Tino Mettler | 14 Jun 10:52 2016

Re: Debian building packages for syncevolution 1.5.1 and TDE backends

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 16:13:44 +0200, deloptes wrote:
> OK, Thank you Tino,
> I have the feeling you are right. I'll try to build the debian packages on
> the test env, where I will need to install the evolution and kde libs as
> well, so that I'll be able to build all available/suggested backends.
> What about merging the code into the syncevolution git tree?
> What is the "official" procedure?


that question is better sent to the syncevolution mailing list, as I'm
only the Debian maintainer.

deloptes | 10 Jun 23:49 2016

Debian building packages for syncevolution 1.5.1 and TDE backends

Hi again,

the second part of my question is/was what to do with the source code and
what would be the best approach?
I think the code should go into syncevolution repository. TDE packages would
be provided then by TDE.
Is it correct assumption and if yes what is the way for doing it?

Now following your advise I updated the package files, but it failed to
build anyway

here is the config (I copy pasted from my test scripts into debian/rules)
and the errors I got.
I don't get those errors when I compile using automake. I assume this is
something to do with dpkg building shared, but I'll be glad if you could

dh_auto_configure -- --prefix=/usr \
                --sysconfdir=/etc \
                --libexecdir=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/syncevolution \
                --enable-gui \
                --with-rst2man --with-rst2html \
                        --enable-maintainer-mode \
                --enable-core \
                --enable-bluetooth \
                --enable-tdepimabc \
                --enable-tdepimcal \
                --enable-tdepimnotes \
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Vladislav Vorobiev | 27 May 09:13 2016

syncevolution-kde + akonadi [ERROR syncevo-dbus-server 00:00:00] child process quit because of signal 11


after some upgrades i run in the strage issue.

$ SYNCEVOLUTION_DEBUG=3 syncevolution --sync two-way funambol calendar
[DEBUG 00:00:00] SuspendFlags: (re)activating, currently inactive
[DEBUG 00:00:00] SuspendFlags: activating signal handler(s) with fds 11->10
[DEBUG 00:00:00] SuspendFlags: catch signal 2
[DEBUG 00:00:00] SuspendFlags: catch signal 15
[INFO 00:00:00] addressbook: inactive
[INFO 00:00:00] memo: inactive
[INFO 00:00:00] todo: inactive
[INFO 00:00:00] calendar: starting normal sync, two-way (peer is server)
[INFO 00:00:00] creating complete data backup of datastore calendar before 
sync (enabled with dumpData and needed for printChanges)
[ERROR syncevo-dbus-server 00:00:00] child process quit because of signal 11
[DEBUG 00:00:01] SuspendFlags: deactivating fds 11->10
[DEBUG 00:00:01] SuspendFlags: close m_receiverFD 10
[DEBUG 00:00:01] SuspendFlags: close m_senderFD 11
[DEBUG 00:00:01] SuspendFlags: done with deactivation

By starting syncvo-dbus in debug

 /usr/libexec/syncevo-dbus-server -o -s --verbosity=3

I get in the console

INFO 00:09:42] calendar: starting normal sync, two-way (peer is server)
[INFO 00:09:42] creating complete data backup of datastore calendar before 
sync (enabled with dumpData and needed for printChanges)
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Marc Bantle | 21 May 12:40 2016

item is outside the sync interval

Hi all,

I'm trying to sync my ubuntu phone calendar 
against a newly setup oncloud 9.0 server using 
a syncevolution (1.5-0ubuntu5) CalDAV 
connection. For most events I get the following 

[INFO  <at> owncloud] CalDAV peer rejected updated because 
item is outside the sync interval

It looks like only recent and future events 
(last 3 month) get synced properly and all 
others are being rejected. 

Does anyone know, where that message comes from 
and which component is imposing the restriction? 
How can I change it?

Any hints?

deloptes | 2 Apr 23:04 2016

Calendar+Todo and Memo

Hi all,

I apologize for disturbing you once again, however I found out that the
older Nokia 5530 has Calendar+Todo and Memo in one.
So when I use following configuration I get everything to the TDE Calendar
when just syncing the calendar part. This is great, however I can not push
back Todo or Memo items for obvious reasons.

