Steve Holden | 1 Dec 16:55 2003

PyCon DC 2004 - Registration about to open!

Dear Python User:

You have probably been wondering why you haven't yet heard
that PyCon has opened its doors for registration. Well, we
are a volunteer organization, and it often takes more time
than anticipated to put things together. Welcome to the
world of open source :-)

I am happy to be able to tell you that thanks to sterling
work by Trevor Toenjes we are now in a position to accept
your registrations. All you need to do is navigate to

and make the appropriate entries. This year we all have the
opportunity to add a PSF donation to the registration fee,
and I hope many of you will follow my example and donate a
little extra to assist the Foundation in its goals.

There is still lots to be done -- for example, we are *also*
late with the system to accept submissions, so the original
December 1 deadline will be extended by at least a month to
ensure that everyone gets plenty of chance to submit papers
telling us what they've been up to with Python.

We are also encouraging students to attend the conference by
giving them a significant reduction from the standard fee,
and we hope that this will result in even wider participation
by the educational community.
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Phil | 1 Dec 20:07 2003

Kodos 2.0 - The Python Regular Expression Debugger

Kodos 2.0 has been released and is available at:

Changes since 1.5:

- Added "replace" capability.  You can now define a replace string for
simulating string substitution of your regex.  The results tab
displays the replaced string in context to the search string.  You can
define the number of replacements that are perfomed (analagous to
pythons re.subn() function).

- Added "match all" tab which displays all regex matches.

- Source code tab now contains additional items (group usage & replace
usage) which makes it a snap for developers to copy/paste code
produced from Kodos into their python applications and scripts.

- Ported the main code to the latest version of BlackAdder.  This
resulted in some redundant code being removed.

- Added a Windows installer.exe to the distribution. 

- Code cleanup.

About Kodos:

Kodos is a regular expression designer, tester, debugger and validator
that allows a developer to create and modify regular expressions
against a test string.  The intuitive grahpical interface allows the
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Steve Holden | 2 Dec 15:10 2003

PyCon DC 2004 - Submissions Deadline Extended

Dear Python User:

We have received many enquiries asking "When and how will
I be able to submit my paper to PyCon DC 2004?". This is
encouraging news - from the correspondence to date it seems
that there will be some interesting and exciting presentations
next March.

Please be patient as the system to handle submissions goes
through to completion. When it is ready, look for a further
announcement in the same place as this one.

Just a reminder, while I have your attention. Submissions
should ideally be in a single file, containing HTML or the
reStructured Text format. At a pinch we will be prepared to
accept PDF, and either tar or zip files containing sets of
coordinated documents (such as an HTML master and the graphics
to which it refers). Ulitmately we would like to publish all
accepted papers on the web, and these rules should make it
easier to do so.

If your paper is accepted and you prepare an electronic
presentation (in PDF, PythonPoint or PowerPoint) we will
also happily publish that on the web site when PyCon is over.

So, have at it! Anything describing the uses of Python, or
better ways of teaching it, neat tricks for developers and
suggestions for improvement to the language or its community
is fair game. It's likely we will have a larger proportion of
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webmaster | 2 Dec 13:59 2003

ANN: Naja 0.9.3 patch

Naja is a freeware tool written in Python/wxPython. You can add some
plugins (newsreader, client FTP, client WebDAV) and take the control 
on your downloads since your office. Naja supports proxy (HTTP, HTTPS, 
FTP, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5), and use some authentication methods.
The downloading maybe achieved by splitting  the file being downloaded 
into several parts and downloading these parts  at the same time (HTTP,
 HTTPS, FTP). Donwload speeds are increased by downloading the file 
from the mirrors sites, when the sites propose it.

Others features: 
 Csv filter 
 Cheksums (CRC32, MD5, SHA1)
 newsreader, newsposter (uue, yEnc)
 basic and digest authentication
 Web Interface

This is a bug-fix release for Naja 0.9.3 that fixes yEnc module.

It's available for download from the Keyphrene web site
 ( or patch_naja093.tar.gz):



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Michael Ströder | 2 Dec 18:26 2003

ANN: python-ldap-2.0.0pre16

Find a new pre-release of python-ldap:

python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP directory
servers from Python programs. It mainly wraps the OpenLDAP 2.x libs for
that purpose. Additionally it contains modules for other LDAP-related
stuff (e.g. processing LDIF, LDAPURLs and LDAPv3 schema).

