Yann Berthier | 3 Sep 21:23 2006

netflow at hack.lu06

   [Sorry for the multiple copies of this annoucement that some of you
   may receive]

   So, the subject basically says all: Peter Haag, the author of
   nfdump/nfsen has kindly accepted to be part of the Internet Security
   track of hack.lu, to be held during the first day of the conference:

   What it means is that we will have in the same room, for one day,
   some really great NetFlow tool's author, a fantastic guy from vendor
   C heavily involved with the design team of NetFlow on their routers,
   and old time NetFlow users / analysts, and newcomers as well - if you
   want to see what kind of cocktail can goes out of such a blend,
   shaked with talks and panel discussions, join us ! Discussions could
   even continue with some beers afterwards

   All details at http://www.hack.lu/index.php/Main_Page 

   Hoping to meet some of you, and to see great discussions on our
   subject of interest ...

      - yann