eric.bachard | 2 Jul 10:00 2009

[Annonce] Le projet Education aux RMLL


Pour information, et comme le dit le titre, le Projet 
Education sera très présent lors des Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel 
Libre [2] la semaine prochaine,

Mathieu Lalanne, Pierre Pasteau (étudiant Epitech Paris), peut être 
Nicolas Jeudy, et moi même seront présents dans le village des 
associations, pour répondre à vos questions concernant le Projet Education, toutes les actions que nous avons engagées 
pour relier les deux mondes (Ecoles et, ou encore vous 
présenter OOo4Kids et bien d'autres choses encore

Par ailleurs, en ce qui me concerne, j'interviendrai dans 3 conférences, 
dont 2 pour mettre en avant les contributions de l'Ecole Centrale Nantes 
[4], aka ECN.

Soit le Jeudi 9 Juillet :

- Conférence avec Frédéric Gelot, étudiant ECN :
- Conférence en compagnie de Morgan Magnin, enseignant à l'ECN :

La dernière, le vendredi 10 juillet, dans le cadre développement, 
portera sur OOo4Kids ( ) :

En souhaitant vous y rencontrer !!

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William W. Austin | 20 Jul 01:42 2009

Unable to create ANY NEW .odt, .ods, .od* files in OOo 3.1

Earlier today I filed a bug report, but I'm wondering whether I should 
have brought up the problem here first.

Whenever I try to create a new writer, calc, or impress document and 
save it as a new .odt, .ods, or .odp file, I cannot.  I bring up the 
sabe file dialog, name the file, and click the button to save it, but 
the screen only blinks and nothing happens.  I can save in any other 
format listed (or I think so) and usually use a Micro$oft format.  I 
then have to open THAT document using OOo 2.4 (which I reinstalled on 
both systems just for this purpose).  Using that version I can save 
the file as the appropriate .odt, .ods, or .odp format and then I can 
close the 2.4 ap and restart OOo 3.1, open it with that version, and 

This is not a permissions issue and root gets exactly the same results 
as my regular login ID does.

There are no error messages and no warnings that I am aware of.

The same problems occurs on multiple machines both running Fedora FC10. 
It occurred with OOo 3.0 and now with 3.1.0 [OOO310m11 (Build 99399)] 
(x86_64 version)  This is repeatable 100% of the time and has occurred 
at least scores of times.

This could be an environmental issue on these two machines since they
are similar, but I have no way to test that theory at present 
as the other Linux boxes I have cannot currently (for employment 
reasons) have OOo installed on them.

This did not occur with the fedora-fc10-x86_64 version, but it had 
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