Stegozor | 7 Jan 12:05 2007

Re: wmlbrowser 0.7.13 released

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> Stegozor wrote:
>> Matthew Wilson wrote:
>>> wmlbrowser 0.7.13 has been released.
>> Thank you! After some testing, here are my comments :
>> - The version number in SeaMonkey is gone. Is this a bug?
> It's still there for me. Do you have a screenshot?

No need for, the version number is back (I did nothing special to get it 
back). Maybe a problem with my installation, maybe I've lost too many 
neurons during the new year celebrations, I don't know. Sorry for this 
false alert, and sorry for the delay too...

>> - From what I've seen in the source, you added a link to wmlbrowser's 
>> home page in the preferences window. This doesn't appear either.
> It was added to the source after the 0.7.13 release, it'll be in the 
> next version.


>> Note 
>> that it may be simpler to make this link appear in Firefox _and_ 
>> SeaMonkey. That's the way it's done in Mnenhy for example.
> I don't really see the need, Firefox users already have this facility 
> through the normal Add-Ons mechanism.

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Revence Kalibwani | 10 Jan 09:11 2007

PayPal Break When WML Identifying is On

This is only informative.
Like Hotmail, checks if WML is supported, and then serves up WML instead on HTML.

Wmlbrowser mailing list
Wmlbrowser <at>
Björn Haglund | 23 Jan 17:38 2007


07.13 - I like it !!!

Thanks !

Kong Karol | 26 Jan 00:28 2007

translations needed, please put the extension on babelzilla

Hi, translations needed for this extension, please put it on babelzilla, 
would be great :)

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