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HELP (more host caches) and work on MUTE 0.5

First of all, we need more MWebCaches.  Right now, as far as I know, we are down to two working caches, which is
not enough.  See the website for the current "list."  Maybe there are some more out there that I don't know
about... if so, please send the URLs my way.

Hopefully, we can get a few more people with web servers to run some MWebCaches.  Instructions and the
MWebCache script have been posted on the main MUTE site.

Second, I have started working on the next release of the main MUTE client, v0.5.  I anticipate that it will be
ready in a few weeks.  Yeah, I know... no releases since April.  But I have other projects to work on besides
MUTE, and I have to multiplex them all.  Fortunately, there are now other MUTE clients out there, like
MFC-MUTE for windows and Kommute for KDE, so those fill the void a bit between releases of the old MUTE software.