packages (see
the change log for detailed information).
  + Up to date documentation, tutorials and exercises.
  + Packages for Ubuntu (in PPA) and Arch (NB. these packages are not
maintained by me and may not always be up to date).

See mingus' homepage for more information and downloads:

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Olivier Tilloy | 2 Mar 19:13 2009

Elisa Media Center 0.5.30 Release

Dear Python users,

The Elisa team is happy to announce the release of Elisa Media Center
0.5.30, code-named "El Condor Pasa".

Elisa is a cross-platform and open-source Media Center written in Python.
It uses GStreamer [1] for media playback and pigment [2] to create an
appealing and intuitive user interface.

This release is a "light weight" release, meaning it is pushed through
our automatic plugin update system. That is why there is no new Elisa
windows installer nor any new packages: use the existing ones for
0.5.27; with the default configuration, they should upgrade
automatically to 0.5.30.

Tarballs for 0.5.30 are provided for packagers who want to disable the
automatic plugin update system on their distribution.

A complete list of the issues fixed can be found at:


This is also summarised in the (attached) release notes.

Installers and sources can be downloaded from

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome at

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Martin P. Hellwig | 3 Mar 03:07 2009

[ANN] EuroPython 2009 – Open for Registration and Reminder of Participation!

On behalf of the EuroPython 2009 organisation it is my privilege and 
honour to announce that EuroPython 2009 is open for registration!  
EuroPython is the conference for the communities around Python, 
including the Django, Zope and Plone communities.
This year's conference will be held in Birmingham, UK from Monday 30th 
June to Monday 2nd July 2009.
Preceding the conference, on Saturday 28th June and Sunday 29th June, 
are the tutorial days, which can be attended separately.

We have a special extra early bird rate, just 95 GBP for the conference 
and 70 GBP for the tutorials. Be quick, this offer only last untill the 
14th of March!
For your convenience we negotiated special hotel prices, you can book 
your conference and hotels all at ones. Register at 
http://www.europython.eu/registration/ .

Talks & Themes
We already received a number of very interesting talks, why not add yours?
Go to http://www.europython.eu/talks/cfp/ for this year's themes and 
submissions criteria, the deadline is on 5th April 2009.

Other Talks, Activities and Events
Have you got something which does not fit the above? Visit 
http://www.europython.eu/talks/ .

Help Us Out
We could use a hand, any contribution is welcome, please take a look at 
http://www.europython.eu/contact/ .

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Gerhard Häring | 3 Mar 11:05 2009

[ANN] pysqlite 2.5.2

pysqlite 2.5.2 released

Release focus: minor bugfixes, minor new features.

pysqlite is a DB-API 2.0-compliant database interface for SQLite.

SQLite is a in-process library that implements a self-contained,
serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database

Go to http://pysqlite.org/ for downloads, online documentation and
for reporting bugs.


- Like on Connection.rollback(), Connection.commit() now resets
  all statements associated to the connection, so that the
  commit() should always succeed (unless other connections create

- pysqlite used to deliver bogus results on cursors that still
  have unfetched data when a rollback() was done on the
  connection. A commit() or rollback() now puts the cursor into a
  "reset" state. If you try to fetch data after commit() or
  rollback() you will now get an InterfaceError exception instead
  of bogus data.

- For better DB-API compliance, operations on closed cursors now
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Gabriel Genellina | 3 Mar 17:11 2009

Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Mar 3)

QOTW:  "A sort of premature pessimization, then." - Steve Holden, in search
of an adequate description for a clever indexing scheme

    Java best coding styles aren't adequate for Python:

    Challenge: break out of this (experimental) restricted execution

    How to execute an application from inside a zip file (like Java .jar):

    How to test functions that depend on today's date:

    Iterator class to allow restarting a generator:

    A nested conditional expression (in C) that progressively becomes more
    and more simple when rewritten in Python:

    Some people seems worried about the relative performance of Python 3.0
    against Ruby 1.9:

    A proposed implementation for an Ordered Dictionary:
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[Pycon Tre Italy] Call For Presentations

For the third year Florence will host the italian edition of PyCon
starting from May 8th till May 10th.

Unfortunately this year we are a little late in publishing the english
version of our CFP. But here we are now.

As with last year's edition we will provide real time english-italian
and italian-english translation for the main track of the conference and
this year's special guest will be none other than Guido himself.

Registrations are already open at:
http://www.pycon.it/pycon3/registrazione/ where you'll be able to find
further information on tickets prices.

Conference information is available at our site http://www.pycon.it .
The most important deadlines besides those in this CFP are:

 13th Apr, End of the Early Bird
 4th May, End of Late registrations period.

Sponsorships packages are available at this url:

For sponsorship requests contact us at: sponsor <at> pycon.it

Here the CFP:


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Michael McKerns | 3 Mar 21:01 2009


updated Python bindings for grace


# Version

0.4: 03/02/09
 migrated Numeric dependency to Numpy
 added license text
 installs with setuptools, if available
 more gentle install & dependency failure


Mike McKerns
California Institute of Technology


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Gian Mario Tagliaretti | 4 Mar 22:38 2009

[ANNOUNCE] Pygtksourceview 2.5.0

I am pleased to announce version 2.5.0 of the Gtksourceview Python bindings.

Once the mirrors have sync correctly it will be available at:


The bindings are updated with the new Gtksourceview API

News in 2.5.0

   o Added NBSP to draw spaces (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)


gtksourceview is a library that provides a widget for source code display
and editing, derived from Gtk's TextView, and used by gedit and nemiver,
among others.

gtksourceview has recently been released 2.5.6

PyGtksourceview requires:

 o Gtksourceview >= 2.3.0
 o PyGObject >= 2.15.2
 o PyGTK >= 2.8.0

Bug reports should go to:
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Florian Diesch | 5 Mar 16:39 2009

ANN: Peggy 0.01

I'm pleased to announce Peggy 0.01

Get it at http://www.florian-diesch.de/software/peggy/

Peggy helps you to use resources inside a package, especially
resources used by PyGtk classes, like images or glade files. It works
for zipped eggs or packages just somewhere in sys.path.

Peggy is a thin layer on top of setuptools and PyGtk. It's not doing
much fancy stuff but can save you from reading some docs ;-)



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