Peter Lairo | 1 Sep 17:06 2014

Lightning nightly no longer showing Google CalDav calendars

There's something weird going wrong in Lightning:

- None of my 10+ Google CalDav calendars are showing anymore.
- The calendars are "switched off", and when I switch them on, they just 
immediately turn off again.
- in the Add-on's About dialog, the Build ID is blank.
- The add-on will update over and over again.
- The latest build on the FTP server is from 27.8.2014.

Is this known? Is there a bug number I can watch (instead of panicking 
here :-) )?

Peter Lairo

Bugs I think are important: Google Cal Setup Sync Reordering Sync for Thunderbird Write to Mac AB

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:
Anthropogenic Global Warming skepsis:
Millwood | 14 Aug 18:49 2014

Lightning 3.3 and TB32B

Lightning appears broken on TB32B.  Calendar is empty and blocks can't 
be selected.
Joshua Cranmer 🐧 | 5 Aug 14:56 2014

comm-central build system changes

As you are no doubt well aware, building comm-central applications have 
become rather annoying as of late. I told myself that if I had time, I 
would put it first into pseudo-rework. It turns out that I unexpectedly 
got a bit of time. So I'm working on pseudo-rework, and it's already 
close to starting to land. :-)

What is pseudo-rework? It is, in short, an attempt to try to make the 
build system think that cc-rework has happened without it having 
actually happened. The name is courtesy of Mike Hommey. The work is 
divided into three phases:

As it exists right now:

1. Merge the two object directories into one. Effectively your code will 
look like:

This by itself isn't particularly helpful. The reason it's a separate 
phase is because it does provide some protection against m-c build 
changes, and because automation hates phase 2 right now.

2. Move the object directory to actually be $MOZ_OBJDIR. Effectively:
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hentaipromo | 22 Jun 05:47 2014

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Iacopo Benesperi | 7 Jun 04:54 2014

Re: Schedules for Lightning (beta) releases

Robert Brand ha scritto:
> But I have to admit that I lost track of corresponding deadlines for
> Lightning:
> - Is there a fix release cycle for Lightning beta releases? Are there
> corresponding deadlines for l10n changesets?
> - If not: Do we have some kind of announcement/reminder for beta releases?
> - Is there an updated version of the really helpful
> lightning-l10n-release-calendar Philipp sent us as .ics around 2012?

Hi Robert,
Lightning follows the release cycle of Thunderbird and Firefox: a new
release every 6 weeks. Since it follows Thunderbird's release more
closely, there's actually a release only every ESR (which is when
Thunderbird releases), but beta versions are important to Seamonkey
users, which still release once every six weeks.
What might be confusing is that to sign off the correct revision in the
dashboard you don't have to sign off the calendar beta (or aurora) line,
but you have to sign off the Thunderbird one (if the revision you want
for calendar is newer than the signed off revision for Thunderbird,
otherwise it's already included).
Depending on how your team work, you might have to talk to the
Thunderbird translator and ask him if it's ok for him to sign off a
revision newer than the one he/she did.

Robert Brand | 6 Jun 19:52 2014

Schedules for Lightning (beta) releases

Hi all,

just today I realized that the current Lightning beta 3.2b1 uses a
not-up-to-date german localization. I must have missed the right moment
for a new sign-off on tb_beta tree after merge days.

But I have to admit that I lost track of corresponding deadlines for
- Is there a fix release cycle for Lightning beta releases? Are there
corresponding deadlines for l10n changesets?
- If not: Do we have some kind of announcement/reminder for beta releases?
- Is there an updated version of the really helpful
lightning-l10n-release-calendar Philipp sent us as .ics around 2012?

Can someone shed some light on this for me, please? Thanks in advance!

Confused regards
STF | 6 May 15:16 2014

"horizontal tab" characters not correctly encapsulated in Description area


	I think I have found a bug but I would like to get confirmation here 
before filing a new bug on bugzilla.

	Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Create a new event
2. Open any text editor and type any text
3. Insert a "tab" character into the text
4. Copy-n-paste the text into the event's description
5. Save & close the event.
6. Open the event again

	At this point, the "tab" character would become the letter "t".  So it 
seems like the character was not correctly encapsulated during save.

	I'm using the latest TB and Lightning.

	Can anyone confirm this issue?

Mark Banner | 22 Apr 12:38 2014

comm-central is now approval required

Hi folks,

Multiple people have been landing patches affecting Thunderbird (inc 
Lightning) on comm-central without starring previous failures, and 
ensuring there were no new permanent failures.

There has been one new permanent failure, plus another one I'd say was 

We must be tracking these, to ensure we're not getting new failures in. 
Whilst staring is a pain, if we get too many failures, we'll need to 
close the tree completely until we get those resolved.

That's something I've been trying to avoid. As a result of the lack of 
starring, we are now on approval required.

Before requesting approval from jcranmer or myself, please ensure all 
previous oranges have been starred before requesting approval - if there 
are new oranges, or oranges without a bug, they need investigation and 
backout or bugs filing/fixing, before landings can continue.

Mark Banner | 3 Apr 12:13 2014

Proposal: Move Thunderbird and SeaMonkey to mozilla-central

[follow-ups to]

tl;dr We're proposing to move Thunderbird and SeaMonkey into
mozilla-central to reduce maintenance complexities for build systems,
and for releng. Multiple-app handling in the same repository has
improved greatly, and the general rules would remain the same.

Feedback and discussion is most welcome - we have generally discussed
this within some individuals, but not widely.


We'd like to move Thunderbird and SeaMonkey (i.e. most of the contents
of comm-central) into mozilla-central.


We're looking to complete this in the Gecko 31 cycle, as then we'd be 
able to pick it up in the next ESR cycle.

We already have this in preview mode running on the Alder twig.


There are several primary pain points that make things more complicated
for Thunderbird development, and its support for releases from releng.
The overarching reason is that this merge would reduce the amount of
work required to keep Thunderbird building to support security releases
and community development, and allow more focus on other areas.
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Geoff Lankow | 25 Mar 00:29 2014

Re: Planned synchronization

It could be that your event cache database has become huge and that is 
slowing it down. Try closing Thunderbird and removing it from your 
profile (calendar-data/cache.sqlite).

On 22/03/14 06:49, Anton Kaifel wrote:
> Hello,
> we have the same problem with calendar sync. Lightning is so slow and 
> TB hangs during sync. that is not possible to work with TB during sync 
> time. In our during startup this will takes about 30 minutes.
> If there is now update which fix this problem the only way for us to 
> switch to MS outlook which I do no appreciate.
> I would like to ask if there is any schedule to solve the performance 
> issue of lightning with CalDAV sync.
> Thanks for any hints,
> anton
> On 20.03.2014 14:51, Jan-Peter Rühmann wrote:
>> Hello
>> I am using Thunderbird and Lightning since years.
>> The only thing that disappoints me is the Synchronization, that is very
>> disturbing, because every time the Calendars get synced Thunderbird 
>> stops
>> working for minutes and the Calendar sidebar gets rebuild more than 
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Philipp Kewisch | 21 Mar 22:30 2014

Re: Planned synchronization

On 3/21/14, 9:32 PM, Anton Kaifel wrote:

> Are there any plans to support SUN/Oracle Calendar Server 7.x with WCAP
> protocol in the future or do you have collaboration with Oracle for this
> issue.

Sun/Oracle is currently not contributing towards the Calendar Project.
The WCAP provider is pretty much in the same state it was when Sun left
the project. There are no planned improvement on the WCAP provider, nor
is it guaranteed that future changes in Lightning will still be
compatible to the WCAP provider.

If you have a support contract with Oracle, I think the best way to go
about this is to ask them to fix it. They have skilled developers that
can handle the situation and I am sure that if the client requests it
they will comply :)