Alice Wonder | 24 Feb 08:22 2014

Suggested additions to 2.4.0

Hello list,

I would like to suggest for consideration three new frames be added,
perhaps as part of a 2.4.1 informal standard or perhaps as addendum to
the id3v2 2.4.0 standard.

These are related to recordings intended to be part of a podcast but may
be downloaded separately from the rss feed.

It would be suggested that the frames be set by the podcaster but
clients could tag as well upon download of the MP3 resource.


TPOD - name of podcast

Frequently the album name is used for the name of the podcast but that
may not always be appropriate.

A musician podcast may want to occasionally put a song in their podcast
for marketing reasons, and may want to keep the album name accurate.

Or say there is a financial podcast with the title - E.F. Mutton
Financial News

Within their podcast they may want a series on Understanding Bitcoin and
may wish to use the TALB frame to indicate the series rather than the
podcast name itself.

Some podcast clients will currently over-write the TALB frame with the
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sunil | 26 Nov 18:14 2013

Need c sample code to parse ID3 PRIV tag

Hi all,

This is Sunil. I am adding ID3 support for private streams in my HLS client. So I need a sample parsing C code for ID3 PRIV tag. If anybody has this parsing support in ffmpeg code, it will be very good and please share me the code.

Looking for below things 
1) Sample C program to parse ID3 PRIV tag.
2) Code changes in ffmpeg code for ID3 PRIV tag support.

Warm Regards,

Sunil Deshpande
ID3v2 mailing list
ID3v2 <at>
Peter Siciliano | 25 Sep 00:24 2012

Beatport ID3v2.4 tag support

Hello ID3 community,

Over the past year we at Beatport have been working to support as many ID3v2.4 frames as we could and populate them with accurate data.
We have updated our ingestion system for new files and retagged our old files to supply all frames and tags consistently.

I am excited to announce that as of today we are delivering all of our track MP3s and AIF with IDv2.4 tags containing the following frames:
UFID Beatport ID
TSRC ISRC (international standard recording code)
APIC $03 Cover Art [Cover (front)]
APIC $11 Beatport Waveform image (brightly colored fish)
TIT2 Trackname (Mixname) [Original filename]
TPE1 Artist [Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)]
TPE4 Remixer [Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by]
TALB Album / Release [Album/Movie/Show title]
TPUB Label [File owner/licensee]
TDRC Year (Published on Beatport)
TDOR Date (Original release)
TDRL Date (Published on Beatport)
TFLT File Type
TENC Encoded by
WOAF Beatport track detail page URL
WPUB Beatport label detail page URL
TCON Genre
TKEY Key (initial)
TBPM BPM (Beats per minute)
TRCK Track Number [Track number/Position in set]
COMM Comment
TIT1 Grouping (iTunes) - So iTunes can see Label

We are building solutions to support the following additional frames very shortly:
OWNE Date (Purchased)
TPOS Part of a set
USLT Lyrics (plain text / not timestamped)

We have made the decision to knowingly support v2.4 even though certain applications (such as Windows Media Player) do not.
With our customers being DJs using the latest tools, applications and technologies this is not an issue as DJ solutions all understand the need for (and support) "on file" tagging with ID3v2.4.

In the coming months we will be looking to expand the offering of frames not currently supported by version 2.4 and suggest approximately 20 additional frames for a possible version 2.5 frame set.
I hope to see the ID3 community continue to grow and evolve the format.

If any out there need additional information regarding the tags that Beatport is currently supporting, or would like to know more about what we will be supporting in the future, please let me know.

Peter Siciliano | CTO
Beatport | Play with music

2399 Blake Street Suite 170
Denver, Colorado USA 80205
tel:    +1.720.932.9103
fax:   +1.720.932.9104

Evgueni Naverniouk | 14 Aug 03:37 2012

Standards for remix types and multiple remixers

Dear ID3,

I'd like to properly tag remix artist and types and I'm wondering if anyone has created a standard for this yet. I found the TPE4 field which is helpful, but it's certainly not enough.

How should I deal with:

1) Storing the "type" of remix.

John Smith - Diddy (Abe Lincoln Remix)
John Smith - Diddy (Abe Lincoln Dub)
John Smith - Diddy (Abe Lincoln's Super Awesome 1929 Mix)

Where would the "Remix" vs "Dub" go? Ideally it would be something like this:

%TPE1% = John Smith
%TIT2% = Diddy
%TPE4% = Abe Lincoln
%???% = Super Awesome 1929 Mix

2) Storing multiple mix artists?

