Sylvain BERTRAND | 6 Feb 00:14 2016

[libutp-c] ISO C90-ish ports of bittorrent c++ libutp


A new "suckless" lib for bittorrent clients: libutp-c (

Master branch:

This is the old C api, which is a drop-in replacement for transmission
bittorrent client libutp. I'm trying to make this implementation distributed as
an option with transmission bittorrent client package. I'm getting high
resistance from the "dev in chief":

(I have been running a modified libtransmission with libutp-c without any pb)

upstream branch:

This is the new C api. Ported from c++ recently but untested. I'll sync it and
debug it once transmission bittorrent client code is updated to deal with
libutp new C api.




Nick | 4 Feb 18:50 2016

[surf] Switching to webkit2 as default

Greetings fellow travellers.

I try not to keep too abreast of things like GTK and WebKit, for the 
sake of my sanity, but I read this[0] today which was a pretty scary 
read, really.

One thing that is particularly important is that webkitgtk2 is 
receiving security updates, whereas webkitgtk1 is not, and hasn't 
for quite a while. I was not aware of this. Web browsing is a 
dangerous thing, and I didn't realise quite how many known 
vulnerabilities I have been surfing with, and would like to reduce 
that number.

I know there's a webkitgtk2 branch of surf. Is there anything 
missing in it that would prevent it from being the default surf 
branch? I'll gladly help bring things up to scratch if there is work 
to do, as surf is a reasonable interface and I dislike it much less 
than other browsers (except my pandoc / markdown / tkread setup, but 
that's not very general-purpose, only really fit to read longform 

Love and kisses,



Mattias Andrée | 3 Feb 19:27 2016

[sbase] install

What features are install in sbase supposed to have?
install is not standardised, and the only flag all
implementations seem to have in common is '-g'.
Mattias Andrée | 3 Feb 11:12 2016

[sbase][PATCH] pathchk

New command, including man page.
UTF-8 compatible and should be POSIX-compliant.

Signed-off-by: Mattias Andrée <maandree <at>>
 LICENSE   |   1 +
 Makefile  |   1 +
 README    |   1 +
 TODO      |   1 -
 pathchk.1 |  35 +++++++++++++
 pathchk.c | 166 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 6 files changed, 204 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100644 pathchk.1
 create mode 100644 pathchk.c

diff --git a/LICENSE b/LICENSE
index cb5a797..2a26979 100644
 <at>  <at>  -59,3 +59,4  <at>  <at>  Authors/contributors include:
 © 2015 Quentin Rameau <quinq <at>>
 © 2015 Dionysis Grigoropoulos <info <at>>
 © 2015 Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <first.lord.of.teal <at>>
+© 2016 Mattias Andrée <maandree <at>>
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 1c09cac..b8cf51a 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
 <at>  <at>  -120,6 +120,7  <at>  <at>  BIN =\
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robin | 3 Feb 08:33 2016

[surf] Why yank to primary instead of clipboard?

The function clipboard(Client *c, const Arg *arg)

For me, thats a hassle.
How do i copy a uri to send to a friend?

I changed it to use CLIPBOARD, but I am wondering:
Is there any good reason to use PRIMARY?

Matt T. Proud ⚔ | 1 Feb 09:32 2016

[st] [ANN] Convert iTerm 2 Color Schemes into Simple Terminal config.h Fragments

Hi all,

Been a long-time fan of Suckless.  Never had the time to come out of
the wood work and say anything before now.

I wrote a tool to recode iTerm 2 color scheme into Simple Terminal
config.h fragments semi-suitable for direct inlining.  It is in Go, so
you know the drill:

$ go get

Hopefully it is useful to you and the rest of the community.  I had
been on a warpath to update my color schemes into something a bit less
straining on my eyes, and hand converting the iTerm 2 format was a
real slog: Apple Property Lists are chicken shit.  I never had a great
ability to create aesthetically pleasing things, so cribbing off of
the largest corpus of color schemes seemed like the easiest way to do

Feedback appreciated.

Kindest regards from the Limmatstadt,


Dave Kennedy | 31 Jan 22:44 2016

[ANNOUNCE] recall-0.1


This is my first C program, which hopefully someone else will find useful:

Here's a brief snippet from the readme:

	The purpose of this program is to help me remember bash commands.

	recall is invoked with a list of arguments describing the desired
	operation, e.g.:

	$ recall volume up
	amixer -Mq set Master 1%+
	    increase volume
	amixer -Mq set Master 1%-
	    decrease volume

Feedback is appreciated!



Tim Elliott | 30 Jan 19:37 2016

[farbfeld] cubic resizing filter

Here is a cubic (catmull-rom) resizing filter for farbfeld:

Example usage is:
$ jpg2ff < in.jpg | ./resize 123 456 | ff2png > out.png

The arguments indicate the desired maximum height and width. The image
above will be resized to fit inside a 123x456 box while preserving the
aspect ratio.

It has no external dependencies, but includes a single-file library to
perform resampling.

Interpolation happens with 8-bit components, so this filter truncates
16-bit colors to 8-bit, resamples, and then scales 8-bit colors back

I could look into supporting 16-bit colors in the interpolator, but
would be curious what the use cases are first.

Mike Hay | 29 Jan 23:09 2016

Re: Re: Quick and dirty statistics tool for the UNIX pipeline

This looks like a nice tool for summary stats. For confidence
intervals, using bootstrap instead of student's T would be easy to
implement without resorting to GSL, as well as more general.

On the subject of numerical software, here [0] is a large collection
of C libraries from John Burkardt at Florida State. It includes
utilities for linear algebra, stats, and other assorted numerical
tasks. I've used a number of these, and have always found it clean and
easy to use.


Mattias Andrée | 28 Jan 16:27 2016

[sbase] diff3 and beyond?

Is there any interest in having diff3 and beyond
(why limit it to anything less than 64, or at all,
if implementing it for 3 files) in sbase?
Marc Collin | 28 Jan 14:20 2016

Quick and dirty statistics tool for the UNIX pipeline

Who ever had to deal with R and other complex tools to do some statistical work?
I found an interesting alternative that appears to be 'suckless' to me.
I'm sending this email to the author too so we can discuss his project
with the suckless community.
What I miss the most are confidence intervals, and Tony once commented on that:
>Implement confidence intervals
>Try not to have to use the GSL for t-distribution quartiles since then I would have to >GPL the code. Is there
a better way to find the quartiles of the t-distribution without >adding dependencies?

The project seems to be on its infancy, but I like the idea.
What does everyone think?