Released 2.0.0pre16 2003-12-02

Changes since 2.0.0pre15:

* Removed definition of unused constant RES_EXTENDED_PARTIAL since
   the corresponding symbol LDAP_RES_EXTENDED_PARTIAL seems to not
   be available in OpenLDAP-HEAD (pre 2.2) anymore.

All in Lib/:
* Fixed some subtle bugs/oddities mentioned by pychecker.

* Renamed DSMLWriter._f to DSMLWriter._output_file
* Added wrapper method DSMLWriter.unparse() which simply
   calls DSMLWriter.writeRecord()

* Simplified LDAPObject.search_subschemasubentry_s()

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Bernhard Herzog | 3 Dec 15:32 2003

Thuban 1.0rc1 released

Thuban 1.0rc1 has been released and is available at

Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer implemented in Python
and wxPython and runs on Unixlike systems and MS Windows. It's licensed
under the GNU GPL.

The changes since 0.9 include:

 - Faster rendering

 - Extensions to import APR files, to convert GNS files to shapefiles or
   to use Thuban as a WMS client, among others. Most of these extensions
   are somewhat experimental though.

 - Thuban files written with the Windows version should be readable on
   Unix systems now in most cases

 - Support for EPSG projections

 - A command line switch to enable attribute editing. This is a bit
   dangerous so it's off by default.



        Support the Python Software Foundation:
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Beni Cherniavsky | 4 Dec 22:19 2003

My python hacks moved to

Unfortunately my site has been down for
a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile I've moved my python hacks (most notably and to:

(An http redirect is also in place.)
Beni Cherniavsky <cben <at>>
Note: I can only read email on week-ends...



        Support the Python Software Foundation:

Anthony Baxter | 5 Dec 15:40 2003

RELEASED Python 2.3.3 (release candidate 1)

On behalf of the Python development team and the Python community, I'm
happy to announce the release of Python 2.3.3 (release candidate 1).

Python 2.3.3 is a bug-fix release of Python 2.3. A couple of serious
bugs related to weakrefs and the cyclic garbage collector have been 
fixed, along with a number of bugs in the standard library. See the 
release notes on the web page for more details.

For more information on Python 2.3.3c1, including download links for
various platforms, release notes, and known issues, please see

Highlights of this new release include:

  - A couple of serious bugs in the interactions of weakrefs and 
    cyclic GC have been squashed.
  - At shutdown, the second call to the cyclic garbage collector has
    been removed. This caused more problems than it solved.
  - The xml.parsers.expat module now provides Expat 1.95.7.
  - urllib2's HTTP Digest Auth support works again.
  - See for other bugfixes.

Highlights of the previous major Python release (2.3) are available     
from the Python 2.3 page, at                                        

A final version of Python 2.3.3 should follow in a couple of weeks,
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Edward K. Ream | 5 Dec 15:53 2003

ANN: Leo 4.1 beta 5: An outlining editor

Leo 4.1 beta 5 is now available at:

For the first time in months there are no serious bugs outstanding.

Warning: By default Leo 4.1 creates .leo files that can not be read by older
versions of Leo.

Warning: Use the plugin with _extreme_ caution until further
bugs in this plugin could cause body text to be lost when changing nodes.

Beta 5:
  * Leo runs in batch mode when invoked with --script
    - Created "null gui" classes that do not write to the screen.
  * Leo supports Unicode characters (e.g. Chinese) in path and file names.
  * Fixed several long-standing bugs:
    - Fixed several minor problems with the Extract Section and Import
    - Fixed problem that prevent the Find panel from working on the Mac.
    - Improved  <at> url handling so that  <at> url file:\\path\x.leo works properly.
    - Improved support for  <at> lineending platform.
    - Leo honors outline/body pane ratio when opening .leo files.
    - Leo now ensures that newly-opened windows fit entirely on the screen.
    - Fixed a crasher when Undoing a Change All command when searching
  - Fixed other bugs resulting from the 4.1 reorg:
    - Fixed problem loading plugins on Linux.
    - Fixed crashers in the Extract Section and Extract commands.
    - Fixed crasher when writing a file containing an undefined section.
    - Removed duplicate bindings in popup menus.
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Phillip J. Eby | 5 Dec 15:57 2003

PyProtocols 0.9.2 Bug fix release

I goofed, missing a unit test for one of the new features: 
'protocols.Variation' was broken in the 0.9.1 release.  0.9.2 fixes the 
bug.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

PyProtocols Resources

* Project home page:

* Detailed Changes since the 0.9 release:

* Release notes, installation instructions, and browsable API docs:

* Source and Binary Releases:

* Reference Manual (HTML):

* Reference Manual (PDF):

* Browsable CVS Repository: 


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