Greg Ewing | 2 Dec 04:30 2007

ANN: Pyrex

Pyrex is now available:

Mostly just bug fixes in this release; see CHANGES.txt on
the web site for details.

What is Pyrex?

Pyrex is a language for writing Python extension modules.
It lets you freely mix operations on Python and C data, with
all Python reference counting and error checking handled


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Christof Hoeke | 2 Dec 17:18 2007

ANN: cssutils 0.9.4a4

what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets.

main changes since 0.9.4a3
for full details for 0.9.4a4 see the relevant README and CHANGELOG:

- **FEATURE**: Implemented ``css.CSSFontFaceRule``.

- **FEATURE**: Added ``css.CSSStyleSheet.encoding`` which reflects the 
encoding of an explicit  <at> charset rule. Setting the property to ``None`` 
removes an  <at> charset rule if present and sets the encoding to the default 
value 'utf-8'. Setting a value of ``utf-8`` sets the encoding to the 
default value too but the  <at> charset rule is explicitly added.

       Effectively this removes the need to use ``css.CSSCharsetRule`` 
directly as using this new property is easier and simpler.

       (A suggestion in the `CSSOM 
<>`_ but not yet 
resolved. IMHO it does make sense so it is present in cssutils. 
``css.CSSCharsetRule`` remains though if you really *want* to use it).

- **BUGFIX/IMPROVEMENT**: ``css.SelectorList`` and 
``stylesheets.MediaList`` have (Python) list like behaviour partly but 
are *directly not lists anymore* (which did not work properly anyway...).
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Chris Miles | 7 Dec 05:13 2007

EDDIE-Tool 0.36 Released

EDDIE-Tool 0.36 has just been released.

What is it ?
The EDDIE-Tool is an intelligent cross-platform monitoring
agent written entirely in Python.  It provides system, network
and security monitoring features, with an extensive
configuration facility for defining customized monitoring
and data collection rules.

What is new ?
This version has been a long time coming, but has been well
tested over that time.  This version features many
enhancements and bugfixes, some of them listed below.
A special thanks to Zac Stevens and Mark Taylor for their

* Added support for Spread messaging as an alternative to Elvin.
* Implemented a DiskStatistics data collector for Linux.
* More command-line options and support for running as daemon.
* Added a "log" action.  Use it to append to a log file, log
   via syslog, or print on the eddie tty.
* Variables can be set in directives, which can then be used
   in rule evaluation.  For example, if the directive has
   "maxcpu=30", then the rule can address this as
   "rule='pcpu > _maxcpu'".
* HTTP checks support cookie persistence.
* Added "DBI" directive, for database query checking.
* Added Solaris SMF method/manifest files to contrib.
* Many more enhancements and bugfixes - see
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Giles Thomas | 6 Dec 19:05 2007

ANN: Resolver One public Beta now live

We're proud to announce that today Resolver One, our flagship
application, entered its public Beta phase.  It can be downloaded from
<> (free registration
required), and we would very much welcome feedback from the Python

Resolver One is a Rapid Application Development tool for analysing and
presenting business data using a familiar spreadsheet interface - or,
to put it another way, it is a mash-up of a spreadsheet and an IDE.
As you enter formulae on the grid, it writes the equivalent IronPython
code for you.  As you add your own IronPython code, the grid is
updated.   This allows you to build applications that are much more
complex but better-structured than a traditional spreadsheet, much
more quickly than you could if you were using a regular programming
language.  You can then export the code and re-use it elsewhere in
your own programs.

It's primarily targetted at heavy users of number-crunching software,
such as financial firms and the biotech industry, but we use it
internally for all kinds of scripts, so we think any Python programmer
will be able to do fun stuff with it.

If you're interested in taking a look, please do download it or drop
us a line!

Best regards,

Giles Thomas
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Heikki Toivonen | 7 Dec 08:21 2007

ANN: Chandler 0.7.3

The Chandler Project is pleased to announce the 0.7.3 release of
Chandler Desktop!

Chandler Desktop is an open source, standards-based personal information
manager (PIM) built around small group collaboration and a core set of
information management workflows modeled on Inbox usage patterns and
David Allen's GTD methodology.

Download link, information on mailing lists, and how to get the sources
available from the homepage:

The 0.7.3 release is the third in a series of quick, time-based releases
since Chandler Preview 0.7.0 intended to respond to the feedback we
received from 0.7.0 and continue to receive from these quick releases.

