Matt Wilkie | 10 Jun 18:15 2005

change 'Ghostwriter PDF' to 'Ghostwriter PDF preprocessor'


I initially tried to post this to bug-gswin but it bounced with
"<bug-gswin <at>>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 <bug-gswin <at>>: Recipient address
rejected: User unknown in local recipient table Giving up on"

Also the archives for that mailing list show the latest
post as December 2009. P:)

Then I tried sending it to bug-gs. The message didn't bounce but I never 
recieved any replies and it didn't show up in the archives either.

Then I subscribed to gs-devel and sent it again. As with bug-gs, 
complete silence.

Finally I posted in the sourceforge forum and learned that there is a 
special header keyword before one can post to the list. The welcome 
message from mailman neglected to mention this.


The request: Please rename the 'Ghostscript PDF' driver[*] to 
'Ghostscript PDF pre-processor" or something similar to make it clear 
that the output is not PDF. I've spent a long time troubleshooting why 
Acrobat could not open the files generated from this, based on 
expectations generated from the name (and my own desire for
that to be the result of course  ;-)

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