Jakob Kramer | 17 Apr 14:56 2014

[sbase] sort: add -k support


Here is my patch to add -k support to sort and remove the -u flag from
it,  because it does not work (and even less  so with my -k patch.  It
does strcmp to compare two lines  that are already sorted to  check if
they are  the same,  but that already  does not work  when  "-n -u" is
given.  A correct implementation of -u should rather check if the sort
function thinks they were the same.

The -k flag is not complete in that it does not support modifiers
specific to a single key definition.

Jakob Kramer
Yuri Karaban | 15 Apr 16:39 2014

[PATCH] Don't make bold text bright with default color

From: Yuri Karaban <dev <at> dev97.com>


I found that st behavior is inconsistent with XTerm and RXVT in regard
to handling bold text. XTerm and RXVT are not making bold font bright
if default color is used (with light background and black foreground
it's looking rather ugly, brightened black font becomes gray and
unreadable on light gray background).

There is one subtle detail, foreground color is not brightened only if
it's implicit, therefore if default color is black:

echo -e "\033[1m Bold but not bright"

should print the string in bold with black color

but when black is specified explicitly like:

echo -e "\033[30;1m Bold and bright"
echo -e "\033[30m \033[1m Bold and bright"

it should print the string in bold but with gray (brightened) color.

Please consider adopting standard behavior, otherwise it's making the
bold text hard to read on a gray background ;-)

Yuri Karaban (1):
  Show bold glyphs in bright color only when color is explicit
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Jakub Lach | 15 Apr 16:31 2014

OpenBSD takes a stab at SSL


FRIGN | 14 Apr 16:13 2014

[ubase][patch] Add switch_root.8 to the Makefile


Seems like I neglected the Makefile while adding the switch_root
This is now fixed.




FRIGN <dev <at> frign.de>
FRIGN | 14 Apr 15:29 2014

[ubase[patch] Add switch_root manpage


as promised you can find the manpage for switch_root attached.




FRIGN <dev <at> frign.de>
FRIGN | 14 Apr 00:15 2014

[ubase][patch] Implement switch_root

Good evening,

as discussed earlier, I worked on the switch_root-tool and successfully
tested it with my initramfs-setup without problems.
Let me know what you think.




FRIGN <dev <at> frign.de>
FRIGN | 13 Apr 14:10 2014

[ubase] Implement switch_root

Good day,

sometimes, you depend on an initramfs to do stuff for you before
the rootfs is available.
Busybox has become the standard for "all your initramfs needs", but
tbh, I hate working with it.
Statically linking sbase and ubase and choosing the tools you need for
the job almost solves the problem, but the lack of switch_root, which
almost every initramfs depends on, forces you to use busybox (because
util-linux doesn't link statically).

Now, I would've already sent in a patch, but I am pretty sure somebody
here already hacked it together before. So, to save my time, I better
ask now.




FRIGN <dev <at> frign.de>

Swiatoslaw Gal | 12 Apr 20:58 2014

[surf] link hinting

Did anyone implemented links hinting without java script?


Virgile Andreani | 12 Apr 17:15 2014

[lsw] [patch] Memory leak from XGetTextProperty

Dear suckless developers,

The manpage of XGetTextProperty mentions:

> An extra byte containing null (which is not included in the nitems
> member) is stored at the end of the value field of text_prop_return.

Which, if I understand correctly, means that the value field of the
property is dynamically allocated at every successful run of this
function, and even if nitem equals zero, in which case a bare '\0' is
stored into the field.  Hence this patch, which frees the value field
at two places where this was not handled.

Virgile Andreani
Silvan Jegen | 11 Apr 21:07 2014

[sbase][RFC] "tr" with -d option or without?


Recently the '-d' flag was added to the 'tr' program. I liked the
simplicity of not having to specify the '-d' flag to delete characters
specified in set1 and the TODO entry (still to be deleted) does not
mention it.

I can see the need for a '-d' flag for compatibility reasons but my
preference would be to just ignore the flag if it is specified. What are
peoples opinion on the '-d' flag?

In any case, the tr.1 man page should be updated and the TODO item
removed which I will do as soon as the decision has been made.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!



Calvin Morrison | 11 Apr 16:25 2014

lock (1) - where does it go?

new program,  new tools, new thread.

I'd like lock to belong somewhere. FRIGN and I privately discussed
submitting it to moreutils, a package which contains unix utilities
which didn't quite make it into coreutils, but are still useful.

He says:

> Frankly, I don't like the idea. Moreutils is licensed under the GPL, which is not favorable.

I agree that GPL is a sucky license, but moreutils is widely
distributed and available for most all linux systems via package
manager. This gives the tool more popularity.

> I'd suggest we do this job and then submit it to the _suckless-repo_ (including a proper Makefile for easy
installation) ;)."

I agree with this, I love suckless, i've been using these tools for
years. What would I do without it? yet we are doomed to obscurity.


1) submit it to the suckless repository, if the community so desires
2) submit to moreutils, sacrifice license (well technically anyone
could use my current version under its current BSD like license)
3) do nothing, let it sit on my website.


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