Patrick Block | 1 Mar 08:01 2002


Another cool example of when SCI_STYLESETEOLFILLED is useful is for
making unterminated strings stand out. Sci-TE does that. (Try typing a
quote on a line, then typing some text, then pressing the enter key
without typing an end quote, and watch what happens.)

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> Can anybody tell me exactly what SCI_STYLESETEOLFILLED mean?

The EOLFILLED style uses the background colour at the end of the line
to colour from the last character of the line to the right side of the
This is useful when a document contains embedded sections in another
language such as HTML pages with embedded JavaScript. By setting
both the EOLFILLED style and a consistent background colour to all
JavaScript styles then JavaScript sections will be easily distinguished
from HTML.

   Some people like this for comment sections as well.

> Also how do you change the CR LF symbols to a different color?
> I notice if some End of Line symbols have different colors depending
> on the language (gray or black background).

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Neil Hodgson | 1 Mar 10:32 2002

Re: fold background color

> How do you change the background colder of the Folding panel? 
> It would be nice if the background color would be to same as the 
> text background.

   This can not be changed independently in the current version.

   You can place the fold markers in the line number margin with
   but this may interfere with the line numbers depending on how wide the
line number margin is.


Philippe Lhoste | 1 Mar 10:33 2002


Hello Deepak T.

Welcome among us.
First, one remark on the mailing list (ML) policy: you have sent a message
about SciTE to the ML about Scintilla, the source editor component that is a
sub-part of SciTE. Although some proposed changes have to be performed on
Scintilla level...
These different MLs (scintilla-interest <at> and
scite-interest <at> are confusing at first :-)
And second remark, perhaps try to make more explicit subjects, like "SciTE
improvement suggestions", because most messages here are about SciTE (or
Scintilla) ;-)

> Hello, SciTE is the best programmers editor I have found so far.

I agree totally! The best part is that if there is something wrong or
missing, you can add it (more or less, I don't think Neil will approve a different
setting format, for example).

> Although It
> has comprehensive features, There are a few additions which I would like
> implement but I want to know if someone else is working on it already :
> saving bookmarks to a file
> remove fold margin if file does'nt support folding
> favorite files menu

Seems useful and non intrusive, and probably not bloating, so seems OK.
(From the point of view of another user.)
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Philippe Lhoste | 1 Mar 10:49 2002

Caret policy

I have made some steps in the caret policy recoding.
It is mostly a redefinition of the interface and the doc., I still have a
lot to do in coding.
I submit my work in progress, in case you want to comment/correct it.

I made the comments in scintilla.iface so that I can easily copy them into
the .properties file, or even the ScintillaDoc.html and SciTEDoc.html. These
are still to be rewritten, after you revise my English :-)

I have made many minor changes to scintilla.iface, so I submit the whole

I have made the following variables in Editor.h:
int caretXPolicy;
int caretXSlop;

int caretYPolicy;
int caretYSlop;

replacing the caretPolicy and caretSlop single variables. I also changed the
corresponding constants and variables in the code.

In Editor.cxx, I initialised these variables, and the message handling is as
	case SCI_SETCARETPOLICY:	// Deprecated
		caretXPolicy = caretYPolicy = wParam;
		caretXSlop = caretYSlop = lParam;

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Neil Hodgson | 1 Mar 11:07 2002

Re: SciTE

   Hi Deepak,

   I don't think anyone is working on any of these, yet.

> saving bookmarks to a file

  OK, so long as it can be switched on/off with a proprty.

> remove fold margin if file does'nt support folding

   Sounds like an improvement although I don't know how you will do this.

> favorite files menu
> save as copy - this would copy the current buffer to a file of your
>   this would help in backing up source file after extensive changes
> change color of fold/selection margin (is this currently possible?)

   Requires changes to Scintilla to make it easy.

> bookmarks - place and goto can be on right-click menu
> a page down button below the scroll button would be very cool

   I like to stay with platform/theme defaults. If you are on GTK+ then you
can choose themes that have scroll bars like this.


devin.grant | 1 Mar 15:43 2002

SCN_MARGINCLICK is not responding



Did you every figure out why I am not able to receive messages for the folding symbol when clicking on it?  I am using VB.Net to code with Scintilla.


