| 1 Sep 09:34 2004

[ scintilla-Feature Requests-1020233 ] keyboard macro feature

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Category: None
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Status: Open
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: keyboard macro feature

Initial Comment:
keyboard macro feature like it is implemented in pfe32.
You can download it under


hugo.hoebel <at>


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Otto Wyss | 2 Sep 20:52 2004

Discussing another editor/edit-component concept

My wyoEditor ("") has moved up
within the top 25 editor projects at, reaching 2% of
publicity. Well wyoEditor is now at the point where further improving
isn't reasonably possible because it would mean to implement its own
lexer and much other code duplication. So I think it's time to do a
review and start a discussion about another editor/edit-component concept.

I know there is already Sinkworld and some ideas how to make a better
component but as far as I know it doesn't address any of my issues.
Still I'd appreciate if you would independently discuss my concept.

First we have to look at what users expect from an editor and for what
typical tasks they use an editor:
- viewing and editing simple texts like config files or plain text notes
- programming, coding in any language
- viewing and editing structure text (html, xml)
- writing wysiwyg text (text processing)
- etc.

It now would be fantastic if all these where possible through a set of
components which are able to closely interact. I see about the following components:
- edit-component: Just base viewing and editing functionality
- lexer-component: Full lexing including identifier classification
- display-component: Transforming text into nice display
- wysiwyg-component(s): Ditto above but for text processing formats
- spelling-component(s): Ditto lexer but for natural languages

I envision an editor where it's possible to spell check any text or
comments when programming or where syntax descriptions in a document are
colourised. There are many more uses of such combinations. On the other
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[ scintilla-Bugs-1021132 ] can't open unicode filenames

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Category: SciTE
Group: None
Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: D.H. (crazyinsomniac)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: can't open unicode filenames

Initial Comment:
on win32 (win xp), I have a file
with a unicode filename or so i believe.
The file itself is is UCS2 Little Endian (according to scite)
I cut and pasted the title (da se ku&#263;i vratim)
out of notepad and saved the file.
Scite can't open it.
It converts the &#263; (c with accent/) to a simple c,
and it say it can't find the file

the file is attached


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Neil Hodgson | 2 Sep 23:40 2004

Re: Japanese issue single quotation turns garbage

Mona Abhichandani:

> Hi,
> I receive some garbage characters if the string has single
> quotation, the
> bmp of the screen is attached here .
> Can anybody please point out what is going wrong ?

   You should not send 2.3 megabyte images to the list. Place it on a web
site and include an URL in your mail.

   Neil | 3 Sep 13:04 2004

Changing text background

i'm trying to implement breakpoint changing the background of some parts of text (not whole lines).
I tried to send this messages to scintilla:

SCI_STYLESETBACK, 9, 1000 //With this I set the background color for the style
SCI_STARTSTYLING, 1, 31 //With this I set the first character of my text to be changed. Is the mask right (31) ?
SCI_SETSTYLING, 3, 9 //This should set the text style to 9 (from first character to third)

The problem is that it changes the background color of the whole text.
Please help
Thanks | 3 Sep 03:46 2004

[ scintilla-Feature Requests-1021561 ] integrate basic filemanager

Feature Requests item #1021561, was opened at 2004-09-02 18:46
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Category: None
Group: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: integrate basic filemanager

Initial Comment:
hi, i love the scite editor. it very fast and light weight, 
does not hog too much resources unlike other editors. 
what i would really like to be added to SciTE editor is a 
basic file manager where there is a directory tree where 
we can navigate and open files within scite. can you add 
this? this would really blow out all other editors. 



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amiel montnecillo | 3 Sep 09:04 2004

Feature request


i love SciTE editor!!! its so fast and powerful yet doesn't hog 
resources unlike other editors. there's one request that i would like to 
be added to SciTE.

Is it possible to add a basic file explorer on the left side of SciTE? 
This is where we can navigate to different directories on the pc and 
opening files within the SciTE interface without using windows explorer 
or other extensions. i have seen FilerX although its a good extension 
for SciTE i'd rather see a basic file explorer in the SciTE interface. 
It makes it easier to open files without leaving the editor.


Carsten | 5 Sep 20:35 2004

Announcement: AnyEdit 2.0 Beta 2

Hi All,

*AnyEdit* is a very powerful development environment with a wide range 
of functionalities for Windows clients. AnyEdit is free for any use and 
is */open source/* .Written now entirely in C++ and professionally 
designed for the best look and feel.

Features are: *Syntax Highlighting, **Workspace - Projects, **Templates 
- Projects & Documents, **Clip Text Window, **User Defined Tools, *
Line number, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple 
undo/redo, customizable keyboard shortcuts,Visible display of tabs and 
spaces, Auto-indent, Bookmarking capabilities, Advanced edit commands, 
format commands and much much more...

It has been a year since the last release. Six months ago new developers 
joined the project and after their hard work this is the result. The 
main goal of this release was to have a stable editor with most features 
working. Besides that we cleaned up a large part of the source code to 
be able to respond to users comment and get new releases out faster.

Now it's time to hear the user comment. Try it and let us know what you 
think about it. You can drop your comments, bugs and feature request in 
our forum or on our sourceforge site.

AnyEdit uses scinilla control as text editor component. You can find 
this editor on .


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Carsten | 5 Sep 20:43 2004

Re: Discussing another editor/edit-component concept

Hi Otto,

your article is very interesting. I like your clear concept.

Do you know colorer? This is a lexer component, you can find it on . It has many features and support many 
languages. This component seems to be the ideally lexer component for 
your new editor.


Mark Erikson | 7 Sep 14:53 2004

Windows CE port of Scintilla?

Has there been any progress in porting Scintilla to Windows CE?  I found 
one reference from 2001 to someone who was interested in it, but nothing 
else since then.

Just for kicks, I've been trying to compile the Scintilla source using 
Microsoft's Embedded Visual Tools 3, and have run into lots of errors 
(such as no time.h or richedit.h headers, etc).  If anyone has any 
insights or tips for porting Scintilla to Windows CE, I'd appreciate 
hearing them.