David Abrahams | 1 Nov 19:45 2001

[ANN] Python and C++ - Support Available

Is combining Python and C++ code essential to your work?

Python and C++ complement one another wonderfully, but interfacing them
using Python's 'C' API can be tedious and error-prone.

Boost.Python (http://www.boost.org/libs/python/doc/index.html) is a popular
tool for interfacing Python to C++, allowing you to easily expose C++
classes in Python as though they were regular Python classes. As it's
author, I have recently begun offering commercial support for Boost.Python,
ensuring that it will receive continued attention. I would be happy to
discuss additional support contracts with interested parties.

The Boost Python Library is distributed under the Boost License Requirements
(http://www.boost.org/more/lib_guide.htm#License), which are as follows:

  a.. Must be simple to read and understand.
  b.. Must grant permission to copy, use and modify the software for any use
(commercial and non-commercial) for no fee.
  c.. Must require that the license appear on all copies of the software
source code.
  d.. Must not require that the license appear with executables or other
binary uses of the library.
  e.. Must not require that the source code be available for execution or
other binary uses of the library.
  f.. May restrict the use of the name and description of the library to the
standard version found on the Boost web site.

  David Abrahams, C++ library designer for hire
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David Abrahams | 2 Nov 04:58 2001

Re: [ANN] Python and C++ - Support Available

It was just pointed out to me that my purported description of the license
terms for Boost.Python was actually a description of the Boost license
requirements, of which the Boost.Python license is only an example.

Boost.Python is free for any use, commercial or otherwise. The copyright
notice reads:

(C) Copyright David Abrahams 2001. Permission to copy, use, modify, sell and
distribute this software is granted provided this copyright notice appears
in all copies. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied
warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose.

Sorry for any confusion,

  David Abrahams, C++ library designer for hire
 resume: http://users.rcn.com/abrahams/resume.html

        C++ Booster (http://www.boost.org)
          email: david.abrahams <at> rcn.com

Ron Stephens | 4 Nov 03:56 2001

[Application] askMerlin


Your Digital Oracle, Merlin will answer your every question.

askMerlin is a web based AI program. Merlin prompts you for a question,
which you then type in and hit return. Then Merlin will prompt you for
options or choices as possible answers to your question. Merlin will
then think it over by consulting the world wide web, which is full of
knowledge. Merlin will answer every question, even those for which you
offer no options; however, Merlin gives better answers when you ask a
well phrased question and also offer good options. The WWW is a large
knowledge base from which to draw, thus askMerlin is a sort of Expert
System with a large but heterogeneous knowledge base. Hopefully, Merlin
will gain in wisdom over time as the legions of Parnassus help to hewn
his code to a sharper and sharper edge. For now, askMerlin is a fun
program, easy to use, with hope for the future.

This is a fun project, and it is hoped that anyone interested will
contribute to further improvements of askMerlin.

       URL:  http://www.awaretek.com/python.html
  Download:  http://www.awaretek.com/askMerlin.py

   License:  LGPL
  Platform:  all platforms
  Requires:  urllib, sys, re, string
       Gui:  command line

  Categories:  Miscellany, Applications
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Jason R. Mastaler | 5 Nov 18:13 2001

[ANNOUNCE] TMDA 0.40 - SPAM reduction system (now supports Exim)

TMDA now supports the Exim MTA in addition to Postfix and qmail.

  TMDA is an OSI certified Python application designed to
  significantly reduce the amount of SPAM/UCE you receive. TMDA
  combines a "whitelist" (for known/trusted senders), a "blacklist"
  (for undesired senders), and a cryptographically enhanced
  confirmation system (for unknown, but legitimate senders). TMDA
  strives to be more effectual, yet less time-consuming than
  traditional filters.

For more information including a demonstration, download locations and
installation instructions, visit the TMDA homepage:



Jason R. Mastaler

<P><A HREF="http://tmda.sourceforge.net/">TMDA 0.40</A> - 
    SPAM reduction system (05-Nov-2001)

Chris Armstrong | 5 Nov 18:56 2001

ANN: Twisted 0.12.0 released

Twisted, version 0.12.0, was released yesterday (November 4, 2001).
This was a major feature/bugfix release, which went rather smoothly.
It is available at http://twistedmatrix.com/.

The new things going on since 0.11.0:

  Unified the twisted.internet main loop approach to thread 
  dispatching.  This involved merging internet.threadtask
  into internet.task, and making a new threadtask - a 
  threadpool subclass that integrates with twisted's event loop.

  Many minor refactorings.  This included cleanup to move 
  generic 'thread ownership' code to 'log ownership' where it
  really belongs.

