Hans-Christoph Steiner | 4 Oct 23:57 2008

Debian/Ubuntu apt repository for Pd-extended

I just set up an apt repository to make it easy to install and  
upgrade pd-extended.  You can add it to /etc/apt/sources.list or  
using Synaptic.  Instructions are here:


This includes old releases, like for Debian/sarge, Ubuntu/edgy, etc.




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propaganda | 9 Oct 21:40 2008

Data Jam workshop with GOTO10/Mongrel/Mediashed

Ahoy, Matey!
Shorry fer >< please >> Aye!


Data Jam workshop: synaesthesia happy hour
16-17 October - Goldsmiths, University of London

BOOKING: Send mini bio to Beatrice, cu701mf-at-gold.ac.uk
PREREQUISITES: basic understanding of computers and digital art
TEACHERS: Graham Harwood, Claude Heiland-Allen, Aymeric Mansoux


"synaesthesia happy hour" is a 2 days workshop that will introduce you
to data mapping and basic synaesthetic tricks to get you started making 
real-time audiovisual experiments based on incoming data taken from 
various sources. In this crash course we will focus on how a single 
source of information (for example data from a sensor, or a log file) 
can be used to both generate sounds and visual. After the workshop you 
will never see numbers the same! (your mileage may vary)

The workshop is targeted to beginners only, for artists and students
who are curious about data mapping and want to get introduced to Pure
Data (http://puredata.info/). We will run the software from the
pure:dyne GNU/Linux distribution (http://puredyne.goto10.org).

More information:
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Hans-Christoph Steiner | 10 Oct 20:16 2008

Open source your mobile devices, Oct 14th <at> Eyebeam

Hey all, if you are near NYC, come join us in putting Pd on old PDAs  
and iPods:

> October 14: Open source your mobile devices
> Untethered workshop
> Date: Tues., Oct. 14, 7PM
> Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC
> Cost: Free
> Got an old iPod? Install iPodLinux on it and turn it into an 8-bit
> sequencer or touchscreen guitar. Or hook up an Arduino to your old
> wifi router and discover what's possible.
> This workshop is based on the idea of making iPods, wifi routers and
> PDAs "generative", by changing their software to enable creative
> experimentation. Until recently, only very skilled hackers were able
> to "untether" their own devices. Thanks to the work of so many
> hackers, it's getting easier. Yes, there are still irksome technical
> details master, but that's what this workshop is for!
> Eyebeam resident Hans-Christoph Steiner, together with Chris "the
> Widget" DiMauro will lead the workshop. They've been collecting a
> wide range of devices and hacking them with free software and now
> want to help you do the same.
> Check the wiki to determine if your seemingly obsolete devices are
> supported, and if so, bring them along: http://dev.eyebeam.org/ 
> projects/reware/wiki/Workshop
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Gunter Geiger | 10 Oct 22:08 2008

RJDJ released


As several of you might already know, now it is official.
Check this out:


A fully functional Pd just hit the iphone appstore, and you can create  
Pd patches
with the system and run them on the iPhone.

There are some details though, which make it hard to put your patches  
on the phone.
(due to apples security policy). One is, that you need a jailbroken  
iPhone and use the
commandline in order to upload the patches ... but it is explained on  
the webpage how
this is done. Actually if you have done it once it is quite easy.

For further question contact the RJDJ team at info@...


Frank Barknecht | 13 Oct 14:08 2008

"viele Gute" – Lesung, Kunst, Raummusik und ein Workshop "16:9"


sorry, the following is available in German only: on Oct 19 2008 there
will be a concert/sound installation in Cologne, where lots of Pd is
used as well - and lots of speakers.

or http://tinyurl.com/4n3k8b

"Raummusik und so"- Konzert in Zusammenarbeit mit der KHM
Sonntag, 19 Oktober, 16 Uhr

Workshop "16:9" von Do. 16.10. bis Sa. 18.10
je 14 bis 20 Uhr

KunstWerk Köln
Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 127
51065 Köln

Ein Jahr lang wird Gilbert Flöck von seinem Atelier im KunstWerk auf
die gegenüberliegende Hauswand "Kunst-Texte" projizieren. Eröffnet
wird diese "Ausstellung" mit einer Lesung von Lothar Tolksdorf und
einem "Raummusik und so"-Konzert in Zusammenarbeit mit der KHM.
Tolksdorf nennt sich selbst den "Pfennigfuchser unter den
Satzzeichensetzern" und erklärt die Welt der kreativen
Schreibwerkstätten auf seine Weise.

