ISHIKAWA, Chiaki | 25 Nov 16:58 2015

Calendar-related errors during |make mozmill| test of C-C TB on tryserver.

I am testing my patches for fixing some File I/O issues.

I noticed I experienced errors in OS X build and Windows build during
|make mozmill| tests.
These errors are not observed in my local testing under linux and also
on linux build on tryserver.

I am focusing on Calendar-related issues in my post here.
There are two errors I noticed:

My tryserver log:

(1) testLocalCS.js

In a mozmill test called testLocalCS.js,
I am getting the following error on Windows and OS X platforms while
linux shows no such error.


I wonder why.

(2) testTodayPane.js

This file also produced error result.

According to the log, in the early phase, I saw the following lines.
It looks as if the backend interface is not registered or recognized.

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Ck | 21 Sep 11:38 2015

recurring events disappear on restart


I am using lightning 4.5a1 and recurring events always disappear after a
restart of thunderbird. I have to reset cache, then they will show up

Does anybody know if there is a work-around, or an existing bug?

MIchael Opitz | 15 Jul 07:02 2015

Multiple calendars from one URL with different passwords?

Is it somehow possible to add multiple calendars from the same Host with 
different passwords?

I have different users with different passwords at my mailhost and want 
to import the calendars of each user. But the password manager saves the 
password only for the first user and all other calendars are not accessible.
WaltS48 | 28 Jun 15:48 2015

Wrong repeating event date in Lightning 4.3a1

In one of my calendars on the computer, I noticed a previous repeating 
All day event I had scheduled, was showing on the 1st of every month, 
instead of the correct date of the 26th of the month.

I deleted all events, recreated it for the 26th of July, set Repeat for 
Monthly, with the event to end on Nov. 25, 2015, saved and closed.

The first event shows up for the 26th of July, and the repeating events 
on the first of every month until Dec. 1st.

Same behavior with a new test calendar and test event on my computer.


Kubuntu 14.10 | KDE 4.14.1 | Thunderbird 41.0a1(Daily) Go Bucs!
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Stefan Sitter | 15 Jun 19:59 2015

Re: Strange and frequent error (An error occurred when writing to the calendar <cal name>!)

On 15.06.2015 19:40, STF wrote:
> Since I've reinstalled everything (Win7) in my home computer, I'm
> getting a strange error from TB+Calendar from time to time.
> When that happens, I'd get a dialog on the screen saying
> An error occurred when writing to the calendar <cal name>!
> And there are two buttons: Details and OK
> The attached image shows what I get when I press "Details" (note that
> my calendar name is "Me")
> I have no idea why I get this error from time to time. The problem
> is that when I press "OK", most of the time, TB+Calendar would just
> stop responding! And I have to kill the process from Task Manager and
> rerun TB again.
> Anyone has seen this? What have I done wrong? I can't think of any.
> Or maybe because I'm using WiFi -- but I had been using WiFi before
> and I didn't get this problem.
> It's very weird!
> Any idea?

HTTP status code 403 means 'Forbidden', i.e. Lightning tries to perform 
an action that is not allowed by the server. The following might help to 
further investigate your problem:

- the version of Thunderbird and Lightning you are using
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STF | 2 Jun 20:47 2015

Merge FAQ

When I did a Google search on "mozilla calendar faq", I got these two 

It would be better to merge them into one place (and of course place a 
link in another place to point back).

I have a little spare time (about an hour per week :D ).  I could help 
to merge them if needed.  For this, I would need to know the procedure.

PS: The "official" FAQ at no longer exists.
kfr- | 2 Jun 18:05 2015

New Events Should Include the Timezone Next to the Start/End Dates

I'm thinking that when you are creating a new event, the timezone should be displayed next to the start/end time.
STF | 1 Jun 14:41 2015

Beginning of the week should be a calendar's property, but not a property in Lightning

This mail is about beginning of the week.  Let's call it BOTW for short.

Currently, the BOTW (Sunday, Monday, etc) is defined as a software-wide 
properties in Thunderbird/Lightning, ie
TB Options > Calendar (tab) > Views (tab) > General (section):
    Start the week on: xxxxx

However, for those who need to open shared calendars of other people, 
there can be a situation that one calendar needs Sunday as BOTW while 
the other needs Monday as BOTW.  For instance, someone in US shares his 
calendar so the BOTW is Sunday; while at the same time, most European 
countries including UK are using Monday as BOTW.

One of the consequences is the shift in week number.

Suggestion: move the "Start the week on:" option from Lightning 
(software-wide) to every calendar level (calendar-wide).

If you're OK, I'm going to post a bug/request in Bugzilla for this to 
keep the record.

Petr Špaček | 23 May 17:54 2015

displaying free/busy information from remote iCals


I would like to get an advice how to display "busy" information from remote iCal in the same way as any other events.

Imagine that remote iCal contains some public events represented by VEVENT blocks and also some
non-public events which represented by VFREEBUSY blocks.

Currently Lightning displays only events (VEVENT) and (seemingly?) ignores free/busy blocks (VFREEBUSY).

Is there a way to display VFREEBUSY in the same way as VEVENT?

I'm willing to work on this functionality but I need some guidance from person knowledgable about this part
of code, I'm total Mozilla/Thunderbird newbie.

Maybe something simple like translating VFREEBUSY blocks to equivalent VEVENT blocks could work? Does it
make sense? I guess that this needs to be optional, maybe per calendar?

Thank you for advices and your time!


Petr Spacek
kfr- | 26 Feb 22:23 2015

Lightning 4.0a2

I am the meeting organiser. The meeting that I created had 5 invitations.

How can I see who accepted the meeting invitation in the calendar? If I double click on the meeting, it
doesn't show me who accepted.
kfr- | 24 Feb 23:45 2015

Lightning 3.8b1 Email Invitation Acceptance is Missing

The ability to Accept/Tentative/Reject meeting invitations in an email are now gone with  TB 36,0B1 with
Lightning 3.8b1 on Mac 10.10.2

Can someone else confirm this on a different platform?