Henrique Lengler | 25 Jul 01:30 2014

[st] Colors


I'm not familiar with st code, so i wanna know if have how i change st
colors? Not just selecting one in the config.h file but change
how this color looks. E.g Point black color to some RGB hexcode like
people do with urxvt, to make it look more beautiful.


Henrique Lengler

Henrique Lengler | 25 Jul 00:00 2014

[DWM] Why not fontconfig?

Is there a good motive to DWM use the "X Logical Font Description" by
default, and not Fontconfig?

Henrique Lengler

Paul Onyschuk | 24 Jul 23:15 2014

[acmebrowse] Mouse driven interface for edbrowse

I've been playing around with idea of using edbrowse (CLI web browser
with ed-like interface) together with acme.  Launching it using win(1)
in acme is fine, but far from usable.  I decided to improve on that.
This script is result of that - it needs to be launched in acme.  Tmux
is used for bridging two worlds.  Since readme is included in script
(just keep scrolling, you will find it), there is not much else left to

This is early version, but usable enough so it can be shared I guess.
Here is screenshot [1], not sure how useful is that, since acme looks
utilitarian as always.

[1] http://i.imgur.com/w4Zh6qs.png

Here is script enclosed inside "--" marks:


. 9.rc
. $PLAN9/lib/acme.rc

# Preserve tabs and newlines, when tokenizing readme
tmpifs = $ifs
ifs = ' '

# README in form of here document
readme =  `{cat <<EOF}

(Continue reading)

Hiltjo Posthuma | 24 Jul 19:22 2014

[patch][dmenu] fix crash with ctrl-enter as input

reproduce: ./dmenu; send EOF; press ctrl+enter.

Attached is the patch.

Kind regards,
anonimopococinese@alice.it | 24 Jul 17:41 2014

[st][PATCH] minor: remove unnecessary/redundant libraries

libXext is not used and freetype2 is included by `pkg-config --* fontconfig`
but per-se does not seem useful anyhow, unless I'm missing something.


Dimitris Zervas | 24 Jul 02:22 2014

[sandy] Additional key tests


Sandy's key bindings are based on tests.
The number of tests have started to grow and a there are times that a key is defined 6 or more times to do a simple job.
Also, I want to add an expand mode (to make diw command possible) and until mode (dta command), which would
mean even more key definitions.

I was thinking to make multi-command keys defined with an array of  functions and arguments,
but that's not an efficient solution and I don't like it.

What do you think?

Alexandre Niveau | 24 Jul 00:44 2014

[st] Erasing UTF-8 characters in ed


I've been using st for a while now; it works great. Thanks to the devs
and maintainers!

I have a problem though, when using ed; I don't know whether it's a
bug in st or elsewhere. When typing a line in ed, using backspace to
erase a  multibyte UTF-8 character *seems* OK visually, but does not
work: only the last byte is really removed, leaving an invalid UTF-8
character. For example, 3-byte characters need 3 backspaces to be
erased, but the terminal shows 3 characters erased.

Steps to reproduce (^H is a backspace):
$ ed test

The resulting file contains bytes 61 c3 61 0a.

I tried GNU ed, ed from 9base, and sam -d, launched from bash and
9base's rc. They all have this behaviour in st, both in version 0.5
and tip (using stty erase ^H for tip, as explained in this commit
summary http://git.suckless.org/st/commit/config.def.h?id=c46d929fe18e4a3c9c41101eafa7a9668c8c8830
— as a side note, wouldn't this be worth mentioning in the FAQ?).

However in xterm, gnome-terminal, and lxterminal, both ed and sam -d
work as expected.

It may be that one's not supposed to use backspaces in ed, but this
behaviour is weird nonetheless…

-- A.N.

Calvin Morrison | 23 Jul 21:21 2014


LDAP sucks, is there any good alternative for managing user logins
over 5-10 servers?


Guillaume Quintin | 23 Jul 19:49 2014

Simple question


I was wondering if there was some program out there that uses
algorithms such as red-black trees, B-trees, binomial heaps, fibonacci
heaps, etc. Do you know any ? This is just for my curiosity.


Adam Pribyl | 23 Jul 11:04 2014

sufr + tabbed

I am using surf + tabbed, when I press Ctrl+t to open a new tab, I may 
enter a "string" - I thought it should be URL for a new tab, but it 
does nothing. If I do not enter anything it does not open a new tab. What 
is the purpose of the "string"?

Now the only thing I miss using surf is any kind of login/password 
manager. Is there something? I thought http://suckless.org/other_projects 
passman project maybe, but link is 404...

Adam Pribyl

davecode_suckless | 23 Jul 02:44 2014

Arch Linux Suckless Repo Timestamp

I appreciate the private repo suckless offers Arch Linux. I've noticed pacman never reports it up-to-date.
Run pacman -Syu twice quickly to see the db re-downloaded. Somehow the up-to-date check isn't working.
Behavior is consistent.  Thanks

( /etc/pacman.conf )
SigLevel = PackageOptional
Server = http://dl.suckless.org/arch/$arch

( Console input )
# pacman -Syu
# pacman -Syu

( Result for second run )
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 xyne-i686 is up to date
 arcanisrepo is up to date
 suckless                           1081.0   B   132K/s 00:00 [###################] 100%
 haskell-core is up to date


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