Mario Gzuk | 27 Apr 11:54 2015

fusioninventory-agent <at> opensuse Build service

Hi  <at> all,
folowing this how to:
we try to install the agent on RHEL 7.1. We have the epel repository
enabled, but got this error:

Error: Packet: fusioninventory-agent-2.3.16-1.1.noarch
            Requires: perl(File::Which)

The same error appears with version 2.3.15.

Is there something broken? Or did we missed some thing?

Thank you!

Pierre-Luc Collard | 14 Apr 18:57 2015

agent not working on openvz host


I have a issue with the agent running on CentOS 6.6.  All my hosts
running OpenVZ have the same issue. My hosts without OpenVZ are
working correctly.

The inventory is not sent to the GLPI server. I received a few errors

The output of the agent with debug is included below :

[root <at> infra01 ~]# fusioninventory-agent --debug -f
[debug] FusionInventory Agent (2.3.16)
[debug] Configuration directory: /etc/fusioninventory
[debug] Data directory: /usr/share/fusioninventory
[debug] Storage directory: /var/lib/fusioninventory
[debug] Lib directory: /usr/share/fusioninventory/lib
[debug] [target server0] Next server contact planned for Tue Apr 14
13:37:15 2015
[debug] Available tasks:
[debug] - Inventory: 1.0
[debug] [http client] Using Compress::Zlib for compression
[info] sending prolog request to server server0
[info] running task Inventory
[debug] Net::CUPS Perl module not available, unable to retrieve printers
[debug] Running FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::AccessLog
[debug] Running FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Generic
[debug] Running FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Generic::Arch
[debug] Running FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Generic::Domains
[debug] Running FusionInventory::Agent::Task::Inventory::Generic::Environment
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Russell E. Wecker | 11 Mar 04:30 2015

Deployment agent 500 No Host option provided

I am having a problem getting deployment working with the glpi plugin and fusioninventory-agent. 
We are  running glpi 0.84 and the plugin is version is 0.84+3.5.

our agent version is  2.3.16

the service URL is

Our agent.cfg on client is set to

server =

however whenever we start  the agent we get the following in our log file

sending prolog request to server server0
running task ESX
[http client] communication error: 500 No Host option provided
running task Inventory
running task Deploy
[http client] communication error: 500 No Host option provided

inventory works fine but deployment does not. any ideas?

Fusioninventory-user mailing list
Christian Michallek | 10 Mar 15:11 2015

Status of fusioninventory-esx

Hi everyone,

whats the current status of fusioninventory-esx, is it still in development?
I've tried it with esxi 5.5 and it seems not working, as stated in the 
docs only esxi 5.0 is supported.
any chance to get this working somehow?


Marco Gaiarin | 6 Mar 18:12 2015

USB printers mess...

I repost this issue, hoping on some feedback.

I'm using GLPI 0.84.8 with FI 0.84+3.5, and agents 2.3.15 on windows
(win7 64bit mostly).

I've a set of Samsung (ML-2160) and HP (LaserJet Professional P1102)
that i've added some year/month ago by hand on GLPI, with toner
cartdriges and some many info that i can't lost.

HP printers expose to windows USB subsystem a different S/N from what
printer on label, so i was forced to change S/N in GLPI to match the
''internal'' one. Done.
Samsung printers, instead, have the exact same S/N seen by windows and
on label.

Considering the samsung case easy, i've tried to match the S/N (eg
Z6RMB8GD6E00MLT) with the FI 'equipment import and link rule' using the
bottom 'test rules', writing S/N and selecting 'printers'.

The result is:

	Rule results
	Validation	Yes
	Action type	Link
	Link		sml2160-4

and 'sml2160-4' is exactly my ''manually inserted'' printer; but when
the client run EVERY TIME a new printer name 'Samsung ML-2160 Series'
and S/N Z6RMB8GD6E00MLT get added.

If i look at 'import information' for the related PC i get:

printer	0	
	name		Samsung ML-2160 Series
	serial		Z6RMB8GD6E00MLT
	have_usb	1

and seems rather normal to me.

What i'm missing? How can i debug this issue? Thanks.


dott. Marco Gaiarin				        GNUPG Key ID: 240A3D66
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Guillaume Rousse | 1 Mar 18:15 2015

FusionInventory agent 2.3.16 release

Hello FusionInventory users,

The FusionInventory Agent maintainers are glad to announce the 2.3.16 

You can download it from the usual places:
* the forge for the source distribution
* the forge for the windows distribution (soon...)
* etc...

See for 

The major change in this release is compatibility with the new message 
format used by the FusionInventory for GLPI plugin, when performing 
multiple network discovery or network inventory tasks. They are also 
minor fixes for HyperV guest machines identification and CPU retrieval 
in local inventory.

We did our best to provide a solid release, please contact us if you 
believe you find something unexpected.

Marco Gaiarin | 10 Feb 17:57 2015

SNMP start working but...

I'm still here fighting against SNMP suport in FI.

With the push of 2.3.15 debian packages (thanks!!! ;), i've done some
mor tests, and revamped sme import rule now SNMP works.
I'm importing switches and printers, doing some tests. I'm using for
now three import rules: serial, mac, name. No auto add.