0.7.3 fixes over 50 bugs and includes some major improvements:

* *Month View*:Yes! Month View! This has been pretty much at the very
top of everyone's wish list so we decided to bite the bullet and just
did it. Month View can be reached by simply clicking the month name in
the top area of the calendar. Switch back to week view simply clicking
on the week number on the left side. This fixes bugs:
     * Bug #5361: 30-day view? Variable multi-day view.

* *Bundled Localizations*: Chandler now comes bundled with localizations
in *French*, *Swedish* and *Finnish*. If you'd like to join the
localization effort in your own native language, we are looking for
volunteers. This is a great way to get familiarized with Chandler ideas
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limodou | 6 Dec 16:08 2007

ANN: UliPad 3.8 released!

UliPad is a flexible editor, based on wxPython. It's has many features,just
like:class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard,
etc. The main feature is the usage of mixin. This makes UliPad can be
extended easily. So you can write your own mixin or plugin, or simple script,
these can be easy and seamless integrated with UliPad.

What's new in 3.8

New Features and Changes:

#. Add mako template syntax highlight support
#. Add new option in preference, [Python]->Automatically save modified file
   when running python program, if it's checked, it'll automatically save
   the modified file.
#. Add Shift+Delete => Cut, Shift+Insert => Paste
#. Upgrade winpdb to lastest version
#. Now you can set pythonpath option in config.ini/[default],
   and ulipad will insert it into the sys.path. pythonpath can
   be a string or a string list of directory.
#. Svn support, you should install pysvn first, and also support proxy.
#. Change long line indicator default is true.
#. Add doctest support, you can run the doctest of current document in UliPad
#. Add time stamp info in debug and error file
#. Replace the shell window popup menu, and add Copy Without Prompts
   and Paste and Run menu items. And if the result cann't be convert to
   unicode, then display the result as repr().
#. Script Manager can find menu name from the script content, you
   can define it as a comment line, format is: #\s*name:(.*)$
#. Add Run in Shell menu item in Editor context menu
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Edward K Ream | 7 Dec 20:44 2007

Leo 4.4.5 beta 2 released

Leo 4.4.5 beta 2 is available at:

This beta 2 release fixes several recently reported bugs.  A final release
is due in about a week.

Leo is a text editor, data organizer, project manager and much more. See:

Leo 4.4.5 fixes several long-delayed bug fixes and adds several new 

The highlights of Leo 4.4.5:

- Fixes all known bugs.
- Leo now recognizes directives in headlines.
- Adds 3 new sort-lines commands.
- Adds commands to insert and delete icons from headlines.
- Adds all the Tango 16x16 icons to Leo's icon library.
- Adds support for  <at> rst-preformat nodes to the rst3 plugin.

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Titus Brown | 7 Dec 20:47 2007

Google Highly Open Participation Contest, call for mentors

Dear Python community,

we're in the process of adding another 100 tasks to the Python GHOP

and we could really use some help tagging and bagging student claims and
responses.  Please come on over and join up!

For example, you could

 - subscribe to the ghop-python list and help students;

 - help us maintain status tags on issues;

 - comment on submitted work and judge tasks for completion;

 - suggest and write up new tasks for our next round of new tasks;

Your rewards will be unending rivers of Google swag [0], tired typing
hands, some potentially quite significant contributions to Python, and a
sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Note that Guido is watching:

You, too, could have your 5.2 seconds of fame!

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Facundo Batista | 7 Dec 21:33 2007

Python tickets summary - renewed


Well, after my hosting allowing CGI, I now improved *a lot* the
interface of this page.

Now you have more columns:

- Id
- Summary
- Priority
- Severity
- Components
- Versions
- Keywords
- Opened by (when)
- Temporal location
- Last update by (when)

And, the biggest enhancement, you can filter by any combination of:

- Priority
- Severity
- Component
- Version
- Keyword

As before, you have everything paged, and with a graph of activity per
day at the bottom.

Enjoy it!:
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Michele Andreoli | 8 Dec 21:20 2007

PSSC: Phone Screen Sequential Capture

Hi group,
PSSC allow to see the Symbian S60 phone's display on a window of your Linux
PC , using bluetooth connections.

Here is the webpage and a video showing the standard scenario:

Best regards,
Michele Andreoli



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