PS is there anyone out there able to subclass to receive "SCN_MARGINCLICK" message in VB.Net and it works? If so, please let me know.


QA Engineer

Devin.Grant <at>



Neil Hodgson | 2 Mar 00:59 2002

Re: Caret policy

Philippe Lhoste:

> I have made some steps in the caret policy recoding.
> It is mostly a redefinition of the interface and the doc., I still have a
> lot to do in coding.
> I submit my work in progress, in case you want to comment/correct it.

   Mostly good, although I'd like to find some ways of explaining it better.
Would it be better to talk about the policy always being applied but there
being conditions that trigger a 'view repositioning event'? If better
terminology can be found, I think that will help both documentation and

   I have been thinking about dimensioned settings in Scintilla. For caret
policy, Y is in lines and X is in pixels. It would be good to allow these
(and some other features) to be set with a corresponding unit like HTML
style settings. The X slop factor could be 'n pixels', 'm average character
widths' or 'a percentage of the view width'. Using a size dependent on the
character width would make sense when the user zooms. Another place this
would help is in the line number margin width which could then be set, for
example, to allow 5 digit line numbers or a given number of pixels.


Enrico Savazzi | 2 Mar 09:34 2002

Re: How to send function keys to parent (MFC)

In an earlier message, I asked for solutions to the following problem:
 > I have an MFC dialog containing a Scintilla component and
 > a menu resource. I can use the menu to call member functions
 > of the dialog (which issue messages to Scintilla), and I can
 > type in Scintilla. However, when I try to use accelerator keys
 > defined for the menu, nothing is sent to the dialog or
 > to the menu, and Scintilla instead tries to display whatever I
 > am typing ...

There were a couple of replies (thanks go to Neil and Don Paul), but 
unfortunately, they did not apply to my situation. After trying 
unsuccessfully to understand why the thing works in Scite but not in my 
dialog (perhaps differences in the way a window and an MFC dialog manage 
message queues?), I decided it was less time-consuming to modify Scintilla 
to send to the parent the messages I needed (for Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H and F3). 
Below is what I have done, in case anyone is interested. Anyone cares to 
comment on whether there is a better way to do it?

// In Scintilla.h, after the line:
#define SCN_DWELLEND 2017
// add the lines:
#define SCN_F3 2020
#define SCN_CTRL_F 2021
#define SCN_CTRL_H 2022

// In Editor.cxx, after the line:
void Editor::AddChar(char ch) {
// add the lines:
         if(ch == 6 || ch == 8)
                 return; // skip Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H

// In Editor.cxx, after the line:
int Editor::KeyDefault(int key, int modifiers) {
// add the lines:
         SCNotification scn;
         scn.message = 0;
         scn.wParam = 0;
         scn.lParam = 0;
         if(key == 114 && modifiers == 0)
                 // F3
                 scn.nmhdr.code = SCN_F3;
         else if((key == 70 && modifiers == 2) || (key == 70 && modifiers 
== 3))
                 // Ctrl+f or Ctrl+F
                 scn.nmhdr.code = SCN_CTRL_F;
         else if((key == 72 && modifiers == 2) || (key == 72 && modifiers 
== 3))
                 // Ctrl+h or Ctrl+H
                 scn.nmhdr.code = SCN_CTRL_H;

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Davorin Rusevljan | 2 Mar 12:30 2002

Scintilla docuents


I am wondering how much state and information do Scintilla documents 
contain. For instance if I edit one document, then go to another one, 
and than revert back to the first one; is my cursor position 
maintened? How about undo stack and similar things? Are styles and 
similar attached to each document separately or to the control as a 
whole and apply to all documents?

also if I have 2 scintilla contols loaded in my process, do the share 
common set of documents, or each one has it's own set of documents?


Davorin Rusevljan | 2 Mar 12:32 2002

Windows CE fonts?


is it possible to use Windows CE (Central Europian) fonts with 
Scintilla? If not, it would be great if they could be added (beg, beg