Marcel Berteler | 1 Aug 10:52 2008

Re: Outlook 12 problems -- Call for Action -- RFC compliance -- Bug??

Pete wrote the following on 2008/07/31 18:45:
> Marcel Berteler wrote:
>> Q) What dropdown list with Organizers is empty?
>> A)
>> - In the Create Event window, there is a dropdown box with the Organizer 
>> which lists all my identities.
> I think the problem is that you have a drop-down list in your event
> dialog that let's you choose the organizer.  I think there's a
> third-party extension that adds that drop-down list, but I can't
> remember the name of it or find it with Google searches.
> Anyway, I recommend that you disable that extension in Thunderbird (and
> all similar extensions).  The calendar team has recently made several
> significant changes to meeting invitations and I doubt that any
> third-party Thunderbird extensions (except for Lightning) have been
> updated yet to work properly with these changes.
You are dead right. With the help of Daniel I found that the SoGo 
extension was causing this strange behavior. I have closed the bug as it 
is no longer valid.
I must say sorry to all of you who have tried to replicate this problem 
and wasting valuable development time on a non-calendar problem.

To me this really shows the need for a proper help (and I have started 
this) so one has at least a way of checking if this is the way Calendar 
should work/act or that the problem might be caused by a different 

Only Daniel and yourself picked up the fact that there should not even 
(Continue reading)

Mike | 4 Aug 12:10 2008

Re: Sync Sunbird / Lightning to Palm?

On Jul 25, 4:55 pm, Mike <are... <at>> wrote:
> Is anyone working on an app to sync directly?

I'll take the deafening silence as a "no."
Mark Banner | 4 Aug 18:34 2008

Weekly Thunderbird phone meeting: Tuesday August 5th, 2008

[Followups aimed to]

After a brief break for the Summit, the weekly Thunderbird meetings 
resume tomorrow. See for 
details, and please add anything you wish to discuss to the agenda.

Harold Fuchs | 4 Aug 20:17 2008

Re: Sync Sunbird / Lightning to Palm?

On 04/08/2008 11:10, Mike wrote:
> On Jul 25, 4:55 pm, Mike <are... <at>> wrote:
>> Is anyone working on an app to sync directly?
> I'll take the deafening silence as a "no."
Google found which is 
not exactly what you asked for but ...


Harold Fuchs
London, England
Bas van den Bosch | 4 Aug 21:09 2008

Re: Sync Sunbird / Lightning to Palm?

Perhaps one of the apps on


Daniel Boelzle | 5 Aug 19:36 2008

Add test switch for caching in storage provider?


the storage provider has an internal memory cache for item lookup. For
testing purposes IMO it's desirable to test both with that cache enabled
(real world scenario) and caching switched off. The latter is important,
because the provider currently stuffs up the test calendar with data,
but can't test whether the data is actually written correctly, because
reading passes back the cached data. We could model such a switch as a
private (transient) calendar property, e.g. "private.test-mode".

An alternative approach would be to stuff up the calendar data in one
step, release the calendar instance and instantiate a new one (which
needs to fill up its caches again). While this obviously preferable,
it's quite unconvenient to program in the unit tests, because you have
to spread the testing code.


Wayne Mery | 6 Aug 07:16 2008

Thursday Thunderbird Bug Day, 08/07 - Join us to triage and improve Thunderbird bug reports!

*Join us this and every Thursday for fun, festive bug triaging* has tips, 
starting points and links for more help.

Focus this week is bugs affecting offline/online functionality, both 
confirmed and unconfirmed.

Visit to post 
suggestions of what bugs you'd like to see triaged in the future.

You can help contribute to Thunderbird's improvement and success. See for information on how *you* 
can contribute and stay informed.

Hope to see you in #bugday !

Mike | 6 Aug 12:34 2008

Re: Sync Sunbird / Lightning to Palm?

On Aug 4, 3:09 pm, Bas van den Bosch <bvd... <at>> wrote:
> Perhaps one of the apps on
> ?
> gr
> Bas

.vcs support accomplishes what I need, but with an intervening step. I
was hoping for something more direct, similar to Provider for Google
tania_gogan | 6 Aug 14:26 2008

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dev-apps-calendar mailing list
dev-apps-calendar <at>
David Ascher | 7 Aug 20:05 2008

tb-integration flag created: please nominate lightning bugs

Calendar project bugs now have a new flag, "tb-integration", which will 
be used to identify the fixes that are needed before Lightning can be 
integrated into trunk Thunderbird.  This will help greatly in figuring 
out what the priorities should be for both the Calendar and Thunderbird 
teams once the 0.9 release is baked.

The process is going to be as follows:

   - anyone can nominate a bug that affects lightning as tb-integration?
   - thunderbird-drivers (to which Bryan will be added) will triage them.

It'd be very helpful to the calendar team if we make good progress on 
both nomination and triage ASAP, so that we can start planning the work 
left to do before the various Tb betas, so go find your favorite bugs, 
and nominate.

We need to identify guiding principles for tb-integration+ worthiness, 
but some of the things that come to mind include:

   - data loss
   - big performance issues
   - big usability issues
   - default visual footprint (i.e., we don't want calendaring to be 
seen as a burden by thunderbird users who aren't interested in 
calendaring, any more than e.g. news accounts are to people who just do 


PS: I've created saved searches called tb-calendar? and tb-calendar+ 
which should be self-explanatory.