BZT | 1 May 09:46 2010

Re: New MultiZIlla version in the make - still waiting - it

I tried the one for SuiteRunner, with the max compatible version tweak 
suggested in the thread in the forums. All I got was a "Potemkin 
Village" Multizilla -- the buttons appeared in the right places but were 
nonfunctional. Too bad, too.

As of right now, the "missing goodie" in SM 2.x that I'd most use MZ for 
would be "open all links in new tabs on single click." Anyone know of a 
new-ish add-on for 2.0.x that has that function? Tab Clicking Options 
seems to want to override SeaTabX, the closebox-on-tab thing I'm also 
running. So I've no idea what else to add on.

I was, for awhile, hoping that by Autumn some movement would be made 
towards a MZ build for SM2. Now that I've re-read the emails I have 
received from this list, I get the strongest impression that's unlikely.


Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:
> Hey, gang...
> On 02/24/10 03:32 pm, Rubens thus wrote :
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote, on 2010-02-23 18:24:
> <snip>
>>> well, by not switching, you're in good company then. I'll be 
>>> sticking with SM 1.1.18 aswell.  Or until I can find a decent 
>>> replacement(s).  Prefbar comes close for some things that multi had, 
>>> but not all:
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