Arnau Bria | 31 Oct 12:55 2006

postfix + metalog


I have a problem with postfix log format and I'm not sure if metalog
could help me. I've asked to postfix mail list (spanish) and got no
response, so, and before asking to postfix generic list, I'd like to
ask here.

The problem is that I'd like to have log foramt like:

Jan 01 07:27:31 apollon postfix/smtpd[1684]: 

and at this moment I have this:

Oct 31 12:46:17 [postfix/smtpd]

**Notice that between date and process hostname is missing, and process
is between brackets and I'd like to have process id between brakets.

Could metalog help me to get this log format?

Thansk in advance, and sorry if this is not the right place for this
question... I'm a little lost at this point...



Arnau Bria
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