Adam Fedor | 14 Apr 16:23 2011

ANN: GNUstep Make 2.6.0

The GNUstep Makefile Package version 2.6.0 is now available.

1.1 What is the GNUstep makefile package?

The makefile package is a simple, powerful and extensible way to write
makefiles for a GNUstep-based project.  It allows the user to write a
project without having to deal with the complex issues associated with
configuration, building, installation, and packaging.  It also allows
the user to easily create cross-compiled binaries.

1.2 Changes in version `2.6.0'

   * The default filesystem layout is now the 'fhs' layout

   * The default location of the configuration file changed when not
     installing system-wide

   * Removed the -with-system-root, -with-local-root and
     -with-network-root options

   * Removed obsolete variables (deprecated 4 years ago).

   * A new test framework is included in the pacakge

   * objc.make deprecated. Use tool.make instead

   * -enable-absolute-install-paths is noew the default on Darwin
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Adam Fedor | 14 Apr 17:37 2011

ANN: GNUstep Base 1.22.0

The GNUstep Base Library, version 1.22.0, is now available.

1.1 What is the GNUstep Base Library?

The GNUstep Base Library is a library of general-purpose, non-graphical
Objective C objects.  For example, it includes classes for strings,
object collections, byte streams, typed coders, invocations,
notifications, notification dispatchers, moments in time, network ports,
remote object messaging support (distributed objects), and event loops.

   It provides functionality that aims to implement the non-graphical
portion of the OpenStep standard (the Foundation library).

   There is more information available at the GNUstep homepage at

1.2 Noteworthy changes in version `1.22.0'

See the release notes

for more information

   * Many updates and new classes

   * There is now a regression test framework included with the package

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Adam Fedor | 15 Apr 04:26 2011

ANN: GNUstep GUI/Back 0.20.0

This is version 0.20.0 of the GNUstep GUI library (`gnustep-gui').

1.1 What is the GNUstep GUI Library?

It is a library of graphical user interface classes written completely
in the Objective-C language; the classes are based upon Apple's Cocoa
framework (which came from the OpenStep specification as release by
NeXT Software, Inc).  The library has been enhanced in a number of ways
to take advantage of the GNU system.  These classes include graphical
objects such as buttons, text fields, popup lists, browser lists, and
windows; there are also many associated classes for handling events,
colors, fonts, pasteboards and images.

   The GNUstep GUI Library is designed in two parts.  The first part is
the front-end component which is independent of platform and display
system.  This front-end is combined with a back-end component which
handles all of the display system dependent such as specific calls to
X/Windows.  This design allows the GNUstep applications to have the
"look and feel" of the underlying display system without any changes to
the application, and the library can be easily ported to other display

   The GNUstep GUI Library requires the GNU Objective-C compiler, the
GNUstep Base Library, the TIFF Graphics library, and a back-end
component like the GNUstep 'Back' Backend.

1.2 Noteworthy changes in version `0.20.0'

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Niels Grewe | 15 Apr 18:06 2011

ANN: DBusKit 0.1

Hello guys,

Now that the core release is out of the door, a initial release of
DBusKit seemed only fitting, so here it is:

1 GNUstep DBusKit Framework 0.1

This is the first public release of DBusKit, the GNUstep D-Bus bindings
framework. The framework allows Objective-C applications to access the
D-Bus inter-process communication system.

1.1 Where to get it

You may obtain the code for this release from the GNUstep subversion
repository at:


   Alternatively, a compressed archive for this release is available at
the following address:


   The integrity of the archive can be verified using the following
OpenPGP signature:


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