Ian Ward | 21 Oct 23:19 2005

ANN: Urwid 0.8.9 curses-based UI library

Announcing Urwid 0.8.9

Urwid home page:


About this release:

Urwid is now one year old!  Thank you to everyone who has sent in comments
and suggestions.  I am now looking for volunteers with experience using
combining, double width and bidirectional characters in the UTF-8 encoding.
Let me know if you can help test future releases.

New in this release:

  - New Overlay class for drawing widgets that obscure parts of other
    widgets.  May be used for drop down menus, combo boxes, overlapping
    "windows", caption text etc.

  - New BarGraph, GraphVScale and ProgressBar classes for graphical display
    of data in Urwid applications.

  - New method for configuring keyboard input timeouts and delays:
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Ian Ward | 21 Oct 23:24 2005

ANN: Speedometer 2.0 - bandwidth and download monitor

Announcing Speedometer 2.0

Speedometer home page:


New in this release:

  - New full-console bar graph display based on Urwid 0.8.9

  - Realigned graphic scale to more common units

About Speedometer

Speedometer is a console bandwidth and file download progress monitor with
a logarithmic bandwidth display and a simple command-line interface.

Speedometer requires Python 2.1 or later and Urwid 0.8.9 or later for
full-console bar graph display.

Speedometer is released under the GNU LGPL.