Alex | 25 Jan 16:27 2015

Re: 1 renderer over mutlple cpp's

luca00555 wrote:
I've been trying really hard but I can't seem to find a sollution.
I want to initialize SDL in another cpp than the cpp where the drawing is done, how can I create a renderer in for say gfxinit.cpp and pass it on to gfxmain.cpp?

This is not a problem. When you create renderer you got a rendering context variable (a pointer to SDL_Renderer). If you want to use this context in other c/cpp files declare it as a global var or a field of a global structure with "extern" specifier. You can create a header file and declare your rendering context var in this header (something like: extern SDL_Renderer* your_renderer;). Then include this header file to your c/cpp files where you want to use this renderer.
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Starg | 25 Jan 11:31 2015

Android: SDL_GetPrefPath & SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath


On Android, the call SDL_GetPrefPath crashes. I'm not sure why because as far as I can tell it's not implemented. (SDL_GetBasePath doesn't crash, but returns NULL)
Anyway, I was wondering why Android has a separate call for finding a path to save files, SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath?

Wouldn't it be better if SDL_GetPrefPath called SDL_AndroidGetInternalStoragePath on Android?

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Alexey Petruchik | 24 Jan 19:55 2015

SDL_iconv_utf8_ucs2 fails on Ubuntu for me

Calling SDL_iconv_utf8_ucs2 fails on Ubuntu for me. It seems that it's caused by using system iconv implementation on Linux systems. SDL_iconv_utf8_ucs2 uses "UCS-2-INTERNAL" as a tocode. Running "iconv -l | grep UCS" on my Ubuntu (14.10) gives such results:


It seems that system iconv know nothing about "UCS-2-INTERNAL".
Changing SDL_iconv_utf8_ucs2 to:

 (Uint16*)SDL_iconv_string("UCS-2", "UTF-8", event.text.text, SDL_strlen(event.text.text) + 1);

seems to be fixing problem. But I think it's still a bug when SDL_iconv_utf8_ucs2() doesn't work on some platforms.

Regards, Alexey
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JeZ-l-Lee | 23 Jan 14:01 2015

"LettersFall 5" - Beta1 - 100% Cross-Platform!

"LettersFall 5" - Beta1 - 100% Cross-Platform!


We have finally finished Beta1 of our 100% cross-platform HTML5 word game "LettersFall 5"...

Please help us test Beta1 before official release by playing game at following URL:

If you have any suggestions or find any problems then reply to this forum post.
(when posting please include your Operating System and Internet browser you are using)

Thank you for your help!


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Ryan C. Gordon | 22 Jan 17:46 2015

Fwd: solicitud de traduccion

Are there any bilingual people around that can translate this page to Spanish?


Begin forwarded message:

From: xxx
Date: January 22, 2015 at 6:12:13 AM EST
To: "icculus <at>" <icculus <at>>
Subject: solicitud de traduccion

Podria, por favor, traducir al español la migracion de SDL1.2 a SDL2... 
Gracias por su atencion
Rafael Herrera
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blackart | 22 Jan 16:48 2015

How can I use SDL2 within existing iOS UIWindow or UIView

mac os x 10.10, ios 8.1, xcode 6.1, SDL2 2.0.3

I have build libSDL2.a successed, SDL Demo successed too.

the WindowId hack for SDL1.3 did not work now.

can you help me? Please!

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asdron | 21 Jan 10:40 2015

Building SDL_ttf on windows 8.1 arm

Hi. I have discovered problem with building release dll of SDL_ttf for ARM (windows 8.1). I'm getting this error

3>c:\users\username\documents\projects\sdl2\sdl_ttf\external\freetype-2.4.12\src\autofit\afcjk.c(307): fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
3> (compiler file 'f:\dd\vctools\compiler\utc\src\p2\main.c', line 228)
3> To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed above.

If I will change optimization level of freetype project to O1, dll will be created successfully. I would like to know is there another solution how to fix it?
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arthurtonypark | 20 Jan 07:13 2015

32 / 64 bit development in linux mint 17.1


I am struggling with building both 32 and 64 bit versions of a program based on SDL2 on linux mint (eclipse, CDT).

The problem is that the 32 and 64 bit dev versions of the SDL2 library packages in the mint repository delete each other. So I need to go and switch the installation each time I want to build.

I have got round the problem by installing SDL2 i386 libs, copying /usr/libs/i386-linux-gnu, installing SDL 64 bit libs, and then reinstating the copied /usr/libs/i386-linux-gnu so I get back all the 32 bit libs that the 64 bit package removed.

I can now build both 32 bit and 64 bit targets from eclipse. However, I am a bit nervous about tampering with the system like this and I wonder if you guys know a better solution to the problem, or a reason why the 32 bit and 64 bit SDL2 dev libraries should not be simultaneously installed.

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Ethan Lee | 19 Jan 11:39 2015

[Patch] Text Input: Support dead keys on Windows

For a while we've had this report for FNA's TextInputEXT extension:

Basically, SDL_TEXTINPUT supports dead keys properly on our other 
platforms, but doesn't for Windows. Élisée posted a patch to the 
Bugzilla (which has a more detailed explanation)...

... but we weren't sure if there was something that needed to be 
fixed/checked first before getting it merged. We'd like this to be in 
2.0.4, if only to have it side-by-side with the FNA 1.0 release.

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JeZ-l-Lee | 17 Jan 20:01 2015

[OT]-Please Help Test Our New HTML5 Engine!

[OT]-Please Help Test Our New HTML5 Engine!


We we hoping some people could help test our new HTML5/JS 2-D video game engine?
We are in the process of porting our SDL 1.2 video game "LettersFall" to HTML5/JS.
Although the game is not finished yet you can help test the engine now!

Please visit the following website URL:

Game should run on all P.C. Windows(R), Mac OS X(R), and Linux desktops and notebooks.
If you test it then just tell us what O.S. and browser you are using.

JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio
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Naith | 17 Jan 15:11 2015

SDL message box


I'm trying to create a message box (SDL_ShowMessageBox, not SDL_ShowSimpleMessageBox) with buttons in it and I now have 2 issues / questions:

1. How does the color scheme for the message box work? I know there is a colorScheme pointer inside the SDL_MessageBoxData, which I've created, but even if I, for example, set the SDL_MESSAGEBOX_COLOR_BACKGROUND to red, the message box background color is the default (gray). Am I missing something?

2. How can I prevent the user from access the SDL window when the message box is open? When I have a message box open and the user clicks on the SDL window (which is behind the message box), I want the focus to return / remain on the message box. Can this be done?
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