How can I modify the configuration such that I am able to use all of it. I
read about the virtual, but could not come up with a decision what I should
put where in the config.

syncevolution --configure \
             --template ${template} \
                syncURL=obex-bt://${deviceAddress} \
              peerIsClient=1 \
              dumpData=0 \
              printChanges=0 \
                addressbook/backend=tdepim-contacts \
                addressbook/database="kxXrRFzP9c" \
                addressbook/databaseFormat="text/vcard" \
                calendar/uri="Calendar" \
                calendar/backend=tdepim-calendar \
                calendar/database="ZsPZokpoTg" \
                calendar/databaseFormat="text/calendar" \
                todo/backend=tdepim-tasks \
                todo/database="ZsPZokpoTg" \
                todo/databaseFormat="text/calendar" \
                memo/backend=tdepim-memos \
                memo/database="ZsPZokpoTg" \
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deloptes | 23 Mar 08:39 2016

Char encoding in syncevo config

Hi all,

I might be too frustrated recently and might have overseen something, but is
there a way to set up specific char encoding in SyncEvolution

The reason is that I have few old phones in Latin1/ISO-8859-15 and a newer
N9 using UTF-8
While N9 works fine, I get mangled ö/ä/ü in the contacts from the older
I'm just thinking how can I solve this.


SyncEvolution mailing list
SyncEvolution <at> syncevolution.org
Tino Mettler | 1 Mar 12:13 2016

reject file in git tree

Hi Patrick,

there is a file that does not belong to the git tree IMHO:


deloptes | 20 Feb 13:14 2016

Help needed

Hi Patrick, all,

I found in the code
deloptes | 3 Feb 20:05 2016

TDEPIM sync questions

Hi to all  <at> syncevolution, sorry for bothering you, but I hope one could save
me some digging by answering my questions.
I thank you in advance for the patience and support.

I have an item uid: libkcal-1629736449.222 
which is returned by syncevolution (--print-items) 
as urlencoded libkcal-1629736449%2e222

Is this on purpose and why?

How are the sources/databases handled - example if I have 3 calendars
(1default, 1 read only and 1 custom). Imagine I set the custom or the
default as inactive or active - how would this influence the sync?

About the platform support.
Is this also picked up by the engine automatically ?
I saw something about KDE in the sync src code as well.
I would like to implement similar functionality with the tdewallet - it
sounds like nice feature to have when dealing with passwords, but I need
some hint here as I was not able to understand from the kde code what
exactly has to be done, so that syncevo can cope with it.


info.m_backendRule = "KDE";

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Patrick Ohly | 2 Feb 08:17 2016

Re: Syncevolution for TDE (8)

On Thu, 2016-01-28 at 21:30 +0100, deloptes wrote:
> So here is what I see when I build "shared" ("statics" - I see only
> one desc of the module)

Could it be that the code for registering datastore types is the same in
both of your .so modules and thus everything gets added twice?

Perhaps try deleting one of them. That should remove just the entry for
data stored via that module.


Best Regards, Patrick Ohly

The content of this message is my personal opinion only and although
I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make here in no way
represent Intel's position on the issue, nor am I authorized to speak
on behalf of Intel on this matter.
Milan Crha | 19 Jan 11:25 2016

Build fails with libical 2.0.0

I just realized that the syncevolution fails to build against
libical 2.0.0. The problem is synevolution's extract of
icaltz-util.c/.h, referencing extern const char *ical_tzid_prefix;
This variable had been made private and there is no way to get to it
from the outside of libical (the added icaltimezone_tzid_prefix() is
not exported in the libical library).

I do not know the rationale with the icaltz-util extract in the
syncevolution, but I'd say it's time to get rid of it when new-enough
libical is used for the build. What do you think?

I placed a lame workaround in my build and defined the missing variable
with the value copied from the libical 2.0.0 sources. I know it doesn't
scale and can easily break in the future, but I expect that there will
be done a proper fix upstream meanwhile and I'll be able to drop the
workaround once the fix will be released.