Adam Fedor | 6 Mar 04:15 2001

GNUstep Weekly Update

Week ending 25 February 2001

gnustep-base (Foundation)

Localisation - French and Italian language files added.
New macros _(), __(), and NSLocalizedStaticString() added for quick and dirty
creation of localisation.
Non-standard localisation keys, YESSTR and NOSTR removed for simplicity.

gdomap - manual interface configuration extended and bugfixed - useful on
a multi-interface machine where you don't want gdomap operating on all the
interfaces (eg. a firewall).
NSUserDefaults - fix for obtaining Languages array from defaults database.
NSString - minor memory leak fixed.
GSXML - new method to get attribute namespace.
Documentation - regenerated with news and install updated.

gnustep-gui (GUI frontend library)

NSDragging - corrected values for drag operation.
NSColorPanel - target-action used on main color well.
NSWindow - bugfix setting drag information.
Documentation - regenerated with news and install updated.

gnustep-xdps (GUI backend library)

Add an ivar to the window structure, for use in giving window manager information
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Adam Fedor | 12 Mar 00:40 2001

ANNOUNCE: GNUstep Launchpad developer prerelease

NOTE: This will probably be the last prerlease before a final 1.0
version. I'm going to freeze the source shortly, so please get those bug
reports in! (particularly configuration and build reports).


Announcing GNUstep Launchpad Prelease 0.9.2:

  GNUstep is a free, object-oriented development environment,
consisting of libraries which implement the basic functionality of most
common applications, as well as various tools to support the
developement and execution of applications.

  GNUstep Launchpad is a collection of packages that allow one
to write non-graphic tools and applications. These include:
The Makefile Pacakge, a set of prewritten make scripts for simplifying
writing; The Foundation classes, basic non-graphical classes such as
arrays, run loops, and distributed notifications; and interfaces to
languages sust as Java and guile.

GNUstep Launchpad consists of the following packages:

ffcall-1.6b (prerequisite)
gnustep-objc-0.9.3 (prerequisite)
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Adam Fedor | 12 Mar 03:21 2001

GNUstep weekly update

More info a

Week ending 11 March 2001

GNUstep Launchpad prerelease 0.9.2 (consisting of gnustep-make, gnustep-base,
gnustep-guile, and jigs) was just released. This will be the last prerelease
before a 1.0 version.

Also GWorkspace 1.8 was released with many new features such as an Icon View,
Desktop Shelf and more preferences.

gnustep-base (Foundation)

GSXML - added error/warning/fatal methods for GSSAXHandler
NSThread - only define objc_thread_add and objc_thread_remove if they are not
present in the runtime (the current runtime has them).
NSUserDefaults - documented setUserLanguages: and made it use NSLanguages.
NSCharacterSet - documented some methods.  Optimised unicode case conversions.
NSObject - fix obscure error in methodSignatureForSelector:.
NSInvocation - correct copying of unhandled argument types.
NSCalendardDate and NSTimeZone - new header files for MacOS-X compatibility.

gnustep-gui (GUI frontend library)

NSSecureTextField - include in AppKit.h header, added support in gmodel code.
NSBezierPath - arc drawing made consistent with postscript.
NSTiff - declarations fixed to avoid compiler warnings.

gnustep-make (Makefiles package)
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Adam Fedor | 19 Mar 20:45 2001

GNUstep weekly update

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Week ending 18 March 2001

gnustep-base (Foundation)

NSThread - Fixes for thread exit problems where objects in autorelease pools created
new objects in thread dictionary while being deallocated.
NSString - path handling fixes for windows (MINGW).  Rationalise characterset enumerated
types and include all ISO-8859 sets and UTF7
Building - EXEEXT fixes for windows.
Installation - improve directory creation code.
Tools - tidy inclusion of header files.

gnustep-gui (GUI frontend library)

Building - Use local make_services rather than installed version.

gnustep-xgps (GUI backend library)

Building - Don't create directories that already exist.
Configuring - use WITH_WRASTER for graphics library.

gnustep-make (Makefiles package)

Lots of performance improvement ... dramatically reduce build times.
Use make_services in current build rather than installed version if possible.
Various dependency fixes and bugfixes.
Improve code to set up symbolic link from 'obj' to the directory containing binaries.
Configure code improved to test for windows.
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Adam Fedor | 26 Mar 17:27 2001

GNUstep weekly update

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Week ending 24 March 2001

Currently we've frozen the source for our LaunchPad release (non-gui
libraries). Testing on various platforms is underway, and hopefully we'll have
a 1.0 release soon.

gnustep-base (Foundation)

Frozen for the 1.0.0 release ... bugfix changes only to be added.

NSMutableData - replaceBytesInRange:withRange: corrected to extend the size of
the data object as necessary
NSSerializer - use memcpy() on machines that need word alignment.
NSTimeZone - use memcpy() on machines that need word alignment.
NSFileManager - various MINGW fixes.
NSObject - methodSignatureForSelector: improved to try really hard to find
a method signature if the object doesn't implement the method itsself.
NSString - localisation fixes.
Various fixes for unicode support.

gnustep-gui (GUI frontend library)

Version 0.6.8 released.
NSBezierPath - simplified and tidied.
NSColor - rewritten as an abstract base class and private subclasses.
NSBrowser - bugfix unloading from column.
Various controls, updated to support dotted rectangles round selected cells.
Also added a variety of MacOS-X methods.
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