Peter Nabbefeld | 21 Feb 09:19 2016



I'm looking for the DTDs for XMI 1.x files (UML profile), especially for 
XMI 1.2 to XMI 1.4.

I've already tried to find those, but they even seem to be unavailable 
at OMG.

I've found one document about XMI 1.2 including a DTD, but it's probably 
superceeded by another, as the DTD says the fixed version argument 
should have a value of "1.1".

Kind regards


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To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to ask for your written consent for us to be able to advertise your software programme „ArgoUML” and its updated versions on the Polish website We can guarantee that after each updating of „ArgoUML”, you will be informed about it via email. Moreover, I would like to ask for your written consent for us to use the presentation of your graphical and textual materials concerning "ArgoUML" programme on our above-mentioned websites.
It is also necessary to know that:
the website of the producer will be linked with the website address we will get from you, (for example,
below the description of the software programme, the source of its producer will be given:
the exemplary version of the website will look as following
Finally, when the „ArgoUML” programme is added to our website, we will sent you the link to that website.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you,
Yours sincerely,

ArgoEclipse plugin

Dears members,

I want design my uml diagram using plugin argo for Eclipse,  but when I trying generate my C++ code from my
diagram, I cann't see this option. Only I see Java code generator. How I will be able to add this funcionality?


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Ayan Kar | 31 Oct 20:09 2012

guide to reverse engineer c++ code


Could you point me to a guide/tutorial/howto/etc on reverse engeneering a C++ project.

Would like to generate UML models out of a large existing C++ code base for the purpose of understanding and
possible future design enhancements.



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Joost Kraaijeveld | 9 Aug 10:41 2012

ArguUML2: exception at startup


When running on Linux (Debian Wheezy AMD64 with OpenJDK) I
get the following exception:

Fatal error on startup.  ArgoUML failed to start.
java.lang.RuntimeException: org.argouml.profile.ProfileException: Error loading profile XMI file 
	at org.argouml.language.cpp.profile.BaseProfile.loadProfileModels(
	at org.argouml.language.cpp.profile.NormalProfileCpp.getProfileModels(
	at org.argouml.language.cpp.profile.NormalProfileCpp.getProfilePackages(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProfileConfiguration.addProfile(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProfileConfiguration.<init>(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProjectImpl.<init>(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProjectImpl.<init>(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProjectManager$1.execute(
	at org.argouml.kernel.ProjectManager.makeEmptyProject(
	at org.argouml.application.Main.openProject(
	at org.argouml.application.Main.main(
Caused by: org.argouml.profile.ProfileException: Error loading profile XMI file 
	at org.argouml.profile.URLModelLoader.loadModel(
	at org.argouml.profile.ResourceModelLoader.loadModel(
	at org.argouml.language.cpp.profile.BaseProfile.loadProfileModels(
	... 10 more
Caused by: org.argouml.model.UmlException: Attempted to load UML 1.4 file
	at org.argouml.model.euml.XmiReaderEUMLImpl.parse(
	at org.argouml.profile.URLModelLoader.loadModel(
	... 12 more

Is this a known feature? If so, is there a way to run ArgoUML in a UML
2.x mode somehow?




Joost Kraaijeveld
Askesis B.V.
Molukkenstraat 14
6524NB Nijmegen
tel: 024-3888063 / 06-51855277
fax: 024-3608416


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Mark Fortner | 27 Mar 23:04 2012

Multiplicity Questions

I've been trying to figure out how the changing multiplicity between classes, effects the code that gets generated.

Let's say that you have a class like Department.  This class has multiple Employees.

Department <>----- [1..*]Employee

When I name the association to "employeeList", and add some documentation, and look at the source for the Department, I see this:

   *  A list of employees in the Department.
   * <at> element-type Employee
   public Vector employeeList

Ideally, I'd like to see private List<Employee> employeeList.  At a minimum, is there anyway to display the generic type for the list?  

If I select the endpoint within Department, and set the visibility to Private, the code still shows up as public.

Is there anyway of changing the type for an association?  For example, MultiMap<Skill, Employee>. 

Also, when I add something that has a multiplicity of 1, I still get a Vector.  Is there anyway of changing that?


Mark Fortner | 27 Mar 18:27 2012

Creating packages

Is there a quick way to create packages in ArgoUML?  I was trying to create a package like  Rather than creating a "folder" for each part of the domain I wanted to simply specify and have it create the appropriate set of nested folders.  I tried with both Java style and UML style package names, and neither seemed to create the appropriate nesting.  Is there another way of doing this?


Nicolas COETMEUR | 30 Dec 11:39 2011

improvement: copy function

I uses ArgoUML at work, and I think that it can be usefull to add a copy function to ArgoUML such as:
    - create a new diagram by copying another one (and it's elements),
    - copy a diagram element to another diagram.

Nicolas COËTMEUR, Développeur systèmes embarqués
Email: nicolas.coetmeur <at>

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Linus Tolke Tigris | 21 Nov 19:31 2011

[argouml-dev] 0.34.beta1 available

Hello all developers' and users of ArgoUML!

The version 0.34 is now available for beta testing. Please download and test and report issues in the issuezilla database on Tigris.

The 0.34 release is planned of Wednesday next week (November 30th). If serious problem is found and registered in the Issuezilla, there is a risk that this date will not be kept.


Laurent BRAUD | 8 Oct 12:21 2011

Priority and issue solve

Hi all,

Is there a link which explain how to set priority.

I find :
P1: Bugs blocking any release 
P2: Bugs blocking a stable release

There is a lot of P3, and no way to put with more priority some issue that can't be P2.

What's your feedback ?

I hadn't a lot of times last mounth (and probably next mounth). 



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Federico Toledo | 22 Sep 17:11 2011

UML profile for Argo UML-DB

Hi, I wonder if you have the definition of the UML profile for Argo UML-DB.

I read that there is not a standar definition for a UML profile specific for database schemas, but probably is the best approach. I would like to use the profile and integrate it, and extend it for automated test data generation proposes (as a research project).
It could be great if I can find something that is being used instead of redefine another one, giving it more relevance perhaps...using it for more proposes

thank you in advance