Daniel P. Brown | 23 Jan 17:32 2013

Deactivating the VOOM Mailing List

    Happy new year, one and all;

    After nearly two years of complete inactivity, and nearly four
years since the list had regular discussions, the time has come to
deactivate this list.

    Yeah.... believe it or not, it was still active, and now it's not.

    That's all.


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Eric Butera | 6 Feb 03:14 2011

anyone here

Anyone still on this list?



Craige Leeder | 29 Mar 04:27 2009

Becoming a developer

Hey guys,

A few of you will recognize me from the #voom channel, where I've been 
hanging around for a couple months.

Anyway, I'm interested in becoming a developer. Let me know what's required.

- Craige
Nathan Rixham | 28 Feb 23:54 2009

why unit testing and code coverage is important

So tonight I've been making a really simple~ish class and as per usual 
unit tested it.. now just because I like seeing code coverage up at 100% 
I decided at the very last minute to stick in one final unit test method 
to cover checking the getters

fail - schoolboy error:
"return $name" rather than "return $this->name"

now seems trivial but in 10 classes time and 2 days later when it's done 
I'd be wondering where the hell the app was going wrong, never thinking 
for a second that its a simple getter that's wrong and would have spent 
half hour thinking about it and then a chunk of time stepping through 
the whole app line by line in debug view to see where it went wrong.

and thus, 30 seconds of coding tonight just to get code coverage up 
saves me a few hours of work.

in all honesty this time 6 months ago I probably wouldn't have even unit 
tested this class as it is pretty simple - but in the process of testing 
each method as I wrote it I found 4 simple regex mistakes, one that 
pointed out a functional implementation error (I'd made a mistake in 
defining the limits) and two school boy errors. Odds are I would have 
caught most of them before live but not all.
Jason Pruim | 28 Feb 16:03 2009

Morning everyone!

HI everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that my time with voom might be limited  
for awhile... As some of you know my job cut me from 40 hours to 30  
hours, so now I'm out looking for additional/new work... SO If anyone  
knows of anyone that's hiring let me know! :)

I'll do what I can with voom, I just may not be as available as I have  
in the past.

Thanks everyone and keep up the great vooming!
Nathan Rixham | 25 Feb 01:24 2009

Help naming a class


so I've made a class which wraps up the spl classes 
RecursiveDirectoryIterator, RecursiveIteratorIterator and FilterIterator 
then adds on regex filtering; in short it let's you use complex and 
simple regex filtering of files in a directory tree:

this example includes all php files except those in svn folders under 
the current directory.

$fileset = new FilteredRecursiveDirectoryIterator( dirname(__FILE__) );
foreach( $fileset as $file ) {
    echo $file->getPathName() . PHP_EOL;

now the point; what the hell do I call the class as 
FilteredRecursiveDirectoryIterator is massively unwieldy - but 
everything else I think of doesn't describe it accurately OR implies a 
lack of functionality ( think FileIterator .. it does directories too )

help / regards

Nathan Rixham | 24 Feb 22:50 2009

dead projects

if anybody has made a project they don't want, can they say so it can 

specifically I'm thinking of the "yourprojectname" one lol :p

Nathan Rixham | 24 Feb 17:44 2009


Afternoon guys,

dawned on me that the most frustrating thing about having multiple 
projects is.. having multiple projects and sites.

I think we need:
a- a central blog style site where we can all post
b- a side bar on all the trac sites which ties them together
b-1 : shows links to all projects
b-2 : shows an aggregated timeline for all project sites

in many ways I think b-2 may be the key here..


Nathan Rixham | 23 Feb 04:14 2009

All Done :)! project layout, building etc etc

Hi Guys,

At last all done on the set-up side:




Eric Butera | 21 Feb 05:31 2009

continuous integration/unit testing

Any progress on this front?  If I start a new project, what will my
structure be?  I can continue on fine how I've done for years and
years, but we need to come to consensus on this.  Also if my tests are
in with my project, how do I hook them up to the CI stuff?


http://www.voom.me | EFnet: #voom
Nathan Rixham | 21 Feb 00:07 2009

anybody about?

could do with a forwards and backwards set of emails with 1+ of you to 
get the file header sorted out for voom; as I'm trying to get a set of 
eclipse code templates sorted out and can't without them.

specifics on the license don't matter as we can add a "released under 
the terms of the voom license which accompanies this distribution, and 
is available at http://voom.me/licenses/voom-license-v1.0" or such like