Alex Rousskov | 5 Mar 07:32 2004

Hapy 0.0.5 is available


	Hapy library version 0.0.5 has been released.
The fifth release contains major performance optimizations
and minor bug fixes/improvements.

The change log is below.



0.0.5 2004/03/04:
    - enable debugging if the code writer did not explicitly
      prohibit it by calling Rule::Debug(false), and the code
      runner set the HAPY_DEBUG environmental variable to
      "USER"; this allows debugging of previously compiled
      programs without modifying their code
    - parsing speed and greed optimizations
    - added dedicated user-level interfaces for controlling
      debugging and optimization: Hapy::Debug() and
    - when debugging, report rejection due to left recursion
      or empty sequence repetition
    - use AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H autoconf macro to prefix
      config.h #defines with a HAPY_ prefix, to avoid
      conflicts with other libraries using autoconf
    - do not #include config.h if HAVE_CONFIG_H or
      HAPY_HAVE_CONFIG_H is not defined; always include Top.h
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