Adam Fedor | 14 Oct 00:39 2005

ANN: Windows Installer

A new Windows installer for the base 1.11.1/gui 0.10.1 release is now 
available at
Adam Fedor | 18 Oct 21:27 2005

ANN: Windows Installer Update

An updated version of the GNUstep Windows installer was placed on the 
ftp site. This fixes an installation issues and another bug in the 
Gregory John Casamento | 29 Oct 22:47 2005

ANN: Gorm 1.0.0


This is version 1.0.0 of Gorm.

1.1 What is Gorm?

Gorm is an acronym for Graphic Object Relationship modeler (or perhaps
GNUstep Object Relationship Modeler).

   Gorm is a clone of the NeXTstep `Interface Builder' application for

1.2 Noteworthy changes in version `1.0.0'

PLEASE NOTE: This version of Gorm requires base 1.11.1 and
gui 0.10.1 to be installed (gnustep-startup-0.13.0).

   * All inspectors are now modeled in .gorm files.

   * Added autosizing to form attributes inspector.

   * Utilize and maintain parent/child data structure more pervasively

   * Reorganized code in palettes for cleaner implementation.

   * Removed code to check for user bundles, since bugs in Camaelon
     which prompted those changes were fixed long ago.
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