Samuel Crow | 18 Apr 00:22 2008

Overlapping OpenGL graphics using alpha-blending

I'm going to attempt to port an old game from the
classic Amiga 1200 computer to the PC.  In the process
I want to add alpha-blending support in the place of
the masked-transparency that was used in the original.

A problem arises, in my estimation, with the
possibility of using a 64x64 textured quad to rotate a
32-bit depth truecolor bitmap image that repeats
itself every 64 pixels.  Certainly I can do that with
OpenGL but how do  convince Agar to allow me to
overlap that over the top of an animated tile-map
using the SG_View gadget suggested by the AG_GLView

If that wasn't complicated enough, the tilemap has to
opaquely overlap another textured quad that is the
background image for the screen with alpha-blended

Since this is a shareware game I don't know if there
is a way I can compensate you for your advice but I
can contribute to the code base as I am currently unemployed.

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