Boris Zbarsky | 6 Nov 20:14 2006

HTTP Pipelining performance

I've been looking at the way we kick off loads (due to working on bug 
84582 again), and I am once again reminded of how nice pipelining would 
be.  For example, in the following code:

   <link rel="stylesheet" ...>
   <script />
   Lots of body HTML.

We currently don't kick off the script load until the stylesheet loads. 
  If bug 84582 is fixed, we'd kick off the load immediately, but it 
wouldn't hit the wire until either the sheet loads or the page HTML 
finishes coming in (2 connections per server limit, with keepalive).  Of 
course if pipelining were enabled we could kick off the script load 

I realize pipelining is hard to do because of server issues, but do we 
at least know which servers have problems?  Or have a list of servers 
known to not have problems?

If we do, it seems to me that we could just maintain a cache of 
host+port -> boolean indicating whether the server supports pipelining 
in necko.  If something's not in the cache, default to no pipelining. 
When we get a response from the server, look at the Server: header and 
populate the cache accordingly... (either default to true and set false 
if the server is on a blacklist, or default false and set true if server 
is on a whitelist or something).  That way the original connection that 
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