Adam Fedor | 5 Jun 21:15 2011

ANN: GNUstep Make 2.6.1

The GNUstep Makefile Package version 2.6.1 is now available.

1.1 What is the GNUstep makefile package?

The makefile package is a simple, powerful and extensible way to write
makefiles for a GNUstep-based project.  It allows the user to write a
project without having to deal with the complex issues associated with
configuration, building, installation, and packaging.  It also allows
the user to easily create cross-compiled binaries.

1.2 Changes in version `2.6.1'

Bug fix release. Most notably to fix a problem compiling GNUstep with

1.3 Obtaining gnustep-make

You can get the gstep-make-2.6.1.tar.gz distribution file at

   Please log bug reports on the GNUstep project page
`' or send bug reports to
<bug-gnustep <at>>.
Richard Stonehouse | 10 Jun 03:08 2011

ANN: GNUstep 2.6.0 for openSUSE 11.4

GNUstep 2.6.0 for openSUSE 11.4

GNUstep binary, source and documentation RPMs for openSUSE 11.4 are
now available. They include the core libraries, themes, background
wallpapers and a small set of applications. They are based on
gnustep-make version 2.6.0, gnustep-base version 1.22.0, gnustep-gui
version 0.20.0 and gnustep-back version 0.20.1.

These packages are configured for a FHS filestore layout on an i586
architecture machine.

Notable Changes in This Release

Built for the latest openSUSE, version 11.4.

Latest stable versions of the core libraries included, with many
bug-fixes and improvements.

Backend changed from 'art' to 'cairo'.

Latest version of SimpleAgenda and DBusKit included.

Gemas editor included.

Source RPMs supplied - so you can build your own binary RPMs, for a
different distribution or architecture.

Developer & User documentation of gnustep-make, gnustep-base,
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Richard Stonehouse | 10 Jun 03:08 2011

ANN: One Step to GNUstep - pre-release version 0.9

One Step to GNUstep - pre-release version 0.9

A ready-to-use GNUstep development environment, packaged as a
downloadable Virtual Machine, is now available. It comprises a
collection of GNUstep core libraries, applications and standard
development tools.

If you have, or can obtain, virtualisation software such as Virtual
Box, VMware Player or KVM, then you should be able to install and run
this Virtual Machine - irrespective of your hardware and software

Notable Changes in This Release

This is the first pre-release.

How and Where to Get It

The development environment is packaged as a downloadable, Open
Virtualisation Format (OVF) Virtual Machine, approximately 0.6GB in

The method of importing it to your system depends on the
virtualisation software you use. Instructions for installation and
general use, together with the VM itself, are at:

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