John Smith - Diddy (Abe Lincoln & Mr. Waldo Remix)

Where would Mr. Waldo go? I don't want to put him into %TPE4% because then I won't be able to keep the artists separate, but I don't see a way to add a second %TPE4% value. Ideally it would be something like this:

%TPE1% = John Smith
%TIT2% = Diddy
%TPE4% = Abe Lincoln
%TPE4% = Mr. Waldo
%???% = Remix

3) Collaborations

John Smith vs. Abe Lincoln - Diddy (Mr. Waldo Remix)

How do I split up the original artist value? Ideally it would be something like this:

%TPE1% = John Smith
%TPE1% = Abe Lincoln
%TIT2% = Diddy
%TPE4% = Mr. Waldo
%???% = Remix

Does ID3v2.4 support multiple values of the same field? If not -- what is the correct solution to these conditions?

Thanks for your help.

Evgueni Naverniouk
(604) 720-8549
Peter Siciliano | 1 May 18:00 2012

ID3 - Is this community still active?

Hi ID3 Mailing list,

Is this community still active?

We are about to heavily utilize ID3v2.4 for a project currently in Alpha and would like to know if others still review and moderate this format.

I would also like to propose reviewing the v2.4 documentation to clean up some language now that time as dictated more clarity to some tag descriptions and irrelevance to others.

I will be pointing vendors and suppliers to this documentation in the coming months and would like it to be as simple as possible to understand how to use tags effectively.

Peter Siciliano | CTO
Beatport | Play with music

2399 Blake Street Suite 170
Denver, Colorado USA 80205
tel:    +1.720.932.9103
fax:   +1.720.932.9104
direct:  +1.303.565.2690

Conrad J. Sabatier | 21 Apr 11:55 2012

id3v2 (the app): a question re: tag data formatting

I've recently begun experimenting with doing a little coding in C to
manipulate ID3 tags, and have come across something that surprised me.

Briefly, the code I've written so far just parses the ID3 tag and spits
out the raw data from each frame.  What's surprising to me is that the
actual data in many frames contains leading zeroes.  I'm just wondering
why this is.  I've used the id3v2 program to tag most of my files.

Can anyone offer any insight into this?  Is this an expected/required
behavior, or possibly a bug in the id3v2 implementation?



Conrad J. Sabatier
conrads <at>
Pushkar Pradhan | 15 Mar 03:22 2012

Support for ID3 v2.4

I was looking at id3v2 to generate ID3 v2.4 tags. I looked at the ldd output and saw that it uses which only produces ID3 v2.3 tags and this library is not maintained anymore.
Any plans of supporting 2.4?
Does anyone know of a ID3 v2.4 library?

Ben Allison | 6 Mar 23:00 2012

Multiple Values proposal

I know we had this conversation a little while ago, but here's another
suggestion.  I'm not sure if we discussed this one or not.

Vorbis comments (as well as APEv2 and FLAC which uses a very similar
scheme) supports multiple values by having a key repeated more than once
in the tag.

Could we not do something similar with ID3v2?  If you want multiple
artists, for example, just create multiple TPE1 frames.

We could increment the versions to v2.31 and v2.41 to signify the change. 
The main questions are:
1) Would any major existing implementations completely fail or return a
parsing error when encountering duplicate frames
2) Would any major existing implementations do anything strange, like use
the last-encountered frame rather than the first-encountered frame, as the

For a variety of reasons, this feels like a superior alternative to
NULL-delimited strings.

-Ben Allison
Nullsoft, Inc.
Moraru Lilian | 14 Jan 16:32 2012

How about a new frame "Favorite song" or "Love it"

I am using the Clementine music player and there is a "Love" button, I've never used it until yesterday. I thought that it's time to start selecting songs from my 50 GB songs collection for my 8 GB iPod and I thought that the "Love" button should be just perfect for this job, tagging with "Love it" just the songs which are really great but when I pressed it, it was a feature...
So, how about a new frame called something like "Love it", "Favorite song" or "I like it"? Sometimes you want to listen just for the songs that you love a lot.
Steven B. Tuttle | 24 Dec 16:13 2011

Marry Christmas Everyone

Steven B. Tuttle
Dan O'Neill | 15 Dec 03:59 2011

Re: Contact information for Eric Kemp

Hi All,

Appreciate the feedback and support as always. Generally when I am approached regarding the history of tagging is related to an NPE [1] type of issue. I figure that if someone here has prior art references, good!

The story from Jud was a good read and therefore a nice outcome.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Best to all,