  Many major bugfixes, most notably to twisted.spread and 
  Instance Messenger, twisted's IM client.

  Added XML-RPC web resource, and fixed a few issues in 

  Major speed improvement to twisted on jython, and some speed 
  improvements to threaded twisted.

  Updates to twisted.python.usage.

  Beginning to revitalize twisted.enterprise: in this release,
  twisted.enterprise.adbapi, an asynchronous wrapper for python's
  DB-API 2.0.

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Dave Cole | 6 Nov 06:39 2001

csv-0.5 released

The CSV module provides a fast CSV parser which can split and join CSV
records which have been produced by Microsoft products such as Access
and Excel.

On Python 2.x the module outperforms string.split().  Of course the
CSV parser can handle much more complex records than string.split()...

This is a bugfix release.

The changes in this release are:

1- Fixed bug in memory allocation of internal parser buffer - thanks
   to John Machin for pointing this out.

2- Fixed compile warning on Solaris - thanks to Adam Goucher for
   reporting this.

The module homepage:


For people who do not have a C compiler on Windows I have put a Python
2.1 binary up here:


- Dave

Marc Poinot | 6 Nov 11:40 2001


This new version has many changes and extensions,
the demos and tests are running ok, but a user of previous
version should have to change some "imports" and name spaces.

There is now a SIDS grammar parse tool (Sift), which could
be used to check the SIDS instance grammar. It is built using
the SPARK parser generator using a BNF grammar. So far, Sift only
checks the syntax.

Please, have a look and let me know about good or bad news :)

The package has been put on the elsA web site, the URL is


 Marc POINOT             Alias: marcvs        Email: poinot <at> onera.fr
 ONERA -MFE/DSNA/ELSA    Tel:  Info: elsa-info <at> onera.fr
 29, Div. Leclerc        Fax:  Site:     
 92322 Chatillon FRANCE  Project: elsA        Web: http://www.onera.fr

John Precedo | 6 Nov 16:48 2001

Version 1.10 of the ReportLab toolkit released

Version 1.10 of the ReportLab toolkit has been released.

Reportlab is a cross-platform library for generating PDF files from
Python, without relying on any third-party tools from Adobe or other

The main feature of this release is the addition of support for Asian
fonts, embedding your own Type-1 fonts and using custom encodings.
These have been available in our developer CVS snapshots in the past,
but are now robust enough to be considered non-experimental. While
stable, they will continue to be improved and expanded in the future.

Other features include improvements to the graphics/charts subpackage
(our growing library of business charting diagrams) including
improvements to the shading options for barcharts, and improvements to
flags and symbols under graphics/widgets (our reusable widget

The Reportlab library is Open Source (under a FreeBSD-like license),
and comes with full documentation (which now covers font embedding in
detail and using the new Asian fonts capabilities).

Reportlab now allows you to create professional, portable and
_international_ documents. Download it from:
or using anonymous FTP from:

The discussion group for the project is
http://www.egroups.com/group/reportlab-users ; subscribe on the web,
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Jiba | 7 Nov 19:39 2001

[website] OOMadness site open ! OO stuff and genetic algo.

I've just opened by website OOMadness at :


There's currently 2 interesting Python packages :

----------- PyObjTool 0.1 -----------

XHAT IT IS : Different interesting modules for extreme OO programming !

EventObj : add change-event to any Python object, so you will be notified 
for all object modification.

TreeWidget : (yet another) tree widget for Tkinter; this one is optimized 
for big number of nodes (10000+).

EditObj : edit any Python object in a property list. Support also edition 
of lists and dicts. (yes, it is what java calls a "bean editor", but for 
Python !)

-----------   Genetic 0.1   -----------

WHAT IT IS: Genetic algorythms in Python.

I do not pretend to follow exately nature laws, but rather to try and 
experiment new Python programming ways !

There's also a module for genetic programming, but result are 

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Vladimir Ulogov | 7 Nov 01:51 2001

[Module] Python/CLIPS interface

                         Python/CLIPS interface                         

SWIG Interface for CLIPS production system

If you do want to build expert system using Python interface. This tool
is for you.

       URL:  http://www.python.eu.org/software/clips
  Download:  http://www.python.eu.org/software/download/mp_entries/getEntryFieldbyPath/988445102.895/f988444427/clips-python.tar.gz

   License:  Public Domain
  Requires:  CLIPS, Swig

  Categories:  Utility Apps, Python/AI

Vladimir Ulogov (gandalf <at> python.eu.org)

<a href="http://www.python.eu.org/software/clips">Python/CLIPS interface</a>
-- SWIG Interface for CLIPS production system