But some devices does not work. For example:

1) my wireless AP, in log i got:

	Importo rifiutato [itemtype]:NetworkEquipment, [name]:TW1039Z026

if i try manual FI run i get:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
         <COMMENTS>WAP-200 - Hardware revision 50-00-1022-03 - Serial number TW1039Z026 - Firmware version</COMMENTS>
         <TYPE />  <UPTIME>51 days, 15:06:17.39</UPTIME>

This is an ''easy'' case: data missed S/N and MAC, and the name proposed
(TW1039Z026) is different from what in GLPI (m110-1).

I've also tried to add a rule tu match against IP, but the result is
the same.

2) two printers, with the same log on GLPI:

	Importo rifiutato [itemtype]:Printer, [name]:MP 161L

but this time the raw xml from FI client is more rich:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
         <COMMENTS>NRG MP 161L / NRG Network Printer D model</COMMENTS>
         <MODEL>MP 161L</MODEL>
         <NAME>MP 161L</NAME>
         <UPTIME>4 hours, 12:06.53</UPTIME>

note that S/N missed, but there's IP and MAC. If i try to match (using
test button into import and link rules) with MAC, the match work.

Seems to me that FI, despite of the rules used, is able to match
against S/N and NAME only, MAC and IP is totally ineffective.



dott. Marco Gaiarin				        GNUPG Key ID: 240A3D66
  Associazione ``La Nostra Famiglia''          
  Polo FVG   -   Via della Bontà, 7 - 33078   -   San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)
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Vincent LOUPIEN | 10 Feb 16:59 2015

Problems of installing the v2.3.15


I downloaded from the site FusionInventory
( sources of
v2.3.15-6 Agent for Linux and i am having some installation problems :
- Less, during installation, he announces move to v2.3.16 ;-)
- A cpanm (verification of dependencies) returns me several errors about failed login attempts:
[http client] communication error 500 Can not connect to '
[http client] communication error: 500 SSL upgrade failed: SSL connect Attempt failed with unknown error
error: 14090086: SSL routines: SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed '

I have never met in the past these problems, new to the agent ?

Can anyone help me? I have to wait for the final release of the true v2.3.16 ?

 <at> +.


Attachment (Vincent LOUPIEN.vcf): text/directory, 903 bytes
Fusioninventory-user mailing list
Odric.Blum | 5 Feb 08:15 2015

[FusionInventory 0.85+1.0] Task Management

J'ai mis à jour le plugin FusionInventory pour GLPI en version 0.85+1.0 et depuis je ne peux plus exécuter
mes tâches (Elle ne s'exécute pas dans le créneau horaire indiqué, ni à l'heure demander, ni
instantanément vu que le bouton a disparu).
Est-ce qu'il y à possibilité de récupérer cette possibilité d'exécution instantané des tâches ?
Odric BLUM
Technicien Informatique chez Novacarb

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("Intended Recipient"). It may contain information, which is privileged and confidential.
Accordingly, any dissemination, distribution, copying or other use of this message or any of its
contents to any person other than the Intended Recipient may constitute a breach of civil or criminal law
and is strictly prohibited. If you are not the Intended Recipient, please contact the sender as soon as
possible and destroy the original transmission without reading or saving in any manner.
Emmanuel Le Normand | 13 Jan 14:16 2015

question table fusioninventory

    Bonjour et bonne année ;-)

Une question sur les table MySQL utilisées par FusionInventory.
La table «glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_dblockinventorynames» sert à quoi ?

J'ai actuellement une bizarrerie mais je ne sais pas si c'est un bug.
Quelques agents FI ne sont pas correctement filtrés au niveau des entités (mis dans l'entité racine sans raison) et il n'y a pas d'inventaire ni de lien créer avec la machine si sa fiche existe (pas de mise à jour d'inventaire)
J'ai à peu près tout tester et la seul chose que j'ai remarqué c'est que le nom de l'agent/machine est dans cette table et que en le supprimant puis lors du contact suivant le filtrage entité se fait et l'inventaire se met à jour ??
Mais ne sachant pas à quoi sert cette table je ne sais pas si c’est un bug ou non car cela pourrait être une sorte de «matériel inconnu» ou autre «liste noire» ??

Merci de vos suggestions, éclaircissements, idées ....

Bonne journée

Fusioninventory-user mailing list
Guillaume Rousse | 28 Dec 23:25 2014

Re: Modules perl et et agent fusioninventory

Le 26/12/2014 10:54, Konstantin KABASSANOV a écrit :
> Salut guillomovitch,
> Je crois que tu es en vacances, mais à ton retour je voudrais quelques
> petites précisions sur les 4 modules perl suivantes nécessaires(d’apres
> le README)à l’agent Fusioninventory :
> 1. LWP ? Je n’ai pas de module LWP tout court dans CentOS7/64
> 2. Net::IP ? J’ai plutôt Net-IP-Minimal… Ca suffit ?
> 3. XML ::TreePP ? Je crois qu’on en avait parlé et tu m’avais dit que tu
> le mettais dans un dépôt quelque part, mais je ne me rappelle plus ou…
> 4. Compress ::Zlib ? J’ai plutôt Compress-Raw-Zlib. Est-ce la même chose ?
Hello Konstantin, you'd better use the project mailing-list for this 
kind of questions.

There is not much interest in installing the agent from the sources, but 
its dependencies from the distribution packages... You should install 
either everything from the sources, using a CPAN client to automatically 
resolve the dependencies for you. Or install the project package, from 
openbuild repository:

This is documented here: