Petra.Zeidler | 21 Jul 09:53 2016

trying to get a forge account, account activation mail missing

Dear all,

I would like to submit a patch to fusioninventory-agent.
For that I ought to create a account and submit a
ticket, correct?
After filling the registration form it tells me to wait for a confirmation
mail and complete
the registration, but this mail never arrives.
Could someone please have a look?

Best regards,
Petra Zeidler

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WILLI Jean-Michel | 29 Jun 16:18 2016

Univers BO pour GLPI



Je suis à la recherche de l’univers BO pour Glpi.


Pour savoir si je me lance ou si une personne l’a déjà ;-)







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Johan Cwiklinski | 24 Jun 16:13 2016

Re: yum: problem updating system (on ferao)


There was indeed a small mistake on the lastest release, perl(Data::Structure::Util) was required but
should not.

This issue has already been fixed in the agent sources:

 <at> guillomovitch: maybe you should just rebuild another RPM release with that patch included.

By the way, I've updated fusioninventory-agent on Fedora (22, 23, 24) and EPEL (6, 7) repositories a few
days ago, the patch is included.
While it is in testing repositories, consider running "dnf --enable-repo=updates-testing update
fusioninventory-agent" on feodra or "yum --enablerepo=epel-testing update  fusioninventory-agent"
on EL systems.

It should reach stable repositories in a few days for fedora, and about 2 weeks max on EL.


Marco Gaiarin | 22 Jun 09:22 2016

[yum: problem updating system (on ferao)]

From yesterday i receive that (CentOS 5):

----- Forwarded message from root -----
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 04:48:51 GMT
From: root
To: root
Subject: yum: problem updating system (on ferao)

This is the automatic update system on ferao.

There was a problem updating the system. The following error message
was reported:

Failed to build transaction: Missing Dependency: perl(Data::Structure::Util) is needed by package
fusioninventory-agent-2.3.18-2.1.noarch (home_guillomovitch)

If the problem persists, manual intervention may be required.
Thank You,
Your Computer
----- End forwarded message -----

Repository trouble or i need to find the missing dependencies?



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David DURIEUX | 30 May 00:03 2016

Operating system in GLPI / FusionInventory

Hello everybody, 

I'm finishing coding the issue
to have arch and other operating system information in same itemtype
(will be useful for deploy system, improve display information and
perhaps other things).

It's too linked with operating system information hidden by default
in computer form (see here: in GLPI 9.1 (in
developement version)

So I'm finishing develop own OS information like you can see on this

I have began unit test for this feature but I need the maximum of
different operating system information inventoried by the agent

You can help me by sending (in reply of this mail) the section
<OPERATINGSYSTEM> in the XML of computer inventory like:

      <BOOT_TIME>2013-09-27 09:22:06</BOOT_TIME>
      <FULL_NAME>Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise </FULL_NAME>
      <INSTALL_DATE>2013-09-27 09:18:07</INSTALL_DATE>

You can use --local params in command line of agent or in GLPI, get the
XML in the tab "import information" of computer form.

I have some windows 7 and xp.

I search windows 2000, 10, embedded, vista, server...
and too Linux, solaris, macos...

Thank you for your help to improve FusionInventory ;)

Marco Gaiarin | 5 May 10:34 2016

P2V and renaming...

I'm doing some P2V operation now, and clearly i've noted that after
conversion, at the first FI agent run, the GLPI server data get
modified, mangling a bit all the stuff (eg, now i've some management
and contract info associated with a virtual host ;).

What is the best way to ''deassociate'' an item? It depends on import

Could be sufficient to rename the phisical server and remove the FI



dott. Marco Gaiarin				        GNUPG Key ID: 240A3D66
  Associazione ``La Nostra Famiglia''
  Polo FVG   -   Via della Bontà, 7 - 33078   -   San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)
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Stephen Chan | 27 Apr 12:15 2016

Fusion Inventory agent deploy problem

Hello Sir/Madam


We would like to uninstall Fusion Inventory agent by script

May I know where can I find the script?


I look forward to hearing from you


Thanks & Best Regards

IT Officer

Stephen Chan


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BOURDELLES, Gilles | 27 Mar 17:49 2016

Paquet deployment and condition check

Hello Everybody,

I would like to setup a package with a condition check:
If file xxxxxx exist then exit but with a green status

It seems that no matter how i set the check it always exit with a red status.
How could i make it working the way i want ?



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David Rose | 21 Mar 16:21 2016

Collect Task not working

I have posted this on github as well (#1772)


I have scheduled a WMI and REG collect task. Under the task executions, i can see it set as "PREPARED"

When I run the agent, it does not get anything to do as a collect task.
[Thu Mar 10 15:20:27 2016][info] running task Collect
[Thu Mar 10 15:20:27 2016][debug] Nothing to do

If i go to the url is is attempting to use to pull the collect task information (servername/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/b/collect/?action=getJobs&machineid=machine.domain-2016-02-23-13-10-29) i get the following:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: plugins_id in /var/www/html/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/inc/taskjobstate.class.php at line 297

I have tried this on multiple machines, same issue. I know it is communicating with the inventory server because inventory updates in GLPI.



David Rose

System Engineer - Cloud Services

JDA Software

500 E. John Carpenter Frwy,

Irving, TX  75062/ USA office

1.480.308.3000 / worldwide


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Guillaume Rousse | 10 Feb 23:03 2016

Fwd: question 2.3.17 and ntuser.dat

-------- Message transféré --------
Sujet : 	question 2.3.17 and ntuser.dat
Date : 	Wed, 10 Feb 2016 18:55:46 +0000
De : 	Tony Collins <Tony.Collins@...>
Pour : 	'fusioninventory-devel-owner@...'

This started happening after we installed fusioninventory agent on our
pc.  This seems to affect roaming profiles mostly.  I see the other
issues where this is fixed but we are still seeing the issue.  We have
agent 2.3.17 and the reg key scan profiles is set to 0.
Guillaume Rousse | 14 Jan 20:28 2016

Fwd: Problems when add agents to new computers

-------- Message transféré --------
Sujet : Problems when add agents to new computers
Date : Thu, 14 Jan 2016 14:05:09 +0000
De : Miguel Barrera <miguel.b <at>>
Pour : fusioninventory-user-owner <at>


Is the first time that I install fusioninventory plugin. Now I'm
installing the agents in Linux Mint computers, the problem is that when
I install one it's ok (appears in GLPI apllication) but when I install
the second one, this overwrite the first one and the same with all the
computers where I install the agent (always only appears the last one
that I've installed). What I'm doing bad? Could you help me?

Thanks for advance

Miguel Barrera

System Administrator

Lazarus Trading S.L

O (ES): +34 928 987 954

E: miguel.b <at>

P: Lazarus Trading S.L, Calle Perojo 6, Oficina 4, Las Palmas de Gran 
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