Das Raummusik-Konzert wartet neben einer 8-Kanal-Anlage auch mit einer
speziellen 16:9 Lautsprechermatrix von Martin Rumori und Daniel Teige
auf. Komponisten aus U- und E-Musik werden ihre Werke vorstellen. Das
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Hans-Christoph Steiner | 14 Oct 02:11 2008

Pd-anywhere test releases

Hey all,

I've been working a bunch with Open Embedded distros as part of the  
Reware project, so I thought I'd throw up some binaries.  They  
haven't been tested much, so tell us how they worked for you.  There  
are Familiar and Angstrom builds there, now, with more to come.   
These should work on iPAQs and Palms.


There are also some Tcl/Tk packages there, in case you need them:


I am building OpenMoko packages now, that'll take a while since I  
have to build the whole environment.



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Hans-Christoph Steiner | 14 Oct 21:18 2008

PDa package for OpenMoko Freerunner GTA02


I just uploaded a test build of PDa for OpenMoko Freerunner GTA02.  I  
haven't had a chance to test it yet, so give it a shot and post back  
about your experiences with it.


There are also Tcl/Tk packages in case OpenMoko doesn't provide any:




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propaganda | 18 Oct 15:50 2008

FLOSS+Art: Book preview, panel discussion and software party

Sorry for >< please >>


FLOSS+Art: Book preview, panel discussion and software party

Thursday 23 October
18:30 - 20:30

 <at>  Mute Magazine HQ
The Whitechapel Centre
85 Myrdle Street
London E1 1HL

With Adnan Hadzi, Anthony Iles, Aymeric Mansoux, Dave Griffiths, James
Wallbank, Matthew Fuller, Olga Goriunova, pure:dyne developers, Taylor
Nuttall, and more friends...


GOTO10 and pure:dyne host an evening dedicated to Free Software and art...

* BOOK PREVIEW: Be the first to check out FLOSS+Art, a new openmute
publication reflecting on the growing relationship between Free Software
ideology, open content and digital art. Edited by Aymeric Mansoux and
Marloes de Valk.

* PANEL DISCUSSION: Anthony Iles moderates a panel discussion on
communities of collaboration, online and off, with book contributors
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Frank Barknecht | 28 Oct 17:48 2008

fons@...: [LAU] LAC 2009]


something for your calendar, if you want to visit next year's Linux
Audio Conference in Italy! 


----- Forwarded message from Fons Adriaensen <fons@...> -----

From: Fons Adriaensen <fons@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 16:40:12 +0100
To: Linux Audio Developers <linux-audio-dev@...>,
	Linux Audio Users <linux-audio-user@...>,
	Linux Audio Announce <linux-audio-annouce@...>,
	Linux Audio Consortium <consortium@...>
Subject: [LAU] LAC 2009

La Casa della Musica invites all Linux Audio developers,
users, composers, musicians, philosophers and anyone
interested to

         The Linux Audio Conference 2009 

                16-19 April 2009

              La Casa della Musica
                 Palazzo Cusani
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Jamie Bullock | 31 Oct 16:42 2008

Pd-extended 'postlude' edition released


I've just made available a 'one off' edition of Pd-extended with the
following additions:

aubio 		- onset/pitch detection
xtract~ 	- feature extraction
dssi~ 		- Multi-instance DSSI and LADSPA plugin host
ann_mlp 	- Multi-layer perceptron (neural network)
knn 		- k's nearest neighbour classifier
csoundapi~ 	- Csound bindings (requires Csound 5 installed)
hexter plugin  	- DX7 emulation plugin

These are some of the tools I use in my own research, and I thought it
might be worthwhile to make them available for others to use.

Download from:


It's OS X only, built on Pd-extended 0.40.3 and tested on 10.4 and 10.5

This is likely to be a one-off because I'm going to work on getting this
stuff into Pd-extended proper...


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